"I'm really sorry," Carl said walking down the hall holding hands with Beth.
"You said that a hundred times and my response is still the same I forgive you," she said again.
"Okay, okay I gottcha. So why did you ask me for this?" He asked as the two reached the guard tower. Beth shrugged.
"Well I mean you could have asked anyone around here Glenn, or My dad, or even your dad," he told her following her up the stairs.
"They aren't my boyfriend," she said pecking him lightly on the cheek. Carl smiled and the two walked over to the balcony.
"Okay shooting is easy. You can hit the cans just fine and walkers are really no different they just... move." He told her. Beth nodded and pointed her gun at a walked and fired it. She looked to see it take a blow to the chest and she jumped in glee.
"I hit it! Did you see Carl I hit it!?" She giggled. Carl nodded as she threw her arms around him.
"Now a shot to the chest won't kill one but it'll slow it down. Try to hit them in the head," he offered. Beth tried again and grazed the top of the walkers head but didn't kill it.
"Okay that was good. Make sure you account for the wind and everything," he told her. She nodded.

An hour later the two were walking out of the tower with no ammo in the gun. Beth had shot down four walkers and was holding her head high.
"Thanks for all your help Carl," she said happily. Carl nodded.
"Not a problem Beth, I want you to be well protected," he said. Beth grabbed his hand and intertwined her fingers between his.
"So Carl," Beth started.
"Yeah?" He asked looking up at her.
"You've never really had a girlfriend... Have you?" She asked pushing open the door. Carl shrugged.
"If you count Marnie Fisher. But we were eight and she was using me for my milk," he smiled. Beth smiled too.
"Well no, that wouldn't quite count. So then you've never kissed a girl, never held a girls hand, never... mind. Nevermind," she said quickly blushing.
"Assuming my mom and grandma don't count, no I haven't," he admitted.
"Okay. What about... the talk?" She asked. Carl's eyes flicked all around the hall avoiding eye contact.
"I've had the talk yeah. With my mom and dad," he told her. Beth nodded. "Sophia too."
"Sophia? You don't talk about her much," Beth said.
"I don't like to. I always thought she was cute but she went missing and I didn't do anything about it," he said.
"Right, well anyway... I think I'm going to bed now," she said as they arrived at the cell block.
"Right yeah, me too. I'll... see ya," he said to her. She kissed him lightly and walked to her cell. What was that weird conversation about? he thought to himself as he crawled into his bed.
"Night everyone!" He heard from Carol's cell. There was a string of well wishes and everyone went to sleep