Chapter 3-Like A freaking Celebrity

Percy changed the lane, drove through the open school gates and pulled over to the parking lot. He turned of the motor pushed the helmet of his head. As he got of his bike he felt his iPhone vibrate and took it out.


"Hello young master Percy."

Percy sight: "Seriously Sieg? For seven now, you are taking care of me and you still call me young master."

"That's the proper way to call you, young master."

Percy sight again "Some things never change.", he thought.

"Anyway why are you calling me?"

"To remind you that you have an appointment after school down in your father's office by the harbour. The master specifically requested you're presence, and asks you to wear something appropriate not you're usual sloppy attire."

Percy looked down at himself black boots and jeans a sea green sleeveless buttoned shirt covered by an azure blue leather jacket and smirked. "This will work." he thought. "And drive the old man crazy."

"Anything else?

"Try to comb your hair."

"Now you just want to annoy me Sieg."

He heard a light cough from his distinguished caretaker and smiled

"Is this it?"

"No, take care and drive carefully young master, I will see you soon."

"I will see you." Then he hung up.

Percy smiled deeply affected by his caretakers concern of his well-being. Since he was twelve Sieg has been taking care of Percy and not one day in the past seven years his concern and loyalty towards him has faded, and in return the boy was just as attached to him. In fact Sieg was the only reason Percy followed any of his father orders, since he knew the one who would be punished for disobeying would be Sieg, not him.

Percy slide his iPhone back into his pocket and made his way towards the school. As he walked he felt several glances at him as well as seeing people stuck there heads and whispering and follow his every move as he passed them. Percy sight again "Something else that hasn't changed. Not even five minutes at school and he was the center of attention again. If it where for him he could it handle somehow even though it would still annoyed the crap out of him, but all this was not because of him but because he was his father's son and THAT was just something he couldn't take.
When Percy entered the school building it even got worse he had taken five steps into the school when he heard someone scream his name.

"Percy!" and then he suddenly was surrounded by at least a dozen girls who were screaming all together so he was just making out bits of what the actually said like "I love you." or "I want a date with you." or "Can I take a photo with you." and the worsted of all "I want an autograph!" people where everywhere jumping, screaming and worsted of all touching him where they could, that was what made him snap.
Percy closed his eyes mobbed on his first day of senior year was certainly not how he imaged the morning would went in fact he had hoped this fuss about him would have died down over summer break but no such luck at least not since he was a junior. Percy took a couple of deep breaths before he shot his eyes open again. His deep sea-green orbs as cold as ice.

"Enough!" he said quietly so that actually nobody could have heard him, but his low voice, cold, stern and filed with confidence, basically wiped through the noise, silencing everybody in an instant, even those who were a bit fare away and whispering, silenced.

"What ever you want, come back at lunch break. The first teen minutes you can get autographs and I hear you're other request so leave me alone for now !"

The people cheered and Percy made his way through the crowd towards his looker.

He was looking for his friend's when he heard a faith lough, looking up he saw Grover smirking at him and leaning against his looker.

"Looks like you are as popular as ever my friend."

Grover was one of his three best friends and part of Percy's small group of friends he hung out with. He was a tall guy with curly brown hair and light blue eyes and the annoying habit to say the right thing at the wrong time.

When Percy entered Goodie Highschool it was nothing like that it was just a normal highschool for middle-class people wich why he entered it in the first place. After his mother's death the old man wanted to send Percy to a boarding school for the over - privileged to continue his education but Percy nagged him till he agreed and send him to Goodie instead. But Percy's cousins Thalia and her younger brother Jason found out about it and since the three of them aren't just cousins but also friends they talked their father also into sending them here. That again seted in motion a whole flood of other rich children to go there, so that they can make connections who will serve useful later in their life. Just as if they had done it at some of this fancy schools. Goodie used this new public image to modernise the school and since it was also a school interested in social image it still accepted middle-class kids and under - privileged into school. Wich resulted now in the fuss that just happened.

"It's like I am a freaking celebrity.", Percy exclaimed and Grover loughs.

The handed out their hands caught each others forearms, shook it and then let go.

"According to my questionnaire I had made for the new issue of the school newspaper. The majority of the student body see's you in fact like celebrity."

Percy and Grover turned to where the voice came from to see a tall, handsome guy with long silky black, straight hair tugged up in a lazy ponytail, a few strand's where lose and hung in his face and eyes. He had olive toned skin and where black from head to the toes. Black laced-up boots, leather trousers that where hold by a leather belt with a silver skull, v-neck shirt a leather wristband and a long leather coat that went till his boots. His obsidian black eyes sparkled with amusement as he continued.

"Also 2/3 of all the newbies this year stated the enter because you go here.
Percy grouted now, turned and knock his head slightly against his looker.

"Seriously Nico the year hasn't even started jet and you already take the job as chief editor this seriously."

