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Summary: Arthur has his own doubts

Characters: Arthur and Merlin

Warnings: *spoilers* scene from 5x12 that frankly just hurt my feels a lot, so then I thought this is what might have been going through Arthur's mind, Arthur's POV

Genre: Angst/Drama/Friendship

Word Count: 724

Arthur glanced down at the tender parchment in his hands to hide the disappointment and hurt in his aquamarine orbs. "No, no. It's fine…"

The king looked up and saw Merlin looking at him with his own brand of hurt in his calcite colored eyes. He settled his gaze on a chair next to the servant before he shook his head and glanced back to the parchment that held their battle plans; for Camlann… "It's fine. I understand."

…No, he didn't.

Merlin was standing there in front of him, not two yards away and looking at him with watery, hollow, tanzanite eyes, lying. Merlin would never lie unless it was because of something of extreme importance. And even then he wouldn't lie about it to Arthur; not to his friend. But he was…

His mind retraced the beginning of the conversation…

"I'm afraid I won't be coming with you, not this time… I'm sorry."

Of course, he knew Merlin was telling the truth when he'd said that. There was a regret, and sadness that had laced his tone. He truly was sorry that he wasn't going, but still… His topaz eyes still sparkled with gathering tears and his face looked equally pained.

"I have an urgent errand to run for Gaius – vital supplies that I can't contain here…"

Arthur was looking straight at him, and Merlin was lying… He shifted the parchment in his hands and tried to contain the small ache he felt in his heart.

"Vital supplies?" he'd asked.

He could understand if Merlin wanted to stay behind so that he could protect Guinevere, to make sure she was alright and to be there for her if the worst happened. He could understand if Merlin wanted to stay behind to make sure they had the infirmary prepared and fully stocked for the inevitable wounded they would have. Heck, he could even understand if Merlin wanted to stay behind because he was scared, even if it was greatly out of character.

"Yes… It's not that I'm -"

But it wasn't any of those.

Arthur could see it there; in those stormy blue eyes that were below his obsidian black hair. There was another reason he wasn't going with him, he just wasn't telling Arthur…

Merlin's voice was low and soft, giving away a small part of his underlying agony to the king as it snapped Arthur out of his trance. "Arthur…"

The elder man interrupted him, voice only a little louder as he forced a mask on his face. "You know, Merlin…" he looked up and his honey-blond hair flashing in the light and his red tunic in sharp contrast with it.

He scrunched his brow, but not in disbelief or in confusion, but in thought. "…all those jokes about you being a coward…"

Arthur's eyes softened a little as he finally met Merlin's locked gaze; tumultuous sky against a pained tanzanite. The crease in his brow lessened. "…I never really meant any of them…"

And he never did. Merlin had done so many things: he'd saved Arthur's life more than a dozen times; he'd helped him take back Camelot twice now when the dangers against them were insurmountable; he'd fought a dragon with Arthur and then went off to distract another one when they were in Ismere just so Arthur could get Gwaine out of there…

Merlin, who was staring at Arthur with something akin to desperation in his hollow blue eyes, was…

"I always thought you were the bravest man I ever met."

He'd never told anyone though, kept it to himself, but he remembered that Lancelot said things like that every so often, so did the rest of the Knights, even Guinevere and Gaius – because Merlin was…

…But if he didn't have the courage to tell Arthur – his best friend - the truth about whatever it was, whatever was obviously putting him through so much pain because he feared what Arthur might think of him, then…

He turned away slightly, weighing the roll of parchment in his hand as it seemed to burden him all the more. Arthur could still feel Merlin's imploring, watery blue eyes on him, boring holes into him as he shuffled his feet.

The next words came out before he could even stop them as small tresses of doubt ebbed through his mind and heart.

"Guess I was wrong…"

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