Chapter 5

Lost and Soon to be Found

Gaia; Equestria; Ponyville; Abandoned Dignitary Guesthouse; 1026 C.E.

Twilight began to fall towards the closing portal.

"Twilight!" the Doctor shouted. He ran forward as fast as he could, the still present winds slowing him slightly. He leapt over the opening of the portal and was just able to catch her hooves in his and he landed on the opposite side. The portal slowed its closing and stopped with only four feet to go, Twilight being pulled inwards with the Doctor struggling to pull her out.

"Doctor, stop!" Twilight said, "I have to close it!"

"We'll find another way!" he shouted.

"There isn't another way," Twilight sighed.

The Doctor was now having trouble on keeping Twilight out of the portal and was beginning to be pulled in by its relentless vacuum. "This is going to erase you from history! You'll never exist!"

Twilight lowered her head, "It's something I'll have to do to save my friends." A small stream of tears began to slide down Twilight's face. Twilight leaned closer and whispered into the Doctor's ear, "Don't forget me, Doctor," and she let go.

"NO!" the Doctor screamed. He watched as Twilight was quickly pulled towards the portal and fell through.

The portal sparked with electricity and collapsed in on itself, disappearing. All that was left was a large patch of earth in its place. The Doctor immediately jumped to his feet and began digging frantically.

"No no no no no!" he pleaded. He began to slow his digging, realizing that the task was futile. He sat there in silence for a few minutes, staring at the ground. "Gone," he said to himself, "She's gone." The Doctor lifted his head up, and looked at the ceiling (which was surprisingly still intact). "ONE!" he screamed into the air, "Give me one time!" He closed his eyes and hung his head. "Just one."

The silence was suddenly interrupted, "Doctor?"

His eyes opened slowly. "Yes?"

Future Twilight came up behind him, "What happened to my past self?"

"Simple, Ms. Sparkle. Young Twilight fell through a forced crack in time and space, creating a moment where everything done could be undone. Anything could be erased." The Doctor stared at the open ground again.

"So... I'm gone?" she asked.

"Yes. You're gone. After you fell through, you were deleted from existence."

Future Twilight abruptly laughed.

"What's so funny?" the Doctor wondered.

"For somepony with a brain like yours, you have surprisingly bad perception."

The Doctor gave her a confused look. He stared at Future Twilight for a few more moments.

Then it hit him.

The Doctor jumped to his hooves, excited and overjoyed. "You're-! That means-!"

"Go, Doctor," Future Twilight smiled, "Find me."

The Doctor ran out of the room at top speed and burst through the TARDIS doors. He ran around the controls and began flipping levers, pressing buttons, and spinning switches. He was about to head off, but he realized that he was missing something. He hopped out and approached Future Twilight.

"Can I have some-"

Future Twilight held out a strand of her mane to the Doctor.

The Doctor grinned, "You are good."

Future Twilight grinned back, "Go on, Doctor."

He ran back to the TARDIS and placed the hair on the console. "Ms. Sparkle, the Doctor will be with you shortly!"


Future Twilight leaned against the doorway and watched the TARDIS fade away. "Run, you smart stallion," she said to herself, "run and find me." Future Twilight left the guesthouse and started back to her library. The night had now begun to give way to the early morning and she walked through the town, the streets abandoned, everypony busy resting from the horrors, and joys, of Nightmare Night.

Gaia; Equestria; Ponyville; Twilight's Library; 1026 C.E.

Future Twilight entered the Library's main room and just looked around, appreciating everything with new perspective. She stood around for a while longer before she heard voices in the basement. She smiled widely and ran to the door. When she threw it open, she saw everypony that had been affected by the creature to be up and about.

"He did it, again," she breathed, "he did it."


Future Twilight looked in the direction of the voice and was confronted by Rainbow Dash.

"What's going on?" Rainbow asked.

"And what are we doin' in your basement?" Applejack questioned.

Future Twilight just wrapped both of them up in a hug. "The Doctor really did it."

"Wait?! The Doctor was here?!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"Yeah. He was."

About an hour later, Future Twilight, Rainbow, and Applejack were able to get everypony who had been affected back to their homes safely. They all eventually came up with reasonable explanations as to what everypony was doing in the library basement. The three friend figured that excessive candy consumption was much more believable than being half-dead because of a dragon creature whose main goal was evil and destruction. They returned to the library, but found that somepony had gotten there first.

"Good morning, ladies." A unicorn stallion with a tan coat, a black mane, and a cutie mark that consisted of a screwdriver and a set of pliers in front of a sound wave sat in the far corner of the library, reading intently. He looked up from his book and asked, "How's life?"

Rainbow groaned, "Why are you here?"

The stallion feigned shock, "Such disrespect for somepony who's saved your lives. On more than one occasion."

"Just tell us what you want," Future Twilight demanded, "You're starting to sound like Discord... again."

"I saw the lightning over the Guesthouse and figured that the Doctor was here. Simple as that."

"Why?" AJ questioned, "Do ya need to see the Doc?"

"No. I just need to know what happened tonight," the stallion's expression became grave.

"It was the Hate," Future Twilight told him.

"The first battle?"

"Can't be a battle if your going to lose, anyway."

"Alright," the stallion breathed, "I needed that information." He held his left foreleg up, revealing a vortex manipulator.

"Tell my brother and Cadence I said 'Hi'," Future Twilight told the stallion.

He smiled, "Can do, friend." The stallion pressed a few buttons on the manipulator and disappeared.

"And tell them I'm sorry." Future Twilight sighed and turned back to Rainbow and AJ. "Who wants to-"

A sudden flash of light made them look over. The stallion was back, and holding a scrap of paper.

"It looks like you made it," he let the scrap float to the floor before disappearing again.

Future Twilight walked over to the paper, picked it up, and read it.

'19,15,65,5,42,67,14,25; 3,27,65,5! 19,15,65,5,42,67,14,25; 3;27;65;5!'

Below the numbers, there was a translation written in ink: 'Somepony came! Somepony came!' Below that, there was: 'It looks like you've just met him, friend.'

=All Information Unknown=

Twilight opened her eyes slowly, wondering why she had them closed in the first place. She shook of her grogginess and looked around. She seemed to be in some kind of room. At least she assumed this, since there was very little light and the space was mostly covered in shadow. When she listened closely, she heard somepony sobbing. Quietly, but sobbing. Twilight got to her hooves slowly and called out.

"Is anypony there?"

The sobbing quieted and a pair of dull grey eyes peered out of the gloom. Twilight saw the way that the pupils watched her and knew that the mysterious creature was afraid of her.

"Don't worry," Twilight said in a soothing tone, "I won't hurt you."

"No, you won't," the creature spoke. It sounded like a stallion to Twilight, and its voice quavered, "But they will."

"Who?" Twilight asked.

"Just stay out of the shadows," the stallion said, "Stay away from them!"

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