Sensing that her parents would like some time to be alone together, Snow White went to rejoin her own husband.

"Darling," said Frederick, his voice barely a whisper. "Let me look at you." Quickly he glanced up and down her form. "Why, you're even more beautiful than you were on the day we were wed."

"The afterlife was kind to me."

"What was it like, Lilli?"

"Oh, Freddie, it was wonderful! Sunny all the time, never too hot or too cold, plenty to eat - not that eating was ever really necessary, since nobody ever got hungry - and best of all, infinite peace, happiness, and love."

"And I took you away from all that." Frederick felt almost guilty.

"That's perfectly all right. I'd much rather be here with you and our precious daughter."

Their lips met in a passionate kiss. Their hands began to roam all over one another's bodies, eagerly, desperately. Bit by bit, each article of clothing was shed, until they were both naked. Frederick scooped Lillianna up and carried her to the bed. Softly his finger traced the line on her now-flawless skin where the incision had been.

"Did it hurt you very much, my love?" His voice almost broke.

"Darling Frederick, I was already in heaven by the time the knife touched my skin."

"I'm so glad." He began to smother her with kisses. "From now on, I shall bring you nothing but the most exquisite pleasure."

She began to moan as his fingers and lips brought her the most delicious of sensations. "I missed you so much," she murmured. "I didn't even realize how much until just now."

"It's all right, my love," Frederick whispered. "We're together again now. That's all that matters."

He joined her on the bed, and soon they were making passionate love. As their bodies came together, Frederick was swept back to another time, a time when he was young and innocent and in love, where Lillianna was his whole world, where the entire future lay before them, where he couldn't imagine her not being there at his side.