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Scotland, 994 A.D.

All she felt was rage as the Vikings knocked down another stone wall, injuring some of the Castles Finest Archers. She watched from her room in one of the towers, as another wall was taken down.

"My dear sister, please step away from the window! It is to dangerous!" A young man yelled bursting into her room. Tuning around, she saw a man with very pale skin, snow-white hair reaching down his back, wearing traditional white and blue Sorcerer robes.

"Magus, do not worry so much. The sun has just about set and then the gargoyles will show them the true meaning of fear." The young women said to her older brother just as a hook latched itself onto her window ledge. Scaring both of them.

Looking out the window, the young women saw a strong and scary looking Viking climbing up the rope right to her room.

"Zaus! We must get out of here!" Magus said grabbing his young sisters hand and dragging her out of her room.

Just as they stepped outside of the tower they were surrounded by five Vikings. They raised their swords ready to attack, but the roars of the gargoyles awaking caught their attentions instead.

Taking the opportunity Zeus grasped the green stone emerald that hung from a long chain around her neck, and with a quick swing of her arm and wrist, the Vikings were thrown back by a strange and powerful force.

"Magus, make sure the princess is alright!" Zeus said as she turned to go into a different direction, but was stopped by a hand on her shoulder.

"Where are you going?! It is far to dangerous out here!" Unlike Magus, Zaus was a fighter. Sure She was a sorceress, but only a beginner She didn't even know how to use magic till she found the strange green emerald stone on one of her days out in the fields 2 years ago.

"I'll be alright! My friends have my back!" She said pointing to the sky at the gargoyles above.

"I want to make sure the refugees are alright." She then got out of his grasp and ran to where the refugees where at.

As she got to the refugee camp, she saw one of her good gargoyle friends, which was blueish green colored gargoyle, knock out a Viking with a big chicken leg. The young sorceress would have laughed, if she didn't have to duck from a huge sword aimed at her head. As she ducked, she swung her leg out and knocked the Viking onto his back. Seeing another one heading her way, she picked up the fallen Vikings sword and blocked the other sword aimed for her side. With a quick lift of her leg, she thrust her foot into the man's gut, pushing him hard onto the ground.

It was a good thing she was not wearing her sorceress robes, or she would be having a very difficult time fighting. Instead she wore a long sleeve white wool tunic that went to her mid-thigh black leggings, and brow shoes. She probably looked like one of the refugees to the Vikings. The only thing that really stood out with her was her snow-white hair that she and her brother shared, beside their skin tone.

Dropping the sword, the young girl whipped her forehead not seeing the shadow behind her.

"Look out!"

Before her mind could register what had happened she was being held under her arms, and was in the air. Looking down she saw a the Viking she had first knocked down, being pinned down by the gargoyle like dog. Once placed on one of the tower, she turned to see her other good friend gargoyle, this one with red skin.

"Thanks Red, I owe you one." Zaus said as a yellowish gargoyle, along with the blueish green one, landed beside them. Many other types of gargoyles landed next to them as well, all watching the Vikings running away with fear.

"Goliath, we owe you our lives." the Captain of the grades said to the leader of the gargoyle clan.

"As we owe you ours every day." The lavender gargoyle said, examining his bandaged hand.

"I can fix that for you, if you like Goliath." The young sorceress offered.

"I'm quite alright Zaus. Nothing a day of rest won't heal." Goliath said as he placed his non injured clawed hand on her shoulder.

"Then let me invite you and your second in command to the victory feast tonight. If not for you and your clan we would not have survived this night."

"I also invite both of you as well." The Captain said agreeing with the young girl. Goliath nodded his head with a smile.

"Alright. Come on Lass, your brother is probably looking for you. He would not be a very happy Sorcerer seeing you with the gargoyles." The captain said as he began to walk down the steps.

Zaus quickly said her goodbyes to her friends and followed The Captain.

After a quick stop at the young sorceress room. They headed to the dining hall.

When they entered the hall, both went their separate way. Zaus could see the smile fade from her brothers face as she approached him.

"What you have done was not a wise chose my dear sister."

"May it not have been wise, but it was my chose. I wanted to help and I did."

"You could have gotten hurt or worse, killed out there!" Magus voice rising slowly along with his temper.

"As you can see, I am perfectly fine. I am neither hurt or dead. I have my friends to thank for that." Zaus said calmly. Instead of listening to her brother lecture, the young girl was twirling a piece of her waist length hair around her finger. she hated when he lectured about the gargoyles.

Just then the doors opened causing everyone to go silent and stop what they were doing. The young sorceress was very happy to see both Goliath and his second in command walk into the hall.

"Pardon me princess but I invited them so the could be recognized for the bravery." Zaus walked from her brother as she spook, till she was in front of the princess.

"As did I." The captain said as her joined the young girl.

"Young sorceress, Captain, we are most certainly un-pleased to allow beast in the dining hall." The princess had rage in her eyes as she stood.

"These 'Beast" as you all them, risked their lives for us tonight! If not for them, those Viking would have over took us." Zaus stated calmly. She would have continued, but a strong comforting hand was placed on her shoulder. When she looked behind her she saw Goliath bowing to the princess before wrapping his wings around him like a cloak.

Not wanting to be there anymore, Zaus turned around and headed out of the hall.

Once out of the hall she quickly dashed to her tower, well hers and her brothers tower.
As she got closer, she saw three gargoyle figure on top of her tower. Smiling, she ran up the outer wall steps, holding her dress up as to not trip. When she got to the top she saw them looking at her strangely.

"Something wrong?" She asked, her brow slightly raised.

"We're not use to seeing you in a dress." The bigger gargoyle said.

"Well when you are the sister of the Princess's adviser. You have no chose " She said dully as she gestured to her Long sleeved gray colored dress that hugged her body nicely. She also wore a black cloak with a hood, the clasp was that of a gargoyle pendent she had made herself.

"So did you guys have fun tonight?"

"Yeah, it was great to finally get a little change around here." The smallest gargoyle said.

"What are you going to be doing for the rest of the night?" The one with the beak like mouth asked.

"I am going to bed. That fighting and magic using took a lot out of me." Stifling a yawn, she stretched out her sore muscles.

"You finally getting use to the magic thing?" Her small friends asked.

"I am ok at it. Though I like to fight hand to hand. I still do not trust this emerald but my brother said it is a gift from the gods and that I should use it and that it was a sign for me to become a sorceress just like our parents." The young sorceress held the emerald in her hand as it glowed lightly.

"I am sorry I can not stay with you guys tonight. Tomorrow will be different."

"It's alright, you humans tire out quickly." The beaked gargoyle said as he perched himself on the stone ledge along with his rookery brothers.

"You sleep during the day, I sleep during the night. That is how it works. I will see you all tomorrow night." With that said, the gargoyles took to the sky and the young sorceress headed to her room.

Once in her room she removed her formal wear and changed into her white tunic and black leggings. After blowing out the few candles in her room, Zaus laid in her bed, closed her eyes and within a few minus was sound asleep.