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Chapter 1

Katniss' POV

"Peeta, have you seen my pearl?" I yell upstairs.

"No I haven't." He replies back.

"I can't find it anywhere." I mumble.

I look outside and see snow starting to blanket the ground. It's been a few months since Peeta and I have gotten back from the Capitol. Coin, Snow, Finnick and Prim… All dead. The image of the bomb still haunts my memory… There were a couple months where Greasy Sae and her granddaughter took care of me, but then Peeta moved in. We've been with each other for about 3 months now. I finally decided it was time me and him got together, so we're girlfriend and boyfriend now. Today isn't just any day though. Today is Christmas Eve. Back then, Christmas was a huge thing. Lights, decorations and presents galore. Now though, it's something smaller. Peeta and I put up a small tree, and strung it with lights from District 1. Under the tree sit 2 packages. I got Peeta some brand new paints, paper and a new bread pan. I have no clue what he got me. Also under the tree, Haymitch's present. Peeta framed a picture of the 3 of us after our first Hunger Games. The time we actually thought everything in the world was alright. Boy, were we wrong. We wrapped the picture up in beautiful blue wrapping paper. We're going over to his house tonight to give it to him.

"So are you gonna help me bake cookies?" Peeta asks.

"Sure am!" I say. "What kind?"

"Chocolate chip of course!" He says.

We get out all the ingredients and mix them up in a bowl.

"It was always Christmas Tradition at my house to bake Chocolate Chip cookies on Christmas Eve. That was the only time I ever got to eat cookies." Peeta says.

"My Christmas Tradition was to always win a snowball fight against Prim…" I say with a sad face.

"Well, how about we carry on your tradition too? We can have one outside after we get these cookies in the oven." Peeta suggests.

"Good idea!" I say.

"Katniss." He then says with a serious tone. "You truly, absolutely, undoubtfully love me. Real or not real?"

"Peeta that's ridiculous." I say. "Real."

I start laughing and then kiss him passionately.

"Of course I love you." I say.

"Good. Just making sure I made the right choice." He says laughing.

"Choice to what?" I ask.

"Umm… Choice to stay here. With you." He says.

"Well of course that was the right choice!" I say.

We line the cookie dough up in rows and put it in the oven.

"What now?" He asks.

"Snowball fight." I say.

We run to put on our coats and mittens and dash outside. Peeta begins to build a fort, so I do too. Once that's done, I start making tons of snowballs.

"Be right back." Peeta says and runs to the backyard of the house.

I sit there for a minute until someone picks me up from behind.

"I've got you now!" Peeta says laughing.

"Peeta put me down!" I say and start to giggle.

He sets me down and starts to tickle me.

"I thought this was a snowball right not a tickle fight!" I say.

He stops tickling me and kisses me.

"I love you." He says.

"You too." I say.

"Now come here, I have to tell you a secret." I tell him.

He leans in, and I pin him down on the ground.

"Whitewash time!" I say and smoosh snow in his face.

"Not fair!" He says and retreats to his fort.

He throws a few snowballs and gives up after I hit him 5 times.

"I surrender!" He exclaims.

We go inside and take the golden cookies out.

"Let's go see Haymitch." I say.

"Hopefully he's sober." Peeta says laughing.

"No guarantees on that one." I say back.

We grab a few cookies and his present. Once we get to his doorstep, we stand there for a second.

"Rock, paper, scissors for who has to go in first!" I say laughing.

"You're on! Rock… Paper… Scissors… SHOOT!" Peeta says.

"Rock beats scissors!" I say. "You knock."

Peeta knocks on the door and we hear someone get up inside. Finally Haymitch walks up to the door not with a bottle of rum, but a cup of coffee.

"Katniss! Peeta!" He says and hugs us both. "Come in!"

"Haymitch why are you… Sober?" Peeta jokes.

"Only for the holidays." Haymitch says laughing.

His place is surprisingly clean. Everything put away nicely, all the counters wiped off. There's even a little fireplace with a table and four chairs.

"I had Greasy Sae come clean for me yesterday. Come sit down." Haymitch says.

Peeta sets the cookies and the present on the table and sits down. I sit down right next to him and hold his hand under the table.

"So what have you guys been up to?" Haymitch asks and sits across from me.

"Baking cookies and snowball fights." Peeta answers.

"Just like kids." Haymitch chuckles.

"We're only 18." I say laughing.

"Open your present Haymitch!" Peeta says excitedly.

Haymitch rips the wrapping paper off and looks at the picture.

"Awe how sweet guys. Thanks." He says.

He displays the frame right on the kitchen counter.

"Good cookies too." He says taking a bite.

We eat cookies and talk about everything. Christmas, the weather, distant friends, old time, we basically catch up on each other's lives.

"I have gifts for you guys too." Haymitch says picking them up from the floor.

"Haymitch wait." I say digging in my pocket. "Take this too."

I take out the gold mockingjay pin and put it in his hand.

"It's just bad memories to me now. It belonged to your ally... Maysilee Donner. It means nothing to me. You take it." I say.

For the first time ever, I see a tear roll down Haymitch's cheek. He quickly wipes it off and straightens his face.

"Thank you sweetheart." He says. "Like I was saying, your presents."

He sets a green wrapped present in front of me. I tear off the paper and it reveals a small box. I open the box up slowly, and I can't believe what I see inside.

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