"News don't write them themself, you know." Nico said while shrugging and holding his hand out to shake Grover's forearm like Percy did before. Percy turned to him and raised an eyebrow.

"Do you have to tell me them?"

"Ah that reminds me... out of that number 85% are girls."
Perce turned to his looker again and knocked his head, a bit harder now, for a couple more times against it.

"Come on knock it of Percy.", Grover said and pulled him away from the metal door.

"Lets compare our timetables."

That took a couple of minutes. They didn't have the first lesson together but in the same direction so the stared walking completely ignoring the admiring looks that not only Percy but also Nico and Grover received.

"Maybe it won't be so bad.", Grover mused.

"Maybe one of this girls will break down this walls of you'res and you finally start dating."

Percy shook his head.

"No Grover! No freaking way in hell! I don't need a stuck up, pretty little bitch to take advantage of me just because I happened to be my fathers bastard son. SO again no."

Grover and Nico both shock there heads.

"Did ever the thought occurred to you that a girl could be interested in you with out you're background?"

Percy frowned: "Wy would they?"

"Oh." Nico said. "You mean beside you're looks and being athletic as well as loyal?"

"Maybe you're great personality, and that you are actually funny when you are in a good mood?", Grover continued.

Percy looked at them doubtingly. Despite all this attitude he was very insecure when it came to this topic, so he decided to drop it.

"Speaking of athletics... Do you guys join any teams this year?"

"Basketball definitely and fencing of curse. Any opportunity to kick you're but Percy."

Percy loughs "Reilly?" he said while catching Nikos head with his arm and rubbing the top with his fist.

"I will join the swim team and fencing too." Percy said.

Grover bought then Nico freed himself and shoved him of, slightly laughing himself. Bothe of them now looked at Grover, he sight.

"You guy's know I am not really that into sports, but sure I will try to join the fencing team, and of course the music club." he said now beaming.

Both of them grout but kept silent without further comments. Grover punted.

"I have you known I am extremely talented!"

"Sure you are.", Percy muttered while Nico patted his shoulder. Grover was tone-deaf and couldn't play a single instrument.

Then they reach Percy's class.

"See you later guys." he said while waving. They waved back and Percy entered the classroom.

Again the center of attention he just ignored it and goes to the back of the class taking the last seat in the second row from the windowside.

"He Perce." somebody clapped him on the back.

Percy looked up to see the most annoying, obnoxious guy he ever meet. Brad. Since forever Brad tried to befriend him with not much luck but the guy was just to dimwitted to realise that. Percy shoot him a death glare and Brad gulped.

"A bit grumpy aren't ya"

He chuckled nervously

"No just hating that you touched me." Percy thought. He hated when people did that, such intimate he only allowed his really good friends.

"Anyways did you see this blond new girl? She is gorgeous and as I found out in senior year with a bit of luck she will be in our class wouldn't that be awesome?"

Brad exclaimed totally exited.

A lady's men as always Percy had no interest in further of his blabbing and folded his arms on the table and put his head in top of it closing his eyes.

In the meanwhile

Who would have thought Annabeth had similar problems as Percy when she entered the school building.

As she walked down the corridor to get to the school office, Annabeth was followed by glazes from both genders, wolf whistles and cheesy pickup lines. So understandably she was pretty annoyed when she finally arrived at the school office, but was soon distracted by the scene she witness as she entered the office. A fat man with a red, bald head wich was covered by a toupee and wearing an obvious cheap suit, how was immediately to Annabeths dislike, shouted down to a girl with short black almost spike hair dressed all in black. She head her arms crossed over her chest and her head turned away from the man with an annoyed look on her face that topped the one Annabeth had mere seconds ago in lengths. While a boy with a bruised face sat on a bench behind them who was tended by a woman who looked like the school nurse.

"I don't care what reason you have Miss Grace I will not tolerate violence in my school and certainly not on the first day of the new year! How log have you been back now not even fifteen minutes and I already have te see you in front of my office again. I will not put up with your stunts again this year, I tell you, no matter who your father is!"

"You don't have to take that into account in the first place," The girl answered unimpressed then she saw Annabeth, "So lets settle this detention for about... lets say three weeks and I do some social work so quit the jabbering now can I go then, there is a new victim you need to take of... ," she said pointing at Annabeth, "Sir." The way she said it sounded more like an insult. Annabeth immediately liked this girl. The fat man how ever looked like he was about to get a heart attack from anger but then calmed himself and looked now with a slimy smile on his lips at Annabeth and walked towards her.

"Ah you must be Miss Chase," Annabeth looked at him surprised, "you're reputation precedes you my girl. Straight A honor student and athletic it is so nice to welcome you as an addition at my school. "

He said as he arrived her taking her hand and shaking it with both of his, the felt warm, sweaty and soft. Hands that never did a hard day of labor it felt disgusting, in fact as disgusting as is his breath, which reeked of alcohol, no wonder the girl had turned away from him. Annabeth had to fight the urge to turn away too really hard.

