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Jack didn't quite understand why he was still here in the North Pole, home of Nicholas St. North (or Santa as we mere mortals know him). But he did know that he should probably leave. Just because he was now a Guardian did not mean that they wanted him around. They didn't before, so why continue to stay? Silently, he made his way towards a window, the farthest one away from the four friends, elves, and cheering Yetis. Seeing them like that hurt Jack far more than he thought it should. Still keeping an eye on the celebration, he eased the latch undone and started to open the window.

"Jack? Where are you going?" asked North's voice, at a lower noise level than usual. He looked up, startled. Damn, he had hoped not to be caught. Everyone was watching him now. He gave them a cocky smirk to hide his uneasy and said, "Well, the world's saved now, so I'm just gonna head out. Ya know, winter to create, snowball fights to instigate. Maybe see if Jamie's doing okay, that sort of thing. You… keep doing what it is your doing." With that, he turned and started to leap away, but a furry arm caught him and an Australian voice said, "Nah, I don't think so, mate. You're hiding something." Bunnymund easily pushed him away from the window and closed it again.

Cursing inwardly, Jack silently wondered if he could escape Tooth's wings and Sandy's sand. It was possible. He glanced at the door and nearly groaned. Phil the Yeti had blocked the door. The white haired teen glared at the Yeti before sighing. Maybe it was time that they knew just how much they had hurt him these past three hundred years. His piercing blue eyes looked back at the group, gazing at them as he remained silent. Each one—well, maybe not so much Bunnymund—was looking at him in worry. He ran a hand through his hair and said, "I just don't see why I'm here and why you care, that's all."

"Oh, Jack! Of course we care!" Tooth said, clearly confused. He gripped his staff in his hands. This was it. This was the moment where he learned what they really thought of them. He looked at his staff and said, "You didn't before. You didn't for three hundred years." There was a deafening silence as Jack turned his gaze back to them. Even as he studied the slightly horrified looks, he continued, "You say you protect children and you'll never abandon them, but what about me?

"You abandoned me before you even knew me. Do you think that whenever I tried to break into one of your homes that it was maybe because I was lonely? Or on Easter Sunday of '68 that I was just trying to get your attention so that maybe I would have a friend? For 300 years I've believed that I was a horrible person and that's why no one could see me. I'm not the person you portray me as. You wrote me off as a troublemaker when all I wanted was a friend. I wanted someone to believe in me. You know nothing about the pain I felt about not being believed in until just recently. It hurts when a child walks through me. I just wanted friends and a family, but none of you even bothered to get to know me before you labeled me; you never left me a present; you never showed me what Easter was; you never gave me good dreams; and you never came when I accidentally lost a tooth some time when I was fifty."

By now, Tooth was crying as Sandy gazed steadfastly at the floor. North was just staring at Jack and Bunnymund's ears had drooped, but Jack continued on. They needed to hear this. Taking a deep breath, he continued, "No one, not even the Man in the Moon, told me how to control my powers, how to use them, or what to even do with them. I had to find out all on my own. I made so many mistakes. My snow, my blizzards, killed so many people because of those mistakes and you all just shouted at me for doing it, but you never even asked if someone had taught me; you just as assumed that I was a bad kid who did it because I could. You blamed me for the Titanic, but that wasn't my fault. I can't create glaciers. You never bothered to remember that winter was around long before I was. That's why I have to question on whether or not you care about me."

There. He had done it. While it felt good, it also felt to girly to let everything out. Oh well, at least he wasn't crying. A hand placed itself on his shoulder and Jack looked up to see Phil, smiling kindly at him. Really, Phil was his only friend, but because he couldn't leave the North Pole due to being one of the workers, they only got to say 'hello' whenever Jack tried to break in. A loud sigh broke through his thoughts and the teen looked over at North. The Russian man had sat in a chair and now had his head in his hands. Jack could see him trembling slightly as he muttered, "Jack is right. I abandoned a child. I am Guardian! And I failed." Bunnymund was glaring at the wall before he turned it on Jack.

"Why didn't you just say something?" he demanded. Jack sighed and asked almost rhetorically, "Did you miss the part where I said I was alone for three hundred years? There weren't many people to talk to, so I never built up any social skills I guess. Sister Spring tried for a long time, but it was hard since we're different seasons." Bunnymund's eyes widened. Sister Spring, or just Spring, was not known for her socializing as she was a shy girl. But to hear that she had tried to help Jack when none of the Guardians would…it made the Pooka feel that much worse.

Sandy was creating images, but it was clear that they weren't directed at any of them, but himself. He was clearly angry with himself for never going to see Jack and how he was doing. Tooth was sobbing, ashamed of herself. Like North, she saw the truth in Jack's words. No wonder he didn't want to become a Guardian. Why should he when the four of them as well as MiM all but ignored him? Suddenly, North was on his feet and striding towards Jack. The boy tensed, wondering if he was going to be hit.

No, North would never. He knew that. He shook that thought away just as North reached him. Blue eyes widened when the man took him into a hug, ignoring the coldness. North didn't release him as he said, "I know that sorry will not take away three hundred years of pain, Jack, but I am sorry."

He pulled away to look into Jack's eyes and he asked, "Will you let me earn your trust? I will redeem myself." The others three came up as Tooth said (as she wiped away her tears), "We will all redeem ourselves." Jack was silent.

"You'll get sick of me. Maybe not in a few years, but what about a hundred years later? You'll get tired of having me around and tell me to leave." Jack said quietly. Oh, good God, he was turning into a whiny girl. He was sick, that had to be it. North shook his and said, "No, Jack. You are Guardian…and we protect each other. We are family. We will never get… 'sick' of you."

"He's right mate," Bunnymund said. Tooth and Sandy nodded. Jack looked at the four before he slowly, hesitantly, nodded. He yelped as Tooth and Sandy joined North in group-hugging the boy. Bunnymund rolled his eyes, but he too yelped when Jack grabbed his furry arm and said, "If I gotta deal with this, Kangaroo, so do you." Despite his protests, North firmly locked him in the embrace before he sighed and muttered, "Whatever." The Winter Child snickered. Who knows…maybe this won't be so bad.


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