The Legacy of Tobirama Senju

Tobirama Senju knew that, sometimes, a Hokage had to do what he didn't want to. In this case, to escape the twenty elite ninja of Kinkaku Force, one of them, himself, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Koharu Utatane, Homura Mitokado, Danzo Shimura, Kagami Uchiha and Torifu Akimichi, had to sacrifice one of themselves to distract the Force to allow the others even a chance at survival.

He knew it would be him. A Kage's duty is to protect his village, and by Kami was he going to protect it.

"I'm sorry to say this…but one of us has to act as a distraction for the others. Who will volunteer?" He asked grimly.

Almost everyone looked down at the ground, thinking. Except for one. Hiruzen. He shot his hand into the air quickly, a fierce look of determination on his face. "I will, Sensei!"

Tobirama stared at the young Sarutobi, holding eye contact for several moments. The jonin didn't even blink or falter. After a while, Tobirama smiled slightly.

"And that's why I'm naming you the Third Hokage, Saru-chan. Congratulations. Hopefully, you do better than I did."

Hiruzen gaped at the Nidaime Hokage, as did Danzo, though the latter's was from anger and shock. "What? But…I'm not ready! What…what if Konoha doesn't want me?"

"Listen, Saru-chan. Guide the people, and believe in them, for it's among them that one will carry on when your time is done." Tobirama said seriously. "Saru-chan, you must protect those who have faith in you and who love the village, and train up to those who you can entrust the next generation…from tomorrow, you will be Hokage."

Hiruzen nodded silently, a solemn look upon his face.

"Hiruzen, stay for a moment. The rest of you, get ready to make a break for it after you see the explosions."

The other jonin nodded and left to the edge of the clearing, leaving the Nidaime and soon to be Sandaime. The older male in blue armor pulled a scroll of medium length from a pouch on his back, opening it and channeling chakra onto something on the inside. He rolled it up, sealing it by pressing a thumb lit with chakra onto the edge. He burned a few words onto the scroll, smiling slightly to himself.

"Saru-chan, take this." He handed the scroll to Hiruzen, still smiling lightly. The young Sarutobi looked over it with curiosity.

The seal holding the scroll closed was Tobirama's personal mark, "Tobi's Seal of Approval!", the same seal he had stamped on Hiruzen's head after he passed his chunin exam. Underneath, the words, "To whomsoever holds the power to open this scroll, shall wield the power Tobirama."

A sweat drop rolled down Hiruzen's forehead as he looked at his teacher. The Nidaime shrugged, now grinning. "What? I needed something profound, and that seemed to just ring right in my head."

The smile fell from his face. "We're running out of time, Saru-chan. Lead the village. Do great things. And most of all…get laid. You're far to stressed these days!"

The Sandaime gawked at his teacher, who slapped him lightly across the back of his head. "Run, Hiruzen. Protect the next generation, lead them to prosperity. The Will of Fire burns bright in you, my student."

Tobirama winked, before leaping off into the trees. As he jumped, a sad smile lifted his lips. "I'm coming, babe. I'm coming."

Back with Hiruzen, the shinobi waited, tense, for the signal. A ball of fire erupted over the treetops, and the shinobi leaped into action.

In a pouch on Hiruzen's belt, there lay a scroll, capped on both ends by blue, sealed by the power of the Nidaime Hokage. It would be sealed into the Forbidden Scroll, under the title "The Nidaime's Power", and it would stay there until, one day, a fifteen year-old genin, tricked by a trusted sensei, would find something far more useful than Shadow Clones.

"Shadow Clones? What the fuck? Why is it always clones! That's it! No clones for me! I'll just be the clone-less Kage!"

He was short, about 5'2", wearing an orange jumpsuit that destroyed all pretenses of stealth he could have had, if not for his loud voice or bright yellow hair. Naruto Uzumaki was his name.

Naruto had joined the Konoha Ninja Academy at the age of six, along with others of the same age. He had then proceeded to fail graduation, two years in a row. The only technique he ever failed was the Clone Jutsu, and it had given him a bias against clones of any sort.

After failing the Graduation test for the third and potentially last time, one of his teachers, a silver-haired man named Mizuki, had given him a "Make-up Test". Steal the Forbidden Scroll, bring it to this location, learn a technique, and pass. Simple, right?

