Author's Note: Set around the beginning of the third season (yes, I know that was a while ago, but tumblr pictures caught me). I wonder if you know who it is that the story is about...

They don't know until it's too late to do anything about it.

Not that any of them know what they could have done to help in the first place, but the point was that they didn't know. They didn't even know.

Each of them asks themselves how it is possible for them not to see any of the signs. For them to skip over each of the indicators that they know were staring them in the face the entire time, but they don't know.

They want to know. They want there to be an explanation, something that would absolve them of their guilt but they know that there is nothing like that for them. They know that they were wrong and they missed it. They know that they did something that they never should have done.

They presumed.

They presumed that they knew the girl.

They presumed that they understood the way that her mind worked.

They presumed that they figured out her games, why she had changed.

They were wrong.

In the end though, they didn't even get a chance to know that they were wrong until it was too late. She took the chance away from them.

She died, and they didn't know.