Emily drops to her knees, not even worrying about the pain as Henry launches himself into her arms. As JJ steps in the door behind her, she also drops down, engulfing her wife and son in her arms. Neither of his mothers can speak as they just soak in Henry's love.

"Look, Rocky, I see Mama and Mommy."

JJ looks up, tears in her eyes. She extends her arms, accepting a smiling Rocky and bringing her into the group hug in the middle of the foyer.


Hotch steps in the door, smiling as he sees Jack running to him. He scoops him up into his arms.

"Hey, buddy. I hear you got to go on an adventure."

Jack nods happily. "Yeah! Aunt Jessie, too! We went to this farm and played with horses and dogs and even kittens!"

Hotch smiles. "Sounds like you had a great time, Jack. Wish I could have been with you instead of having to work."

"Me too. Did you get the bad guy?"

Hotch nods. "We sure did."

"I knew you would! No one beats Daddy!"

Hotch smiles. "That's right. No one beats, Daddy."

Francesca smiles at him. "Will you join us for lunch?"

Hotch slowly shakes his head. "No, I think I need some time with Jack."

Francesca nods. "I understand. He is a very good boy."

Hotch and Jack say their goodbyes and leave for home.

Henry is staring at the injuries on his Mama's face, is own face filled with concern. When Emily stands, Henry extends his arms to her. She sighs regretfully. "Sorry, Champ. I have a lot of boo-boo's. I can't pick you up. I'm sorry, Henry."

JJ sees his lip pout out. She reaches out and takes his hand. "You know how I'm Spiderman?" Henry nods. "Mama is Batman."

Henry's eyes get happy. "Ba'man?"

JJ nods, smiling. "Yep. Batman."

Henry gives his Mama two thumbs up. "Love Mama! Mama Ba'man!"

Emily chuckles and ruffles his hair. "Thanks, Henry." She strokes a hand over her wife's head. "And thank you, Mommy."

JJ stands, wrapping her free arm around her wife's waist. "Anytime, baby." She looks at Rocky, who is cuddled in her other arm. "You ready for lunch, too, Rock Star?" Rocky giggles. JJ kisses her cheek. "I'll take that as a yes."

Once the children are in their seats for lunch, Emily pulls Francesca into a hug. "Thank you isn't enough, Francesca."

Francesca smiles and strokes her cheek. "Has been many years since I had to use the diplomatic escape and rescue protocols. I'm glad they were as successful this time as last time, cara."

JJ had walked up to also hug their nanny. She stares into Francesca's eyes. "Uh, last time?"

Francesca looks at Emily. Emily looks away a moment, remembering. She then looks back at her wife.

"I was 4. A lot of it is…is blurry with time, you know?" JJ nods. "Some group made a credible threat to bomb the U.S. Embassy in Rome. One minute I was playing, the next Francesca is scooping me up and men in all black combat safety gear are whisking us away to an undisclosed location. My parents didn't even know where we'd been taken."

"Oh, God," JJ whispers.

Emily smiles and looks back at Francesca. "I was never even scared. According to the wise nanny I had at the time we were just on a little vacation. It was turned into one big adventure for me and other children of U.S. employees."

Francesca smiles. "I was terrified but knew I could never show it. I'm just glad you all were safe."

"And I'm glad you never had to use the guns strapped to your leg and on your belt." Emily chuckles. "I do remember thinking you looked funny in tactical clothing."

JJ frowns and slowly turns to look at the nanny. "Uh…guns? Tactical clothing? Why do I feel like I should take a closer look at your resume?"

Francesca winks. "I will tell all…someday, cara."

JJ chuckles. "Right." JJ sighs. "I will say, I thought Emily was being somewhat paranoid when she told me about this contingency plan. I only went along with it to give her peace of mind." She looks at her wife. "I'm sorry for doubting you, baby."

Emily gives her a gently kiss. "Forgiven. It could just as easily been for naught and you would have been right. Come on. Enough talk about this. Let's get our kids fed."

JJ smiles. "Good idea, Batman. Very good idea."

Later that night, Emily sits in the glide rocker singing to Rocky as the little girl slowly falls asleep. JJ leans against the wall, just watching the two beautiful brunettes. When the lullaby ends, she walks over and kneels down beside her wife.

"Thank you, Emily, for saving them."

Emily won't look up. "He…he made…" She swallows and hands Rocky to her wife. "Let's get out of here. I need to talk to you but not in here. Not near her."

JJ nods. "I understand."

JJ walks over to the crib and lays Rocky down. She tucks her blanket around the sleeping beauty, stroking a hand through silken dark locks.

"I love you, Rocky. I love you so much." She reaches back and takes her wife's hand. "Come on, baby."

Emily nods, letting JJ lead her to their room. Once inside Emily goes to speak but JJ stops her.

"I know what he made you play some sort of game to supposedly save Henry. I know you failed. But you only failed because he made sure you would. And I know there is no way in hell you just shrugged that off. I know you love Henry. And, Emily, you know you love him. Don't let that bastard Phillipe make you doubt that."

Emily strokes a hand down her wife's cheek. "I love you, Jennifer. Thank you for knowing and understanding. I swear I will always do everything in my power to protect our children equally. They aren't mine or yours. They are ours."

"I know, sweetheart. I know." JJ gives her wife a gentle kiss. "I love you so much, Emily. Come on, I want to hold you tonight. I was so scared I would never get to again."

Emily nods. "I understand, baby. I understand."

They share another kiss before getting ready for bed. JJ glances over at her wife. The terrible bruising on her body was even worse tonight.

"Oh, Em," JJ says softly.

Emily turns and looks at her. "Just bruises and cuts, Jen. They'll heal."

"I still hurt for you, baby. Can I do anything?"

"A little Neosporin on the ones I can't reach would be good. And then we'll go with your plan of holding me while I sleep. You, baby, are one of the three best curatives I have."

JJ smiles. "Charmer."

Emily chuckles. "Always, Mrs. Prentiss. Always."

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy Holidays! You all make this little hobby of mine so much fun. Hope you continue to enjoy the crazy little ideas that pop into my head.