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Chapter 18:

A Different Kind of Love

There are two kinds of love. One that you already have, and the kind that you never seem to have~

It happens on the playground. One minute he is bugging her, the next everything changes. She doesn't even notice his lips close in on hers at first; it all happens so fast. And just as quickly, it was over, the stinging sensation still heavy on her lips.

All she can do is stare at him. What just happened? Did she really just kiss the Jared Cameron?

The look on his face is priceless. It's a mixture between triumph and stupor. It makes Bella giggle. They stay silent for a while, thinking about all what a kiss entails. A kiss was powerful. Even at the ripe age of nine, Bella and Jared knew this.

It's Jared who breaks the silence. He leans back against the plastic of the blue slide, his bright black eyes shinning. "You kissed me," he mutters, his lips pulled up into a smirk that Bella is all too familiar with. It is the very smirk he wore the moment before he kissed her. It makes Bella blush, something that it previously could never do.

However, because Jared is one Bella's best friends, she's not afraid to counter him, even if they just shared their first kiss together. Bella scoffs, and crosses her scrawny arms over her equally tiny chest. "Excuse me? You kissed me!"

"Did not!" Jared races out from under the jungle gym, his lanky arms flapping in the breeze. Bella knows she's expected to chase him, but she's having much more fun watching him run like a bat outa hell. She watches him join up with a group of boys circling a football, his recent leap into hormonal-teenager territory already long forgotten. They wrestle and tumble in the mud. Bella knows girls and their emotions aren't one of his top priorities yet. She doesn't feel sad.

There's a rustling from above the slide, then a little russet body slips over the edge, and drops in front of her. Rachel crosses her arms in front of Bella once she stands, a defiant grin on her tanned lips. Bella knows just by looking at her, that she's seen and heard everything. She's sure half the school could have seen, they certainly weren't in a private area. But she had been so taken aback, she hadn't even thought of them.

"I'm telling mom what you did. You're going to be in trouble."

"No!" Bella yells, thrusting her hand out at her as if that alone will stop her. Bella doesn't completely understand relationships yet, but she knows she doesn't want anyone to know what went on under that jungle gym.

"You're too young to have a boyfriend Bella. Mom will freak." She leans back against the slide, just like Jared had done moments before. A chorus of girls sing out to her, making Rachel sigh and shake her head. A game of hopscotch is very important, but right now, Bella and her newly discovered, 'love life', takes full priority.

"But you have a boyfriend," Bella protests, "You and Rebecca both do!"

"Yeah, but we're older than you," Rachel scowls. Silly girl.


Rachel sighs again, and sits beside her. She longs to play with her friends again, but she's a good big sister. When she tells mom that evening all about Bella's afternoon with Jared, it'll be a good idea to also tell her that she helped Bella see reason. She's been eyeing the new Holiday Barbie. How could mom say no when she's been such a good girl?

"So…you're too young Bella. A kiss is major. I didn't even get my first kiss yet!"

Bella isn't sure about this. She swears she saw her kissing Sam Uley just last week, but she doesn't say anything.

Rachel scowls again; she does it a lot. "Plus I seen Jared eating worms with Paul yesterday. Pulled them right out of the ground." She didn't, but it isn't that unbelievable. The boy will do anything he's dared to do.

Bella whirls her head to look at Rachel. She pulls a face. No way is she kissing somebody who ate filthy worms!

Rachel stands up, grinning again. She knows Bella is afraid of bugs, especially worms. In fact the girl won't touch anything even resembling dirt. Rachel's afraid she'll never wear even a hint of makeup. "But I guess if you want to kiss worm boy…nobody's stopping you." She turns back to her friends. There's no way she's not getting that Barbie now.

That night after another bland supper of peas and leftover chicken, Bella sits with her back facing Jacob as she changes into her pajamas. Jacob doesn't understand it. They've changed together tons of times, even had baths together, but in the past few months she won't let him see her with anything less than a bikini. Jacob has heard about the differences between boys and girls during class, but Bella isn't a girl she's Bella. He picks at a stray fiber in the carpet, twirling the fabric through and around his fingers.

"Turn around," she whispers.

He does so without even thinking. He's used to this too, though he never even questions it. It's what Bella wants.

Once they're changed they sit together on the floor. Bella cradles a book in her lap. It's a new one with a pretty kitty on the cover. Bella picked it out the last time mom took them to the library. She picked lots of others out too, but they've already read through them all. Bella's a quick reader, and she loves to do it. Jacob loves to listen.

She flips open the first page and Jacob scoots closer to her to see the pictures.

"Mr. Mittens Goes to the Doctor," she reads before flipping that page as well. Her finger traces over the words as she speaks, and Jacob pays attention. Although Bella can reader big chapter books on her own, Jacob can't. She does it for him.

Bella reads quietly, so quietly Jacob can hardly hear her. Even though he's only six, Jacob knows when something's bugging her. "Bells?" he whispers, interrupting her.

"Sorry," she starts at the beginning of the page, making sure to pronounce each syllable correctly. Her finger traces over each letter this time.

"No," Jacob shakes his head and stares up at her. The book can wait. He hates to see her upset, "What wrong?"

Bella pauses and chews on her lower lip, the tell-tale sign she's choosing her words carefully. Just when Jacob is beginning to think that Bella is about to say 'you're to young to know' like Rachel and Rebecca have made a habit of doing, she blurts out, "I kissed Jared."

Jacob can't believe it. He knows exactly who Jacob is. He's the boy always over playing with Bella, the boy who locks Jacob out of the room when they're playing, the boy he wishes would just disappear. And now he's kissed Bella?

He's quiet for a while. He doesn't really know what to say. What's he supposed to say? "Was that what mom and Rachel talkin' 'bout?"

Bella glances down at him, still chewing furiously on her lower lip. Biting so hard, a bit of blood tinges her mouth with a bitter taste. She nods wordlessly. She's surprised she hasn't gotten in trouble yet. "It was my first kiss," she whispers to nothing in particular.

"Na uh! We kissed before!" Jacob's pretty sure that counts, even if they are brother and sister. He didn't kiss her like a brother would kiss a sister. Jacob secretly likes Bella.

He likes how she smells, like strawberry shampoo. He likes that she pays him attention when no other girl will. He's had 'girlfriends' in the past, but none of them he really cared for, and all of them reminded him of Bella. Be it their appearance or personalities, all of them had eerie Bella-esq qualities.

"That doesn't count Jacob. This is the first boy I've ever kissed, like…for real."

Jacob isn't sure what that means. They kissed for real, lots of times. Mostly on the cheek, but sometimes he would sneak a real kiss just to know what it would feel like. He's always been curious about how it would feel to love Bella like the boys love their girlfriends in movies.

"But…" he says finally, his lower lip quivering, "What about me?"

"What about you Jacob? I like Jared even if he eats worms." Her cheeks heat up. She's done a lot of thinking.

"I eat worms too! I loves you Bells!"

Bella smiles and leans over to kiss his cheek. It's nice, but Jacob knows it doesn't mean to her what it means to him. "I love you too Jacob. You're my brother, of course I love you. Just because I like Jared, doesn't mean I won't have time for you anymore. Don't worry."

Tears well up in his eyes. She doesn't understand.

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