And now, here Naruto was, crouched over the large Forbidden Scroll, looking through it for a jutsu he could do.

"What's this?" He leaned down over the scroll, nose nearly touching the paper. "'The Power of the Nidaime'?"

Naruto scoffed. "Who would want the power of second? I want to be first! Fuck that!"

Then he took a closer look at the seal. It was a simple containment seal, and whatever was in it couldn't be that important, right? Maybe he could get some money out of selling it?

With a shrug, Naruto opened the seal with a little blood and chakra, a medium-sized scroll capped blue on both ends appeared in puff of smoke. Once the smoke cleared, he got a look at the words imprinted on the scroll underneath a strange seal.

'To whomsoever wields the power to open this scroll, shall wield the power of Tobirama.'

Now, Naruto was not the brightest lightbulb in the drawer, but he could recognize a challenge when he saw it!

"Oh yeah, stupid scroll? I'll open you up easy!" He crowed, before once again biting his thumb and swiping it across the seal holding it closed.

Or, at least, he tried. His bloody thumb stuck fast to the seal, and all of a sudden, memories, ones he'd rather forget, began to zip through his head.

In all honesty, it felt like he was being judged.

With one final memory, the one where he sat on a swing, looking at all the happy families and crying, the seal disappeared, and the scroll rolled open.

Naruto peered at the inside of the scroll, eyes wide. Inside, there was a massively complex seal array that would have taken Jiraiya years to break down and understand. It began to glow a deep blue, shining into Naruto's eyes.

A rushing sound, similar to a waterfall he had once seen except even louder, began to pulse in his ears. The sound reached it's peak, and that's when darkness claimed him.

Iruka Umino rushed through the forest of the training ground, heedless of the noise he was making. He was after his wayward student, Naruto. He knew that Naruto had problems with the Bunshin jutsu, but he refused to play favorites (even if he was secretly his favorite). If Naruto couldn't pass the test, then he couldn't be a shinobi.

It didn't mean he didn't feel bad about, though.

He came across a clearing, a small wooden shack or shed of some sort in the middle of it, and, lying face-down on the ground next to it and the Scroll, was Naruto.

"Naruto!" Iruka shouted in worry, dashing over to his student, flipping him over and checking for a pulse. He sighed in relief as a steady beat pumped under his finger tips. It seemed that Naruto was just unconscious.

"You are in big trouble, Naruto. Time to get you to the Hokage to decide your punishment." Iruka muttered to himself.

"I don't think so!" The whistle of metal cutting through the air alerted Iruka to the shuriken flying towards him. He dived to the side as they pierced the tree trunk behind him.

Iruka rolled and looked up, before freezing in shock. "Mizuki? What are you doing here? Why did you attack me?"

The silver-haired chunin scoffed. "Why do you think? I can't let you take the Forbidden Scroll back to the Hokage, not after I've waited and planned for so long to get it out here!"

Now, Iruka was no idiot. He had seen small things, discrepancies in Naruto's schoolwork, things that should have been obvious that he still got wrong anyway. Everything fell into place.

"It was you?" Iruka asked, shocked.

Mizuki smirked nastily. "Of course it was me! Do you think that even Naruto is that stupid? I knew your sense of fair-play would make you hold Naruto back!" he cackled like a maniac. "And lead him right into my hands! Congratulations, Iruka! You're the one who made this all happen! And I'll thank you…by killing you quickly."

Iruka pulled two kunai from his pouch, holding them in a reverse grip in front of his face. "That is unlikely, traitor!"

They tensed and stared each other down, waiting for the other to make the first move. They started as Naruto groaned and rolled over, rubbing his face. "Good Kami, my head hurts…note to self, learn Hangover jutsu…"

He looked up to see Iruka and Mizuki staring at him, one in surprise, and the other in anger, before it changed to malice. "Naruto! Help me! Iruka's a traitor, he's trying to steal the Scroll!"

Naruto looked back and forth between the two of them with a bland expression on his face. "You really think I'll believe that? That was the stupidest excuse for a lie I've ever heard..."

Mizuki looked surprised, before he snarled and yanked one of the giant shuriken from his back. "Shut up, demon brat! Once I kill you, I will become more powerful than ever!"

He hurled the shuriken at Naruto, who stood there and watched the large metal star race towards his midsection with a bored look.

