Hellllooooo! So here's one of my latest stories. So lately, I've been starting stories and then I just stop because they just don't seem like they're boring and pointless D: So now I've found this idea and I think I'm keeping it cause it looks like fun (: Hope you guys like it too! I always love reviews so please leave some! Enjoy (:

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of Tangled or Sleeping Beauty they all belong to the wonderful world of Disney (:

"Eugene!" Rapunzel yelled out as she ran to go find him. She was so excited with the news she's just found out and she couldn't wait on telling him.

"Eugene!" She called out once more and had finally found him outside. "Eugene! I have to tell you something!" He jumped because he didn't know she was there and was surprised when she jumped into his arms.

"What is it love?" He touched his beautiful wife's face gently.

She had the biggest smile on her face, "Eugene, I have very exciting news."

Eugene smiled and was eager to know, "Well what is it? Tell me!" He hugged her and spun her around.

She started to laugh, and then he put her down. "Well, Eugene," She placed her hands on her stomach, "I'm pregnant."

Eugene's smile grew even bigger, "w-what? You are?!"

Rapunzel nodded her head, "I am Eugene, all that time I was feeling sick was because of this."

Eugene hugged his wife again, he was so happy about this, "we're going to be parents!"

"I know Eugene and we're going to be great parents."

He kissed her and then placed and his hand on her stomach, she wasn't showing anything yet. They have been married for two years now and are finally going to have their first child. The couple have never been happier.