Hi, guys! Really, really sorry for the lack of updates. :D I hope you enjoy this one! It's from a challenge on the HeartofCamelot. :)

Challenge: What Might Have Been - choose one major decision a character has made on the show, then have them choose a different path.

Category: Gen (Canon AU)

Characters/Pairings: Merlin, Gwaine

Ratings/Warnings: K, set during 5x12 when Gwaine takes Merlin to the Valley of the Fallen Kings

Word Count: 379

"What are you looking for?" he asks.

I turn towards him, eyes glazed and the words, 'I can't tell that, Gwaine,' on my lips. But as I catch my breath to say them, only a small, pained noise escapes me. I want to tell him. Oh, so badly. I have been on my own for so long. And I can't...

He takes a step closer, doe brown eyes narrowed in concern. "Merlin?"


The knight sets his hand on my arm, giving it a small squeeze in comfort. "Please, Merlin. If it pains you so much... tell me."

And I can't take it anymore. The emotions I've been bottling up for the past ten years escape and overwhelm me as I begin to tremble, and a suppressed sob burns in my chest. "She took it. Stole it. And I can't... It won't..."

He put his other hand on my opposite arm and gently guided me towards a fallen tree, settling me there and kneeling before me. "Whoa there, mate. Who took what?"

"Morgana. She took it, Gwaine. I can't help Arthur because she took it. It won't listen to me. I'm empty. I'm useless."

"Merlin," he said firmly, eyes hardening, "you are anything but useless. Alright? Now, what did she take?"

"My..." I still can't. Why can't I say it? It's one word. One simple word. Magic. One word.

One word that could very well change everything. One word that might make Gwaine slay me right here. One word...

Gwaine stood and then sat next to me, putting an arm around my shoulders as a tear leaked out of my eye. "Mate, whatever is it, whatever she's done, I am here. I promise you that. No matter what it is, I'm here, and I'm not going anywhere."

"She..." And I gather all the courage I could muster from the sincerity in his voice and just say it. "She stole my magic, Gwaine. My magic is gone."

A soft smile suddenly breaks across handsome his face, and I know... that he already knew about my magic... about me. "Gwaine, I -"

But he just sits up and places a small, tender kiss on my raven hair like an older brother comforting his sibling. "Let's go get it back, then."

This is something that I had dreamed would happen. Okay, so maybe Gwaine didn't have to know already, but I wanted a Gwaine reveal so, so, so badly. And then he never even found out anyway! Uhhhhhh JKSHGNJKNBGFKJ

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