"Naruto, watch out!" Iruka attempted to jump in front of Naruto, only for the blonde to push him aside, and with flick of the wrist, catch the star right in the middle.

"Well now, Mizuki, since you seem to be in the know, how about you tell me why I've been called a demon-brat for so long?" Naruto said with curiosity.

Mizuki grinned evilly. "It's because of the Demon you have sealed into you! You are the Kyuubi!"

If he was expecting some over the top reaction, he was disappointed. Naruto scratched the side of his head with a questioning look. "If the Kyuubi is sealed in me, than how am I the Kyuubi? Do you not have any sealing knowledge at all? Kami, people these days are so stupid…"

Iruka gawked at Naruto, as did Mizuki. "But…what?"

The blonde sighed and rubbed his face. "I've known about the Kyuubi since I was eight. It's hard not to; the strange seal on my stomach, the whispers, the glares…not that hard to decipher."

Mizuki's grin found it's way back onto his face. "Then you know that you're responsible for the deaths of hundreds, Kyuubi!"

Naruto face-palmed. "Kami, did you not hear what the hell I just said?"

"Including the parents of your beloved Iruka-sensei!"

The blue eyes that usually contained happiness to a stupid extent hardened into chips of ice. "Your attempts to aggravate me are failing, teme. You threw away your friendships and trusts just for power? You spit on the Will of Fire, and the Leaf!"

His eyes narrowed into slits. "And that is something I cannot stand for."

His hands rose into one seal, dragon. With a yell of, "Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu!" and a thrust of his hands, the large form of a dragon made completely out of water coalesced out of thin air, roaring straight into Mizuki's body.

Any sign of Mizuki was hidden by the rushing torrent of water, which soon faded, leaving Mizuki lying on the ground, completely drenched and unconscious.

Iruka watched in awe as Naruto stood over Mizuki, with panic replacing that when Naruto collapsed face-first on the ground. "Naruto!"

He rolled Naruto on his back, seeing that he was still awake, sighed in relief. "Don't worry, Iruka-sensei. I just used too much chakra to create that dragon."

Iruka sighed and grinned slightly. "You always do overdo it, huh?"

Naruto gave him a dry look. "Because my chakra control sucks. I have got to get back to my former level if I'm gonna be any use at all."

"Former level?"

"It's strange, I have these memories in my head of having really good chakra control, but I don't know where they came from. I need to talk to Saru-chan." Naruto muttered.

Iruka quirked an eyebrow. Saru-chan?

"Anyways, call that ANBU out of the tree so she can take Mizuki to T&I and I can finally get some sleep."

A Neko-masked ANBU appeared out of thin air next to the two. "How did you know I was here?"

Naruto rolled his eyes. "That's not important right now."

The ANBU appeared to glare, before acquiescing, picking up Mizuki and the Forbidden Scroll and the Nidaime's scroll, then leaving in a Leaf Shunshin.

Iruka wrapped an arm around Naruto's shoulders. "Hold on, Naruto. First time shunshin can be disorienting."

With that, they vanished in a puff of smoke, leaving behind a soaked training ground.

The Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, watching through the crystal ball with his Telescoping Technique, had several questions raging through his mind. What was that scroll? How did Naruto gain that power? And why did the scroll seem similar?

He stowed the ball away as a puff of smoke appeared in the middle of his office, clearing to reveal Naruto and Iruka. "Naruto-kun, Iruka-kun, it's good to see you safe. Naruto, I believe we need to have a chat about several things."

Iruka nodded, but Naruto stared at the Sandaime with a horrified expression on his face. "Why the hell are you so old, Saru-chan?!"

Saru-chan? That was what Tobirama-sensei used to call me…oh shit. "Naruto, what was in that scroll that you opened?" He asked cautiously.

Naruto concentrated, scrunching his brow in thought. "It was an experimental seal that was designed by myself, with the help of Mito-sama, to store away knowledge for future generations…how the fuck did I know that?"

The Sandaime paled drastically. "Oh no."

Naruto narrowed his eyes on the older man. "And just what the hell were you thinking, changing the academy requirements to three shitty techniques and theoretical knowledge?"

Iruka frowned. "Don't talk to the Sandaime like that, Naruto! We've had an exponential increase in graduating genin since the requirements changed!"

"Oh really? And how many of those genin die within there first year, never make it to chunin or quit after the first kill?" Naruto glared at Iruka heavily.