"It's nice to be here." Annabeth said with a fake smile on her face backing up from the rector.

"I'm out of here." The girl said while passing them, but she was yanked back by the rector how was surprisingly fast at catching her at the neck of her leather jacket.

"No you don't in fact you will be Annabeths guide for today so I expect you take good care of her!"

He snaps his fingers and a secretin appeared at his side handing Annabeth her timetable.

"Here you go my girl. Now of you to two." he unclasped the Girl and hushed them away with that slime smile plastered on his face. The girl looked as disgusted as Annabeth felt. Then walked out of the office.

"Stay out of trouble I don't want to see you again in here anytime soon Miss Grace!", the rector shouted after them.

The two made their way from the office in silence and Annabeth took the opportunity to axemen her tour guide. The girl was about the same hight as her, rather pretty with strikingly blue eyes. She looked like a I take no shit kind of girl in fact it was even printed in bold golden letters on her t-shirt I take no shit! Dare me if you have the guts.
Annabeth chuckled lightly, stopped and turned to her holding out her hand.

"Hi I'm Annabeth Chase."

The girl turned to her glaring at Annabeths hand.

"To make things clear Blondie I don't want to play your tour guide I have to. So here are the rules I will show you around faithfully. But starting tomorrow you are on your own so I suggest you start today to look for some people to hang out with."

She looked down and up at Annabeth

"By the looks of it Blondie you will fit with the dumb stuck up, shallow wannabe popular girls whose greatest interests lies there looks!"

Annabeth smiled now brightly with amusement.



"Anything to say to that?"

"In fact I actually have... ."

"I couldn't care less Blondie!"

The girl turned away now and moved forward

"But you will listed," Annabeth said with her sweetest voice.

The girl groaned and turned grumbling something about dumb blonds meeting Annabeths eyes stopping mid sentence. The grey orbs focused on the blue ones, where as cold and hard as steel now, on her face was no scent left of the amused smile and her voice dripped with harshness and confides.

"To make things clear to YOU now... You are certainly not a great wise one to have the right to judge others. The things are not what the appears to be, you for example with this look and attitude of yours YOU seemed to belong in more in a jail but instead I see you here, so don't judge just like that you don't know me! And one more thing... If you call me Blondie one more time this dumb, stuck up, shallow wannabe popular girl will show you how much of a kick ass she can be."

The girl looked at her, stepped closer. It looked like she want to chance it right this instant, but then suddenly broke out into broad laughter. People looked at them irritated as they passed.

The girl hold out her hand, grinning.

"I'm Thalia, I like you, I'm fast to judge, but you are not what I assumed you to be from my first impression, so I apologise.

Annabeth took her hand and shook it.

"No harm done, just don't talk to me like that again and we are cool." She chuckled lightly.

"Acutely you are lucky I liked you right away or else I wouldn't have you let down so easily."

Thalia chuckled too now.

"I can imaging, you have a sharp tongue."

The two where on their way again and Thalia took her timetable.

"Let me see it... Too bad we don't have classes together."

On her Annabeth now asked all sorts of questions like how old she was and her hobby's, and Thalia answered them friendly and asked Annabeth with the same eagerness. They soon realised the had a lot in common.

On the howl way the where again followed by wolf whistles and pickup lines. One guy was even bold enough to stop them and asked Annabeth out. Annabeth did not even spere him an answer just a death glare. And groaned when the ware once more on their way.

"What is wrong with them? Since I entered this building the had nothing better to do the hit on me it is like I'm a freaking celebrity or something!"

Thalia chuckled guys in this school knew better than to hit on her so it was easy for her to be amused by this.

"Well with your looks and this expensive dress in this school you certainly are a celebrity."

Annabeth frowned.

"Belive me, I will explain later though we are at your class. I will meet you here after the lesson, later then."

"Ok see you." Annabeth said with a smile and waved her of. She then turned to the door to see the teacher was already there.
She went in and informed the teacher who introduced himself as Paul. When she looked around she was immediately having all the attention and not feeling comfortable with it at all. Beside of that something felled odd in this room.

Percy was half asleep when he registered that it was oddly silent now then hired Paul's voice from front.

"Guys this is the new student Annabeth."

"Perce this is her!" Brad whisper - yelled in excitement.

Percy had no intent to look at the girl but something felt strange as if something elemental had changed in the room and then he hired her voice for the first time and was drawn to look at its owner.

"He guys." Annabeth smiled politely into the round when her eyes got caught on a guy whose hair looked like he hadn't found a comb this morning and to her surprise had the most handsome face she had ever encountered.

Percy had never seen a girl who was this pretty. No, that was wrong, she wasn't pretty and she wasn't a girl. In front stood the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

Then they looked eyes at the same time and the world around them just faded.

The only thing they saw the only thing that matted was the other person.

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