This is one of my first fanfiction, so please be free to comment on the story. I haven't watched the movie in a long while, though, so I'm doing this based on memory.

Disclaimer: all characters belong to CW/DC Comics Summary: Lois finds out that she's going to die in a year, with only Clark who knows. Will she really die, or …. Title: The New Lois

Chapter 1: The News

I noticed Clark was staring at me from his desk. I smiled at him, which made him look away. Clark was a reporter, like me, and we worked in The Daily Planet. Clark was a

sweet boy, actually, though he was always at the wrong place and the wrong time. I walked towards him.

"How are you doing, Clark? "I never felt embarrassed around Clark,

since he was the one usually stuttering. He was a great friend, though he really needed to lighten up.

"Oh, uh, the same as always. "He answered, pulling up his glasses as

they slid down his face, "Is something the matter?"

"What? Why?" "You seem kind of down, Miss Lane." "Oh, that. "I sat down next to him, "I don't know. Lately I've been

feeling a little tired, that's all. No need to worry about it." Clark could be so cute sometimes, really. He had this way of making me feel safe and comfortable. Wait! Safe and

comfortable? Oh boy. Clark was watching me, though trying to hide it. Suddenly, my vision blurred. I squinted.

"Are you alright, Lois? "Clark said, looking straight at me this


"Of course I am.I just..."I Felt myself go weak.

Clark stood up, worried. "I think you should rest. "Was it me, or did his suddenly voice change? "Nothing's wrong, Clark."

I didn't want Clark to worry, "I just had a bit of a daze. I'll go back to work now. "I stood up and turned to leave. Suddenly, I felt my knees turn to jelly, and my mind go

dizzy. I tried to move, but I fell down, and everything turned black...

I was dreaming. One moment I was I one place, and then another. Someone was holding me, but I

couldn't open my eyes. For some reason, I felt all tingly inside, like the person was someone very close to me. Without even thinking, I whispered, "I love you." For a

moment, the person holding me stopped. I wanted to open my eyes so badly, but they were glued shut. "I love you too. "A male's voice answered, holding me tightly. I

wanted to laugh, since he sounded just someone I knew. Superman, yeah right. My heart raced, and I felt myself wander back into the darkness…

I opened my eyes a tiny bit, hearing two voices. I was in a hospital bed, obviously in a hospital.

'Is she going to be alright?"I knew that was Clark's voice. 'For now she I'm afraid I've got bad news."

"What is it?!"

"I was looking through her x-rays, and apparently her heart is failing. With time, her heart will stop completely. She has about a year left before that happens."

"WHAT?!"I screamed, opening my eyes wide and sitting up. Both of them looked at me, shocked. "You mustn't get up so quickly, Miss."The doctor said, worried.

"I can't die, doctor! How did this happen?" I felt tears on my cheeks. I got up off my bed. "I have to go!" I said, not caring that I was in my hospital gown.

"Please, Miss. You must rest first." "How can I, knowing I'm going to die soon?!"

"Lois", Clark said, his tone surprising me. I turned toward him, and felt myself go unconscious again.