The scarred chunin's reply froze in his throat at the sight of Naruto's eyes. The inside of his pupils remained the sky blue he always had, but half-way to the edge, became ringed by a thin circle of purple, followed by a ring of dark red.

"Exactly." The blonde scowled. "There are many students in my class that should have never graduated, not without a severe kick in the ass. And why do you have so much paperwork stacked on your desk?"

The Sandaime blanched at the miniature skyscraper of paper on his desk, then turned an accusing glare at Naruto. "That's your fault, Tobi-sensei! You created the Civilian Council, they're the ones sending all this crap to me!"

The blonde gaped. "It's peace time! The Civilian Council was supposed to take a supplementary role after the war was over, why the fuck are they still around?"

The Hokage slouched slightly, a cloud of depression hanging over his head. "They passed a law that made them a permanent fixture on the Council." He mumbled unhappily.

Naruto quirked an eyebrow questioningly. "So? Repeal it."

The Sandaime gaped. "What?"

"Repeal the law. Unless you signed off on it, it's not really a law, and I'd like to think you're not that stupid, but you are old." Naruto nodded sagely.

The elder Hokage pulled a thick red book out of his desk and began to flip through it, before settling on one page. "Article L, Paragraph 6, "No bill that affects the well-being of Konoha can be made into law unless signed and sealed by the Hokage personally."

The Sandaime blinked blankly. "Wait…that means that those bastards lied to me this entire time?"

He stared off into space, a blank look covering his face. He was drawn from his reverie by Naruto snapping his fingers. "Oi, Saru-chan, I know you're old, but you need to fix that, quickly, and I need to sleep. I won't be able to process all of these memories from my seal, and I can stop talking about things that I don't remember learning. But, first, I'd like my hitae-ite back, please."

The Sandaime frowned. "Naruto-kun, Tobirama-sensei's hitae-ite was buried with him, I won't exhume his body just to get it back, that'd be extremely disrespectful."

The blonde scrunched his face in aggravation. "I know that, I meant the one behind my portrait."

"What do you mean?"

Naruto limped over to Tobirama's picture from Iruka, who looked rather put out that he seemed to have been forgotten. The blonde pushed the portrait aside and bit his thumb, smearing the blood on the wall and flaring his chakra at the same time. A long scroll popped out of the wall, landing in his hand. Naruto unrolled it and unsealed the contents, a mengu with the Konoha emblem on it that framed the face except for the chin, a scroll labeled "Seals", a set of deep blue armor that resembled samurai armor with plates that protected the chest, shoulders, thighs and groin that was collared with white fur, and another smaller scroll labeled "Chakra Control".

Naruto sighed and shook his head. "This sucks. My control is sucks, I'm so weak and slow that Mito would laugh at me, and so short that my armor won't fit. Geh."

Sarutobi's face wrinkled as a devious grin spread across his face. "Oh, Naruto, since you now have a hitae-ite, that means you are now a shinobi of Konoha. Congratulations on becoming a genin."

Naruto smiled ruefully. "Yeah, it's been a long time coming…wait, what?" the Sandaime's words hit him like a brick. "GENIN?!"

The Third cackled evilly. "Of course! As you just so blithely said, you are weak, you lack control, and you're short! Genin is really the only rank for you at this time!"

Naruto just gaped at the evil, evil son of a bitch he once called a student in horror. And then the Sandaime glared at him. "It's also because of those training sessions you put me through! I told you I'd get you back someday!"

Iruka stepped forward and sealed the objects back into the scroll before rolling it up, and then he pulled the still horrified Naruto out of the office of the crazy cackling Hokage, who had gone red in the face because he was laughing so hard.

As soon as the door closed, Hiruzen wiped his eyes and huffed, stifling his laughter. Then, his eyes narrowed into slits. He stood from his desk, channeling chakra to a small seal that would call an ANBU to assemble the council.

It was time to lay down the law.

Four Days Later…

After having slept for two days, Naruto awoke to find his headache gone and a note on his bedside table, telling him that team assignments had been pushed back two weeks to allow him to get used to the new memories and skills he had.

The first thing he did is burn every orange jumpsuit in his closet. The next thing he did is find an empty training ground, create a thousand Shadow Clones to work on his chakra control, starting off with tree walking, then progressing onto tree hand-walking, water walking, skating, water hand-walking, waterfall running, and then onto the insane chakra exercises he made while Tobirama was training his team.

