Austin leaned against the wooden display case at the front of Sonic Boom, his back to the door and shaking his body back and forth humming a cheery tune that managed to distract him from his Algebra homework. He was trying to finish the forty problems he was assigned but had no success in doing so after discovering the whimsical tune that now echoed through his tanned cheeks.

"Ally" He groaned to the other teen that was on the other side of the counter, she was already finished with the troubling problems and was currently scribbling or doodling in the leather bound book she silently spoke to with a smile on her thin face. "Yes?" She answered back, not looking up at the sandy blonde teen that was rubbing has face in a stressful manner. "This is hard" he drug out the word hard with another groan, he attempted to throw a pout at the brunette but decided against it seeming as how she wasn't going to look up from her songbook/diary thing any time soon. So he decided to go to a last resort, the secretly smart person that was sitting on the piano bench behind the counter, his striped pants crossed with his notebook on top. No doubt trying to come up with new video ideas as Ally made the song.

"DEZ~" He whined, the freckled ginger looked up from the notepad and stared at Austin with a smile, exposing his pearly whites to the blonde. "Si Senor?" He called, Imitating a Spaniard accent and posing his hands in a salsa position. "I need help, Why did they mix English with Numbers ?" He complained, watching his best friend walk over to him in all of his stripe pants glory. "Did you need some help?" Dez asked with an amused smile as he scooted next to Austin to observe the work the other had done. "So which number are you on?" He asked as he looked over the blank piece of paper. "One" Austin mumbled, looking away to hide his embarrassed face.

After a very confusing and not so helpful math lecture later the ginger looked over at Austin, who seemed to be even more stressed after the 'Help'. Austin sighed and looked over his shoulder at the fleeting sun, thinking about how he could be outside right now, soaking in the warm beams while the wind flopped his hair. But instead he was stuck inside of the cold store with a massive math related headache. "Let's make this easier shall we?" Dez offered as he started to rummage through his pockets. Austin just stared at his best friend with a very open stare of curiosity, about to tell his ginger friend that there was nothing that could make math easier, other than cheating of course.

Austin looked over Dez's shoulders to see what was going on in his pockets. "Okay, here's the rules Austin, Every time you get a question right you get a-" "GUMMY WORMS!" Austin called out excited, practically dancing out of his dark blue shoes. Austin, now completely motivated to get ALL the problems right had his head down in the algebra one book. Dez just smiled fondly at the blonde, which went unnoticed as he glanced around the seemingly empty music store, filled with only the combined sound of pencils dashing across paper from both Austin and Ally. "Is it X equals nine?" Austin asked, breaking Dez from his small trance of looking around the store. He looked down at the problem that the blonde had copied down into his notebook for solving, then down at the answer that was written in tiny yet sloppy print. He worked through the problem with ease and nodded his satisfaction before digging into the plastic bag loudly, he placed a blue and yellow gummy worm on Austin's notebook getting some of the sour crystals over the no longer blank paper.

The process went on, and Austin was almost done, the final boss. He started humming some very dramatic Sonata as he continued to work through the problem. Just as he was about to finish it with extraordinary amounts of concentration he was abruptly interrupted by a voice from behind, no doubt someone who wanted his help choosing the proper guitar to purchase if they wanted to rock like Austin Moon. He was very tempted roll his eyes, but instead he turned around and stared at the only Crush Ally ever had, the only person he ever met that also had a name from a city in Texas. He smiled before greeting the brunette with a nice "Hey", he turned around to lean his elbows on the display case, his legs extended in front of him, crossed like he was lounged in a reclining chair. "Did you want something?" Austin asked after noticing that the other man hadn't said a word since he pulled Austin from his studies. "Austin who" Dez asked, slowing his question as he turned around saying "It" At Dallas' face before glaring at him.

"Yeah" He called, his voice sounded sleepy and raspier than usual. "Can we talk..." He shot Dez a glance, noticing the glare the ginger gave him. "Alone" He added, drawling out the word huskily. Austin tilted his head in confusion as to why Dallas would ever want to talk to him, alone. and why was Dez glaring like He was staring at the person who stole his lunch or something. "Sure" He smiled at Dallas, before shooting Dez a similar smile. "I'll be right back dude" he assured his Ginger friend before following Dallas out of the store and out of Earshot of both Dez and Ally, who was staring at Dallas' back with the most infatuation either of the teens had seen before.

