After safely helping Beth up the stairs Carl took position aiming his gun and shooting two walkers. He looked at Beth who was shooting bullets over the walkers heads. He sighed and shook his head.
"You'll waste all your ammo that way," he informed her, "here let me help." He grabbed his arms and aimed at the walkers she pulled the trigger and shot a walker and she smiled with glee. Carl thought he heard someone cough "Cliché." from down below but he decided to ignore it. Beth continued to shoot walkers now hitting them right it the head.
"Just like that," Carl told her aiming his own gun up at the walkers. He heard a whistle and lowered his gun, that was the all clear signal. Everything must be cleared up then. Carl put his gun away and helped Beth down the stairs.
"That was awfully fast..." Beth noted. Carl shrugged not quite thinking anything of it.
"Race you," Carl said to Beth. Beth smiled brightly and started to run with Carl back to the Cell Block.

Beth ran into the Cell Block a few seconds before Carl did laughing with glee. Carl followed her in laughing and panting for breath. The two stopped for a second and looked around the room. Everyone was sitting around mournfully.
"What... What happened?" Carl asked pulling out a chair for Beth then sitting next to her.
Lori was the first to speak. "One of our own was shot," he informed the two teenagers. Beth's eyes widened with fear checking who was in the room but not everyone was around.
"Who?" Carl asked quickly. Lori looked up at him sadly. "Who!?" He demanded.
"Your father," she reported quickly "he was just grazed on the arm, but he won't make it without the proper supplies. Which we it just so happens we don't have." Carl's face turned to horror and he jumped up running into his dad's cell. Beth trotted after him and stood outside the already crowded cell. Carl pushed his way past Daryl and Glenn to see Hershel listening to his dad's heartbeat. His dad was unconscious on the bed and he looked at Hershel hopefully. Hershel looked doubtfully at him.
"Someone needs to go on a run, hopefully if they get the proper things I can help him," he reported to everyone.
"Me and Maggie can go," Glenn piped up. Maggie glared at him from her chair next to Lori, who was crying her eyes out. "Or me and Daryl."
"No," said Carl stepping into the middle of the room "I'll go." Lori wiped away her tears shaking her head.
"You can't drive, just stay here." Lori told him from across the room. Carl looked over at his mom and tried to think of an argument but it was Beth who spoke.
"I had my learners permit," she revealed to everyone. Lori looked doubtful but everyone else seemed to think it was an okay idea. Glenn threw the car keys to Beth and Hershel nodded for them to go. The two ran out of the cell block and made their way to the cars.
"Shouldn't we send someone with them?" Lori said sternly.
"He's fourteen I don't think he's going to fu-, oof!" Daryl started before being elbowed in the ribs by Carol.
"I trust them together, and if anything happens your boy knows who's coming for him," Hershel said almost pleasantly. Lori pushed herself up off of Maggie and made her way to Rick's cell.
"They'll be fine," Glenn assured her taking her spot.

"Can you take a minor with your learners permit?" Carl asked hopping into the passenger seat. Beth shrugged.
"End of the world, rules don't apply," she said sitting in the drivers seat sticking the key in the ignition. Carl smiled as She slammed her foot on the gas and the two sped off.

The two drove out for about twenty minutes before Beth pulled into the parking lot of a shopping center. Carl handed Beth a gun and pointed over to the Save Mart. The two ran over there quietly as they could. Carl tried to push the door open but it was locked.
"Good sign," Beth said picking up a large rock. Carl stepped back from the window as Beth chucked the rock straight through the window. Carl cleared as much of the glass out as he could then jumped through into the store. He turned around and helped Beth through.
"Stay away from the dairy, produce, and meat. That stuff will not be pretty," he told her holding up his flashlight. He opened the black duffle bag and ran with Beth to the canned foods. Everything was still on the shelves, not a thing taken. That struck him as odd but he started pouring food into it.
"Cover me," Carl told her dropping soup into the bag.
"Should we look for baby stuff?" Beth asked. Carl thought for a moment and nodded. The two ran through the halls grabbing as much food as they could. As they were running down an aisle Carl noticed Beth stop. He turned around and looked at what she was looking at. Toothbrushes. It had been a long time since everyone had brushed their teeth. He grabbed four tubes of toothpaste and brushes and took Beth to the baby section. He was grabbing formula while Beth grabbed bottles. He grabbed a few bibs and looked around.
"Anything else?" He asked Beth. Beth looked around and walked forward to where something caught her eye.
"Magazines," she told Carl grabbing them off the shelves. Carl began to grab some with her before he started laughing.
"Look pre-apocalypse playboy," he said lifting it up. Beth giggled.
"Good thing it isn't post-apocalypse, otherwise they'd be zombies or looking like me right about now," she joked. Carl tossed the magazine in the duffle.
"I think you look really pretty. You always look really pretty," he said sheepishly. She smiled but didn't quite reply with what he expected.
"What's the playboy for?" She asked the corners of her mouth tugging into a smile.
"Daryl, I swear," he said quickly starting to blush. She laughed and closed up the dufflebag. As she was walking out the door Carl quickly grabbed the breath mints off the shelf and popped one in his mouth.

The two set the full bag in the van and grabbed a second one. They moved over the Kohl's and this one was unlocked. They walked in and just began piling clothes into the bag not really caring about size or style.
"Baby clothes," Beth said quickly running over there.
"Err, boy or girl?" He asked. Beth shrugged grabbing as many clothes as she could all different shades of pink and blue. He looked up at Beth.
"Hey Beth..." He said as they picked up clothes.
"Yeah?" She responded quickly grabbing a pair of jeans.
"Did you want kids? You know before... this," He asked her. Beth stopped in the middle of the aisle and Carl ran into her back. She turned around to look at him.
"Yeah... yeah I did. But that just seems impractical now," she said quickly moving on. Carl decided that it was best to not push the subject and continued to grab clothes.

The two threw the second duffle bag in the back and walked over to the pharmacy. They trotted in through the unlocked doors and Carl hopped over the counter in the back. He just started shoving all the medicine in the back into the bag as Beth walked around the shop. Just as Carl was about to drop the last bottle of painkillers in the bag he heard Beth scream.
"Beth!" Carl said whipping his gun out and jumping over the counter. He ran to where her scream was and gasped. It was just one walked thank god. He shot the gun at the walked and grabbed Beth.
"Are you okay? Did you get bit? Did it hurt you?" He asked quickly wrapping his arms around her.
"I'm fine," she said starting to calm down a bit. Carl sighed and went back over to the medicine. He picked up the duffel bag and walked over to Beth. The two walked through the aisles together silently before Beth stopped and started to giggle. Carl looked where she was looking and rolled his eyes. He didn't see what was funny about condoms. She picked them up and threw them in the bag.
"I'm going to give them to Maggie and Glenn in front of everyone," she informed him. That made him laugh a bit with her. The two left the store and were just about to leave when Beth stopped.
"Come on we have one more place to go," she said grabbing Carl's arm and pulling him across the parking lot .

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