My parents were young and in love when my mother found out she was pregnant. Everything had been perfect before I had come along. My mother didn't know what to do with a child, and since she had a child before marriage she was disowned. My father's parents forced him to marry my mom after they found out she was pregnant. It was an empty wedding, held together by two golden bands. I was born a mere week after the wedding and given the name Kida Masaomi. My father turned into a drunkard and had a hard time holding down a job, my mother grew depressed.

When I was five I watched my mother kill herself, slashing her wrist with a knife. The entire time she told me why she was killing herself, how it was my fault. And I believed her, I still believe her…

My father came home long after she was dead. He blamed me too. From there I was beaten daily until child services took me away when I was eleven after I nearly died. My father was thrown in jail where he hung himself. Another death that was my fault…

I am now fifteen years old. Though I act like any other dysfunctional, womanizing teenage boy I hid a lot. Luckily people only see what they want to see, which is the mask I hide behind. Most people think I'm such lecherous pervert, but in truth, I only hit on girls because I'm scared to love. There is no love in flirting and being rejected over and over again makes me feel safe. It proves to me that the ideal of love only exist in the minds the delusional. It proves to me that love is dead…

Another day at school. I rested my chin on my hand and stared out the window, blowing a lock of dyed hair out of my face, which of course fell immediately back into my face. I sighed and slumped my shoulders. Every day it was the same boring routine. Hopefully lunch came soon which, as a quick glance of the clock confirmed, was still an hour away. Great...

A sudden knock on the door drew my eyes. Was there some special guest today? The teacher, an older balding man, hurried over to the locked door. After a recent gang shooting all doors in the school had to be locked during school hours.

"Why hello there," the teacher said. "Are you the new student?"

New student? My ears perked. Maybe she was cute? So far the only really cute girl in this class was Anri, but she didn't have any interest in boys, she seemed to be in love with her best friend, the stalker.

"Yes," a timid voice came. I craned my head to get a look at the person but it was in vain.

"Well, well, come in then," the teacher moved aside. A hesitant foot peeked into the class room, followed by a leg, slim wait, flat chest, and a head. Either that was a really boyish girl or a very cute boy.

"Why don't you introduce yourself?" the teacher suggested. The new student blinked into surprise and stammered out a protest, turning red.

"Come on," the teacher encourage. "Just tell them your name," the student stumbled as they were pushed to the center of the room.

I took the moment of silent to study the student. Short dark and messy black hair, pale skin, flushed cheeks, tall and slender, and captivating smoky blue eyes. Boy, I decided, definitely a boy, but with a rather feminine build.

"M-my name is M-mikado R-ryugamine," the boy stuttered nervously. "I h-hope that I s-shall be able t-to see out the y-year…"

That was an odd greeting I mused. Well, he did just transfer in during the middle of the year, maybe he was scared he was to move again.

"Thank you," the teacher said. "Why don't you take the free seat next to Kida?"

"O-okay," Mikado said, making his way towards me through the help of the teachers pointing finger.

I raised a hand to flag him over, deciding to be helpful, and gesturing towards the seat next to me. Just as he was a seat away a kid stuck their foot out and sent Mikado sprawling. I acted on instinct, jumping up and catching the falling kid.

"Are you okay?" I asked the boy in my arms. Shock seemed to stun him as he nodded.

"Y-yeah…" he blushed bright red, those cheeks flaming. "T-thank you,"

"No problem," I smiled, helping him up. He bowed before safely taking his seat.

Now, I didn't usually notice other males but this Mikado was pretty cute. If only he were a girl, I daydreamed in vain while a slight laugh at my own ridicule. Still, it might be fun to try and befriend this new stranger. I could take him under my wing! Mikado would have choice but to worship my awesomeness. I was such a genius.

I waited until lunch to make my move.

"Ryugamine~!" I called cheerfully as I slung an arm over his shoulders. Wow, he had really slim shoulders. "Would you care to eat lunch with me?"

Mikado ducked his head, blushing. "Y-yeah, if you wouldn't mind."

"Not at all, let us depart to the roof," I was already leading him there as I talked. Mikado just nodded in agreement.

It was a clear and gorgeous day in the city. A slight breeze teased across the rooftop, the sun warmed my skin, and the sky was a deep blue dotted my clouds of fluffy sheep.

"Aw, it is not one of the best days you have ever seen?" I asked, throwing my arms out and letting the wind tease through my hair. I spun in a slow circle until I was facing the dark haired boy.

"Yeah," Mikado said, a smile playing on his lips, "It's breathtaking," Those eyes made of blue smoke were turned up, reflecting the sky. Those pink lips were spread into a carefree smile. Cheeks, previously a dark red, now had the slightest brush of pink.

I felt my breath catch, my arms slowly falling to my sides. I was unable to help but stare, drinking him in. An unknown, untouched emotion made my toes tingle and my cheeks take on the soft hues of pink.

"Mikado…" I whispered, the name now sounding like a sacred sutra.

"Yeah Kida?" Mikado asked, turning those eyes on me.

I fought off the unknown feeling dancing through my body and smiled. "Want me to show you around town after school?"

"Y-yeah," Mikado blushed, "If you wouldn't mind."

"You're way too shy, you know that right?" I asked him, tweaking his cheek.

"Hey!" he protested, only turning a darker shade of red. "That's not true,"

"It is and you know you," I smirked, leaning forward as close as I could without touching, staring into those murky depths.

Mikado gasped at the sudden closeness before turning his face down as heat filled his cheeks. "S-shut up,"

"Shut up isn't a good word," I scolded with a smile as I straightened back up. "But I'll let it go cuase you're so damn cute!" My words had the desired effect, drawing a deeper shade of red on Mikado's cheeks. Aww, this kid was so much fun to play with.

The bell rang then, ending my alone time to mess with the new kid. I sighed, still laughing lightly. "Come on, let's get to class,"

I once again captured Mikado's slim shoulders and together we made our way to the classroom.

Though the lessons were there normal boring selves this time I distracted myself with Mikado, seeing how much I could make him blush without actually saying anything. It was way too easy, but that cute face made it worth it.

Ah, if only he was a girl. A whole lot more fun could be has then!