Summary: When the Deities of the Realm of Light realize that the Son of Mundus is rising, they enlist the aid of Dante, the Son of Sparda. But will one Dante be enough to stop the new Prince of Darkness? There is a reason why this is called Army of Dante.

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Prelude to Army of Dante

-The Isles of Blest-

The Isles of Blest was a beautiful place. It was the largest island in the Realm of Light, and the angels and departed humans often enjoyed their time here. Also enjoying her time here was Elysium of the Guardian Angels. She loved the Realm of Light and protected it with all of her strength.

She was about to go for a swim, when a small messenger angel appeared with a summons for her. "A summons?" she asked, "I wonder what's going on?" She grew her wings and flew toward the Heavenly Court, using her light to change her clothes to her formal attire. As she arrived, she landed in a large courtroom; the other Guardian Angels were already there. "Ah you've arrive Elysium," said a kind voice, as a man with light blue hair turned to her, "Good, good, now we can get to business."

"Why have you called us here, Kai?" a woman wearing rather revealing outfit asked. "I have grave news; during my visit to the mortal realm I noticed cracks in the earth." Everyone was shocked at this revelation and demanding he tell him what this meant. "The Demon Realm has been in a civil war for centuries and it has finally come to an end, with the son of Mundus now the current ruler." The Guardian Angels did not like the sound of that, the Son of Mundus was a true devil, just as evil, if not more so, than his father. "As we speak he's planning to rise and take over the mortal world."

This was the most terrifying of the news. They were still recovering from the war which they had only one because of Sparda. This time there was no dark knight to help them. "What are we going to do, we can't fight them on our own, we can't have humans fight for us, WE'RE SCREWWED!" panicked one of the younger Guardian Angels. "Calm down I have a solution to this. We need the help of Dante."

"Dante, the Son of Sparda?" Elysium asked. "Of course! Sparda defeated Mundus, the Son of Sparda will defeat the Son of Mundus!" said another angel. "Yes," spoke Kai, "however, due to certain circumstances, Dante alone won't be enough." The angels all stared at him. "What do you mean Kai?" asked Elysium. "Do you mean to we need DmC Dante as well?" asked another angel. Kai smiled slyly, "Just the two of them isn't enough to stop this new threat, we need more, not one, not two, we need an army, an army of Dante."

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