This is more fluff than humor, really. As suggested by LaZy-RaIn-DaNcEr, who wanted a story that shows Sandy's reaction to finding out what happened on Easter. Here yo go, love - Hope you like it :)

He likes to think of himself as a pretty mellow guy. He meditates. He keeps quiet so that he doesn't wake anybody up. He's relatively calm, and accepts situations as they come.

However, after he pieces together exactly what happened on Easter, he blows a fuse.

He can see the confusion in their faces as he creates images above his head. Because of his anger, the pictures are going much too fast for the others to actually comprehend.

When he's finished, he crosses his arms over his chest and just looks at them.

North blinks. "Er, Sandy? We do not understand."

Sandy takes a deep breath, and produces the images again, this time at a much slower pace.

Pitch. Bed. Memory box. Jack. Magnifying glass. Pitch again. Jack again. The other Guardians with stern faces. And lastly an image of Jack that promptly crumbles to dust.

It wasn't his fault.

Bunny scratches the back of his neck, and shrugs. "Yeah, well, we know that now, mate, but then-"

Sandy shakes his head, a chime noise accompanying the movement. He produces Jack again, this time his face, looking down-trodden and lonely. Then the other Guardians with their back turned to him. You abandoned him.

The other Guardians have the decency to look ashamed. He's glad that Jack's out with Jamie – he doesn't want to call the boy out.

"We're sorry." Tooth says softly.

Sandy crosses his arms over his chest, and raises an eyebrow, before producing an image of a quote bubble. Did you ever tell him that?

Bunny looks at North and Tooth. "Crikey, I don't think we did!"

Tooth gasps, and her hands fly to her mouth. "We didn't!" She looks down. "He just accepted it."

Sandy raises his other eyebrow.

Tooth lowers significantly, her mini fairies chittering pitifully. "I feel awful."

Bunny's ears are flattened to his head. "Me too, mate."

North looks at Sandy. "What can we do?"

Sandy smiles, and the word "Sorry" appears above his head. Apologize.

The sand dissolves as a familiar voice comes into the workshop. "Hey, guys! Miss me?"

Jack lands lightly on his feet, grinning that shining white grin that he always does.

"Mate, there's somethin' we gotta say." Bunnymund says.

Jack's smile falls immediately. "Is something wrong?"

"Yes. We have done wrong." North announces, taking a step towards the white-haired boy and placing a hand on his shoulder. "We have not apologized for Easter."

Jack blinks. "Oh, it's okay-"

"No, it ain't." Bunny hops over, towering over Jack. "We accused ya of somethin' ya didn't do."

Jack blushes – his cheeks turn a light violet and frost dusts his skin. "No, really-"

"Jack." Tooth says as she flies up to him. "We're sorry. We all are. We treated you wrongly, and feel horrible for it. It wasn't your fault – it was Pitch's, and we should have known that."

Jack looks down at the floor. "It's okay, really. You guys were forgiven a long time ago."

"Still, we never apologized. So we're doin' it now." Bunny says.

"We are sorry." North adds.

Tooth nods her confirmation.

Jack looks from North, to Tooth, to Bunny, and back. "I forgive you."

Sandy claps gleefully, while the rest of the Guardians smile.

"Doesn't mean I forgive ya for the blizzard of '68, though."

"Wasn't expecting you to."

"Are ya gonna apologize for that?"

"No, don't think so."

"Why you little-"

Sandy watches the two argue like children, and smiles.

He can't solve all their problems. He can't settle every argument, and that's fine by him.

As long as they stick together, and fight as-

"Hey, watch it!"

"Catch me if you can, kangaroo!"

Well, maybe they won't fight as one. But at least they're together, and that's all he can really ask for.