Dallas closed the door behind Austin, he stared at the teen, he licked his dry lips in hunger before starting to speak lowly and quietly into Austin's ears. He looked inside the store to see Dez trying to glare him to death, practically yelling "If looks could kill you'd be dead...a lot" Dallas shot the freckled man a smirk, a wicked smirk before continuing to whisper in Austin's sun tanned ear. "Okay, I'll only say this once" He started, his voice changed from it's usual cool tone and into a musky one. "I'll ask Ally out" Austin jumped away from him, smiling but still flinched as the hot breath caressed his ear like the wind. "That's awesome! Why didn't you just tell her that?" He smiled, seeming unaffected by the annoyed look that was painted on Dallas' face, easily readable by the thin line his usually smiling lips. He walked back up to Austin, his head tucked on his other shoulder instead. He licked the lobe, which made Austin jolt as if he's just been electrocuted cold sparks jumping up his spinal column. "Why-why you'd d-do that?" He stuttered. Glancing a slightly scared look from Dallas to Dez, but refused to meet Ally's wide and imploring eyes that begged to be filled in. "I'll only go out with her if" "If?" He cut the tanned teen off, looking at him with concern. "Is there an echo out here?" Dallas replied coldly, his eyes narrowing in Austin's direction. "if I can have that perky ass of your's when ever I want" The words seemed so well stringed together, but they unfolded in Austin's head like dissecting a frog. "You? You like me?" He cocked his head slightly, staring at Dallas who was smirking evilly. "Not really. I just get what I want you know? I've noticed the way she looks at me. You'd have to be an idiot not to see it. Then I saw you" he licked his lips before continuing his explanation. "It only took one look at your ass and then it all came together" He smiled, pulling away from the blonde's ear to judge his reaction to his offer. "Why?" Austin brilliantly replied from around a flushed face. "Well.." He decided to dumb it down, the other man was a natural blonde after all. "You want Ally to be happy right? She is like your best friend, don't friends want other friend to be happy?" He asked darkly, sure it was a low hit but he really wanted to get in Austin's pants. Austin gulped. He shot a glance, he exchanged looks with Ally who only looked at Dallas, not even noticing the terror embedded in Austin's wide hazel eyes. He didn't want to ruin his friend's life. But what if Ally knew her relationship was only objective. His throat seemed to thicken but he still expressed his concerns to the other. "What if Ally finds out?" He asked quietly, staring at the brunette in the store, staring at Dallas, practically oozing with jealousy for Austin, she would give anything to be in the blonde's position right now. Little did she know that Austin would be the one giving at the moment. He nodded. "Okay" He whispered, his dried throat making his voice hoarse. "I'll come by tonight babe" He whispered in Austin's ears. He really Wanted to break down and cry for ever, but there wasn't really a reason to. Maybe Dallas was kidding? he asked himself.

Dallas opened the door dramatically, holding an arm out in front of him. Austin fought down the blush that was about to bleed out of his cheeks when he could practically feel Dallas' eyes on his ass. He gulped, but smiled at Dez,who was glaring at Dallas as he walked up and around Ally, standing right next to her behind the counter. "What happened Austin?" Dez asked quietly. Austin shot a glance at Dallas, who glared at him with cold chocolate eyes. "N-nothing. He just asked me for... Math help?" He shot a not so convincing look at Dez, who looked like he didn't even try to believe his best friend's words. "Let's just finish this okay?" Dez nodded, his expression grim as he stared blankly at the paper Austin was mindlessly working on. He slapped down his pencil and held open his mouth, the edges of his lips quirked in a smile. When Dez didn't give him his treat, he frowned at the ginger. "Dez?" he called, placing a hand on the other's shoulders while he stared off into space, thinking. Austin ignored the cold eyes on his back and called his best friend's name again. Slightly scared. "Hmm?" He answered back. "I finished" He answered back gloomily. Dez seemed to pop the bubble of thought at the words and smiled at Austin. It looked really staged but Austin didn't seem to notice as Dez's fingers dug from the bag and placed them at the edges of Austin's mouth. Austin smiled around the fingers and opened his mouth, eagerly enjoying the sour taste of the worm and Dez's fingers.

Once the scene of friendship was over, Dallas looked over at Ally and met her eyes. "Ally.. Will you go out with me?" He swallowed after he said it. Trying to digest the words that came out of his mouth like they were bad tasting. The brunette nearly fainted in his arms but found the energy to squeal and nod her head a million times yes.

Dallas looked over at Austin who was staring at him with concern. The brunette shot Austin a sleazy wink before taking Ally into his arms. The blonde tried to hide the blush that crept up his collar and smiled at Ally who was dancing like a goof behind the counter.


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