At the same time, he began to study seals. He had the knowledge of seals from the memories of Tobirama, but he didn't have the muscle memory to draw them quick enough.

On a related note, Naruto was enraged to discover that one of his greatest sealing achievements, the Raijin, had been stolen years ago. He had angrily declared that he was going to kill the bastard who stole it, and then promptly set about to make a new, and hopefully better, version.

At this point in time, Naruto was heading to a weapons shop that had been recommended to him by the Sandaime.

He stopped outside the store "Higurashi's Weapons For Violent Occasions", and looked at himself in the shop's front window.

Thanks to Tobirama's chakra that had been sealed into his scroll, Naruto's physiology had been effected.

He had grown two inches, putting him at the height of 5' 5", still below average for a fifteen year-old ninja. His eyes had remained the same, the blue, purple and red rings staying the same size, while his hair grew longer and spikier, losing color to become a very silvery shade of blonde.

Naruto walked into the store, only stepping beyond the threshold before freezing in amazement.

Every wall was covered by every kind of weapon conceivable, from zanbatou, to scythes, to katanas, and a whole range of different kunai, collected from almost every nation.

"Impressive, huh?"

Naruto whirled around, coming face to face with a girl. Her brown hair was up in two buns on her head, the bangs restrained from falling into her eyes by the standard issue hitae-ite. She wore a pink, sleeveless Chinese shirt and dark green pants wrapped in bandages on her right thigh, taped closed around her ankles. A pouch was secured around the bandages, filled to the brim with kunai and shuriken in orderly rows. Her eyes were light brown, filled with determination, kindness, and a hint of mischievousness.

Naruto slapped himself mentally. Admire her later! "Yes, they are. I've never seen so many types of weapons!"

The girl smirked to herself. "We do boast the largest selection of weaponry in Hi no Kuni. My name's Tenten. What can I help you with?"

Naruto made a face of surprise. "Tenten? You run this place?"

The girl –Tenten- frowned. "Do I know you?"

Naruto gaped at her, before remembering how he looked like now. "It's me, Naruto Uzumaki. We were in the same class a year ago in the Academy."

Tenten gasped in surprise. "Naruto?" She gave him a once over, taking in his new features. "You don't look like how I remember. Not that that's a bad thing."

The blonde rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Yeah, well, I figured that I should take being a shinobi seriously and got rid of the orange get up."

The bun-haired girl smiled. "About time. You look good."

Naruto smiled back. "And you look just as pretty as the first time I saw you."

Tenten blushed and looked away shyly, while Naruto blushed in embarrassment.

The bun-haired girl coughed awkwardly, before clearing her throat to break the awkward silence. "So, what did you come here for, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto straightened up. "I need two sets of shuriken, kunai and senbon, as well as three sets of sealing paper, ink and brushes. And I need to commission some personal armor for field use."

Tenten blinked at the amount he needed. "That's quite a lot. Are you sure you can afford all of that?"

Naruto pulled a letter from his pocket, as well as a small scroll. He handed both to the girl, who opened the letter and gasped. "Whoa! This is a letter of credit from Hokage-sama himself! What did you do to get this?"

The blonde smiled slyly and winked. "Let's just say I helped him out with something very important."

Next, Tenten unfurled the scroll and took a gander at the plans inside. "Wow. These diagrams are very detailed, Naruto-kun. You must have thought about this a lot!"

Naruto scratched his neck in embarrassment. "Yeah, I did."

Tenten quickly rung up his weaponry and equipment, handing it to him and smiling. "Thank you for your business, Naruto-kun!"

The blonde grinned at her and took his purchases. As he made to leave, he stopped at the door and looked back over his shoulder at Kunoichi. "Hey, Tenten-chan?"

She looked up from the diagram of his armor to lock onto his eyes. "Yes, Naruto-kun?"

He blushed and scuffed his foot against the ground, before nervously stuttering out, "Would…would you like to train with me tomorrow?" He scratched his head and looked down, "I-I mean, I know you have a team and all, and you're really good already, but maybe you could help me with my shurikenjutsu?"

Tenten smiled shyly at his nervousness, before biting her lip and thinking. After a moment, she nodded and grinned. "Of course, Naruto-kun! I'd love to train with you tomorrow!"

