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A/N: I warn you here and now that this is not a happy fic, has some happiness but it certainly is not.

Part Two

Of Blood and Sand

As Guy saw King Richard and Vaisey, Vaisey was lining up an arrow to kill the King, Guy heard her voice in fragments echoing in his head.

I Will Give You My Hand, This is your last chance.

Guy despite himself went in an instant to knock Vaisey down.

"You fool…" he shouted.

"If You are to kill my lord then kill me!" Guy said drawing his sword.

"All this for her you are nothing, for her you always will be nothing," Vaisey had toyed with him saying that she'd rather die than be with him and that loved and was going to marry Hood. The arrow twisted through his back and into his heart, if there was any of his heart left to be struck, he heard Marian scream.

"What have you done?"

He took too long realize that, Vaisey, the man who he considered a father, had shot him. He(Vaisey) had a twisted, toothy grin stretch about his features.

"You have served your purpose Gisborne." Vaisey laced another arrow and to Guy's hesitance he fell to his knees breaking the arrow within him as Vaisey shot the next arrow into him again.

"My…My Lord please…mer…mercy?" Guy heard his own voice beg.

"A clue, No." Vaisey harshly whispered into his ear. He grabbed the scruff of Guy's leather collar and Marian ran out to the alley to face both men. Guy finally gathered enough of his strength to hit Vaisey but the sun blazed against his sword and he was blinded when he heard his blade collide with flesh but then he fell back with realization that he hadn't hit his intended target.

"No…" He breathed. He had pierced Marian on her side again unknowingly as he had a year ago when she was the Nightwatchman. She fell to the ground, Robin and the gang rounding the corner.

Vaisey leapt to his feet and ran to his horse and sneering he hushed out, "Goodbye Gisborne."

Guy didn't want Marian to die he knew Hood wouldn't have believed him anyhow, for Hood already had seen what he thought he saw. He was quickly restrained by Carter and Little John and punched in the jaw by Will. It wasn't until the King spoke that they took notice of the arrow laid within Guy's chest.

"He saved my life Robin."

"He tried to kill you before your Majesty."

"This I know, but he was doing so to prove loyalty to the Sheriff."

Guy sputtered out, interrupting "Let me die, I'll live in hell for what I have done."

"His sword hasn't gone that deep into Marian," Djaq told them. "It can be fixed Robin."

Marian smiled weakly up at Robin.

"He was trying to kill Vaisey and I got in the way and unintentionally he stabbed me." She defended.

"It's true." Richard said, "He was blinded by the glow of the sun on his blade and couldn't see her." He testified.

Robin hesitated to believe it but the King himself had seen it, but that didn't stop him from pushing the arrow deeper into Guy's heart unknowingly. Guy let out cry of pain,

"You've won now let me die Hood." Hood could just leave him in his misery, of sand and blood, but he was not a villain like Guy, he was a hero and a better man… well relatively speaking on the two points.

"Djaq check his wound…" Robin said.

"It already has pierced his heart…" she said and was met with Guy's painful eyes. Marian spoke again,

"He was shot twice."

"The first arrowhead is lodged in his heart… and the second trying to push the former out." Djaq stated.

Guy grabbed Djaq's hands forcing her to push the arrow into him further, "Help Marian…please." His pleading was soft and yet deafening. She let his grip fall a bit before aiding Marian. He'd die knowing that his heart was split and that Marian would live on with Hood. Then his everything went completely black.