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MENTIONS OF ABUSE IN THIS CHAPTER! And slight starvation…?

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North, he could handle; Tooth and Sandy he could probably handle; talking with Bunny? Oh, hell no! Both he and Jack were the attack first, ask questions later type of people. Jack was more likely to talk than Bunny was. And with the way Bunny was staring at him, he was striving not to smack him on the head with his staff.

Of course, that would be pretty funny, but he wasn't suicidal.

Bunny suddenly sighed and said, "How long?" Jack gave him a confused look. How long what? How long is he going to stare at the teen? Seeing his questioning gaze, he elaborated, "How long has Sister Spring known about this?"

"Three hundred years. She came to find me when it was time for me to move on and her to start her own duties. She tried for years to teach me. I still see her from time to time," the teen explained, a small smile on his lips. He was thankful for Sister Spring. Even though she couldn't always be around, she had tried her hardest to help him. Bunny ran a paw over his face and said, "She's gonna let me have it." Jack smirked.

The Australian looked up and said, "Jack, why do ya think we're going to leave ya?" He was silent for a moment before he said, "Over the years…I met several spirits and they…they weren't like Spring or even you. They didn't try to help me and nor did they ignore me. They… they often attacked me, trying to drive me away. They didn't like me simply because I was the Winter Spirit and that I was doing my job. They always viewed me as a harbinger of death. All I wanted was some friends, but even other spirits of winter wouldn't get near me. Spring was all I had."

There was a long moment of silence before Bunny said, "Jack, take of your sweater." Wide blue eyes stared at him, horrified. There was no way in hell that he was going to show him his body. But the look on Bunny's face was an uncharacteristic expression of pleading. Jack did not like that expression on him. That wasn't who Bunny was.

"Please, Jack. I need ta see."

Jack bit his lip before hesitantly taking of his sweater. Bunny bit back a horrified gasp, but he couldn't stop his eyes and expression for showing his horror. Jack's body was littered with scars. Not only that, but he was skinny, far too skinny for a boy his age.

"I grew up in the colonies," Jack said. Bunny looked up. The teen was staring at the floor, resolutely making sure not to look at the Guardian of Hope as he continued, "We didn't always have enough food or even the money. When we did have enough food, I gave most of my share to my little sister, Sarah. When we had the money for some clothing or shoes, I told my parents to use it on Sarah. I didn't mind going without shoes. I learned from an early age to be the prankster, the clown, of the colonies to keep the kids' spirits up if they were down."

Bunny listened in horror. He had known things were rough at that time, but not that rough! Jack put his sweater back on as he said, "Now that I'm a Spirit, I don't have to eat, unlike you, North, and Tooth. I don't know about Sandy, but I was reborn as a Lunar Spirit, not a Terra Spirit like you, North, and Tooth." Bunny frowned.

"What are those?" he asked. Jack looked at him in surprise before his brow furrowed and said, "You don't know? Spring taught me what they are. A Lunar Spirit is someone who died and was reborn using Moon Magic, like me. A Terra Spirit is someone who starts out alive and slowly becomes a spirit throughout the years; or they're created by Mother Nature. You, North, and Tooth are Terra Spirits that were alive while Spring was created by Mother Nature."

"What about Sandy?"

Jack thought for a moment, "I think he's a Terra Spirit like Spring is. Of course, he could also be a Lunar/Terra Spirit. That's when Mother Nature and Manny both use their magic to create a spirit." Bunny looked at him oddly and demanded, "How in the bloody hell do you know all of this?"

"Spring. She forced me to sit down and learn. Taught me how to read and write too." Bunny could believe that; shy and quiet she may be, but when motivated or provoked, she could be a lot like Bunny in temperament. The Australian sighed and said, "We're off track, mate. I know ya don't believe me now, but when I say this, I want ya ta think about it, got it?" Jack nodded.

"Good. Now we ain't eva gonna turn you away, got that? Now I want ya to tell me who the bloody hell attacked ya so I can have a…chat with them."

Although he was being quite serious, Jack laughed. Bunny smirked. At least the kid was laughing.


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