Naruto's smile lit up the store. "And, maybe afterwards…we can go for lunch?" He added hopefully.

Tenten blushed and nodded with a shy grin. "I'd love to, Naruto-kun. It's a date!"

The blonde smiled and waved at her before he left, leaving the bun-haired genin scanning over the diagram.

Ten Days Later…

During the next stretch of time, Naruto began to train physically, dedicating a large number of clones to either sealing or chakra control, while he himself trained in taijutsu katas, speed and strength. Tobirama had a unique fighting style, called Flowing River, Crashing Wave, a style dedicated to dodging and countering, as well as overwhelming strength and ferocity.

During this time, he had met with Tenten several times. They either worked on his throwing technique and speed, or her physical strength and speed. Afterwards, they would go out for lunch or even dinner if the hour was late enough.

They learned a lot about each other, things that they didn't know previously. Such as the fact that Naruto and Tenten had been in the same orphanage for several years, or that her dad was a retired jonin who had fought in the Third Shinobi World War.

They had grown closer together, becoming comfortable with hugs and hand-holding, and would readily admit that they were interested in a relationship with each other.

The classroom was filled with conversations, whether about the future teams, or about how awesome being a super strong shinobi would be.

However, there was one thing that offset the whole thing. Usually, there would be one voice that would be contesting with the others for superiority, but was oddly silent.

This voice belonged to Ino Yamanaka, the blonde heiress to the Clan on Mind-Walkers. She wore mainly purple, a tank-top that had a thick collar and no sleeves, and a skirt that covered the front and back of her legs. She had off-white arm warmers on her forearms that reached her wrists, bandages around her stomach and legs, wearing purple sandals with her hitae-ite acting as a belt.

Her pupil-less blue eyes stared off into space as she day-dreamed about a mysterious shinobi who she had an encounter with earlier that week.


Ino leaned on the counter of her family's flower shop, a look of complete boredom etched on her face.

'I could have been wooing Sasuke with my awesome skills right now! I'm going to kill whoever pushed back the Team Assignment Date!'

At that point in time, a stranger walked into the shop. Ino looked up from the counter, and as soon as her eyes found his face, all thought fell away.

This stranger was the most unique and handsome man she had ever seen. The only thing going through her mind was 'who was I thinking about?'

He had spiky silvery blonde hair, a lighter shade than the one her family was known for, wearing a hitae-ite that framed his face. He wore a simple light blue kimono shirt and black pants and standard sandals. The most drawing feature of this man was his eyes. On the outside of the pupil, the color was dark red, almost like wine, while the inside was a deep cerulean blue, divided by a thin ring of deep purple.

Ino had just found her new favorite pattern of colors.

He noticed her looking at him, and gave her a small smile that made her heart beat faster and her breath catch in her throat.

"Hey, Ino." He knew her name? Was she dreaming? She hoped not. "I just came by to buy some seeds and fertilizer for my garden." Handsome and a plant lover? If he went down on one knee and proposed, she would have said yes in an instant.

He went about the store, gathering a few packets of seeds and a sack of fertilizer, setting them on the counter when he was done.

Robotically, Ino checked the prices and received the payment, staring at him as she did. He graced her with a kind smile before he went to exit the shop, but he stopped before he did. He looked down at a display in the front window, gently picked a white calla lily. He walked back to the counter and looked at the petals, before smiling gently at Ino. "Though it pales in comparison to your beauty, it's a close enough fit."

He tucked it behind her ear with a smile and gently kissed her cheek, before leaving the blushing blonde standing behind the counter, stunned.

[Flashback Ends]

And that was all Ino had thought about for the past couple of days. She had dreamed of that scene, though sometimes it would change to a severely more romantic setting or premise. She flushed lightly at the one dream she had that had involved a much more "intimate" meeting between the two of them.

Her parents had looked at her strangely the next morning.

A shuffle next to her alerted Ino to the presence of her former rival in love, Sakura Haruno. The pink-haired genin sighed dreamily while looking at the raven-haired last Uchiha, who stared out of the window moodily with his hands folded in front of his mouth. "I know, he's so dreamy, huh, Ino-pig?"

Pulled roughly from her own daydream, Ino jerked and turned to face Sakura in surprise. "Sakura! When did you get here?"

Sakura gave her a funny look. "I know Sasuke's really handsome and all, but you have to pay more attention to your surroundings Ino-pig."

In the back of the classroom, a pair of pupil-less lavender eyes rolled in annoyance.

Ino gave the pinkette a questioning look. "Who?"

Before Sakura could fully express her shock, the door to the classroom opened. All human beings are drawn to sudden sounds, and this was no different.

Through the door stepped a man, about 5' 11" with spiky silvery-blonde hair, a mengu hitae-ite, and what appeared to be a leather harness, without the leather, instead comprised of small, flexible plates of blue metal. Small spaulders sat on his shoulders, followed by blue gauntlets that covered the entire forearm. Similar armor encased his thighs, calves and shins, with odd shoes on his feet. White fur collected around his collar. His red-purple-blue patterned eyes swept over the room, landing on Ino, to whom he smiled and winked.

Almost unconsciously, she blushed heavily and smiled back.

Sakura was almost as entranced by this strange man as every other girl in the room, but rules were rules. "Excuse me, this class is for graduating genin only."

If Killing Intent was real, Ino would have just driven a railroad spike through Sakura's large forehead.

The man smiled mysteriously, as if he had a hidden joke that amused him to no end. "I know."

His voice was deep, almost baritone, and for some reason sounded very familiar, but for the life of her, Ino couldn't fathom why.

He took a seat near the front, sitting by himself, his mysterious smile still playing about his lips.

The door opened once again, admitting a girl into the classroom. She wore pink and green, and the air of seasoned genin about her. Her brown eyes swept around the room, landing with alarming swiftness on the mysterious genin.

She smiled happily and jumped down to his level, wrapping her arms around the blonde genin with an excited squeal.


'Maki' gave her a hug, but looked surprised. "Tenten-chan! What are you doing here?"

Tenten gave Maki a frustrated look. "Gai-sensei said he needed another male genin on his team for a specific mission, so he's picking one form this class and taking him."

'Maki' kissed her cheek and gave her another hug in reassurance, before the door in the front of the classroom opened and admitted Iruka. The scarred chunin gave 'Maki' and Tenten an amused smile, before he set a file on the ledger in the front.

"Congratulations on graduating! Although this is a big achievement, remember that this is only one small step out of many on the path of the shinobi, and it is an uphill climb from here on out. I am very proud of you. Now, before I name the teams and there sensei's, Sasuke Uchiha, our Rookie of the Year, has been requested to join an already existing genin squad. Sasuke, if you would please leave the room, you will find your jonin-sensei outside waiting for you." Iruka clapped along with the rest of the class as the Uchiha slouched out of the room. The fangirls cheered wildly, though some were crying for missing the chance to be on his team.

Throughout this, Ino simply alternated between staring longingly at 'Maki' and daggers at Tenten.

"Now!" Iruka announced. "Team One is…"

"Team Seven is Sakura Haruno, Choji Akimichi, and Shikamaru Nara with Asuma Sarutobi as your jonin-sensei!"

Choji and Shikamaru both sighed while Sakura fumed about being stuck on the same team as the lazy-ass and the chubby kid.

"Team Eight is Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka, and Hanabi Hyuuga with Hatake Kakashi as your jonin sensei!"

Shino nodded, while Kiba whooped as his dog Akamaru barked happily. At the back of the class, Hanabi Hyuuga narrowed her eyes and unhappily frowned. She wished she was on the same team as her crush, Naruto Uzumaki, but for some reason, she could not find him all week. It was extremely vexing. Her plan to seduce the older genin by comforting him about his third failure had been destroyed, and she was angry.

"Team Nine is still in circulation, so Team Ten is Tenten Higurashi, Ino Yamanaka, and Naruto Uzumaki with Kurenai Yuuhi as your jonin sensei!"

As Iruka folded up his file, a crowd of jonin filed in, calling out the names of their team and gathering the genin.

A beautiful woman with wild raven hair, wine red eyes, red lipstick and a cool expression on her face called out, "Team Ten, with me!"

Tenten and 'Maki' stood to follow the jonin, as did Ino, though she looked confused. "Maki? What are you doing?"

Naruto smiled at Ino. "I'm following my sensei. What does it look like?"

Before Ino could respond, she took a closer look at his face, and noticed something. On each of his cheeks, there were three faded lines in a familiar pattern.

Whisker marks.

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