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"Zaus, please wake up soon."

'Brooklyn?' Zaus thought as she heard the deep voice of the red gargoyle.

Slowly she opened her eyes to see her red friend sitting next to her, his head beared in his folded arms over his bent legs. Using her eyes, the sorceress scanned the rest of the clock tower. Each gargoyle had a sad expression on their face, the old gargoyle was sitting in his chair with the lowly whimpering gargoyle beast by his side, but the television was off. Her blue and yellow gargoyle friends where sitting not to far from her, their eyes red from crying. The leader of the clan was standing in the archway, the small bit of wind blowing his hair back as he looked to the sky. All was so quiet in the clock tower.

Her attention was brought back to the red gargoyle when she heard a small sniffle come from him. She could visibly see the red gargoyle shake.

"Brooklyn? Are you alright?" Zaus asked, slowly lifting herself into a sitting position.
Hearing the sorceress' voice caused Brooklyn, and the rest of the clan, to look at their now awakened human friend.

"Zaus!" As fast as lighting, Lexington was embracing the sorceress.

Zaus was taking off guard at first, but wrapped her arms around the slightly shaking gargoyle. The two always had a brother/sister relationship. The others quickly gathered around the two, the gargoyle beast also getting on the bed and laying at her feet.

"How are you feeling, lass?" Hudson asked.

"I'm fine, but what happened? All I can remember is gliding next to Brooklyn, then nothing." Zaus said, letting go of her small friend as he pulled away, rubbing his tear stained face.

"It seems that whatever this 'Dr. Sevarius' did to you was not meant to be permanet." Goliath said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"As we were gliding, you screamed in agony and started to fall. I caught you and landed back on the tower. When I looked at you, you started to change back into a human." Brooklyn said.

He and the others watched as the sorceress looked at her now human hands, then pulling the blanket up to see her legs back to normal as well.

"You have been blacked out for almost a week, Zaus. We were so worried about you." Broadway said.

"I am so sorry for worrying you all so much."

"It's alright, lass, you're awake and well. That's all that matters now." Hudson said, patting the girl on the head.

"Zaus, glad to see you awake."

The clan leader and blue gargoyle moved out of the way, making room for the detective, who went to give a hug to the sorceress.

"Hey, Elisa, its good to see you." Zaus said, returning the hug.

"It's good to see you too. Why don't you make her something to eat, Broadway." Elisa asked. The blue gargoyle nodded as he headed over to the stove.

"Come, lads, if the lass needs us, she will let us know. Right now let us give her some space." Hudson said as he walked back over to his chair, happy that the sorceress was alright.

Lexington went back to fixing a toy airplane that he had put off since Zaus went missing that night they came back for destroying the Steel Clan. Goliath went to talk with Elisa, who left Brooklyn still sitting next to the sorceress.

"Are you ok, Brooklyn?" Zaus was worried about her friend, she could see his eyes were red from crying.

"Yeah, I'm just glad you're awake and not in pain anymore." Brooklyn moved a few strands of white hair behind the sorceress' ear in a caring manner. He then stood and headed outside, he needed some fresh air to clear his mind.

The sorceress sat there speechless. For when she looked into her red friend's eyes, she saw the fear that they held when she was out for almost a week, and the happiness that she was finally awake.

'Brooklyn wasn't that worried about me, was he? No, he was just as worried as everyone else.' Zaus thought to herself, her blue friend setting a bowl of beef stew in front of her.

Brushing off her question, she thanked her friend and began to eat slowly, planning on going back to bed as soon as she was done.

It had been two days since the sorceress awoke from her small pain induced coma, she was getting better, but not fast enough - so she thought. Even after a nice hot shower and a new set of clothes, she still felt weak. Right now the detective and the gargoyles were in front of her, explaining Elisa's encounter with Demona.

"Luckily the dart hit my badge." Elisa said, concluding her story.

"What's Demona's game this time?" Brooklyn asked, anger in his voice.

"I don't know, but I'm going to find out." Goliath said as he headed for the stone steps.

"But I'm fine. You don't have to go, you know it's a trap."

"He has to, Elisa. If he doesn't, Demona will know you where not poisoned and try again." Zaus said. Pushing off the wall she was leaning on, Zaus walked to stand next to the detective.

"We have to stop her!" Broadway said. He was not happy that someone tried to hurt the detective, ever since the shooting accident, the blueish gargoyle has been very protective over the detective.

"But how? We can't lock Demona up here and I don't want to discuse the alternative." Goliath said, walking out of the tower. Everyone followed him.

"Maybe I can reach her, I have to try."

"Let me go with you, I have a few things to settle with her." Brooklyn said, hoping this would be the perfect moment to get his revenge.

"No! You stay here with Bronx and Zaus. Broadway, you and Lexington escort Elisa home, and guard her till sun rise. She'll be safe till then. Hudson, you'll come with me." Goliath ordered, then he jumped off the clock tower and glided into the night, the old gargoyle following.

As the sorceress headed inside, the gargoyle beast followed her.

"You coming Brooklyn?" Zaus asked, stopping at the opened archway, looking to her red friend.

"Yeah, I just need a few minutes for myself." Brooklyn said, watching his two rookery brothers jump off the tower and glide towards the detective's place, following her as she drove her car back.

Zaus could hear the anger in his voice, but she just walked inside and sat on the worn out red recliner. She petted the gargoyle beast, who sat in front of her, a worried look on his face.

"Don't worry, boy, they will be fine, they have done this many times. I remember something like this happened to Prince Malcolm. That was also the first time I got to meet you and my three best friends."


A fifteen year old sorceress, dressed in her peasant clothes, stood next to her big brother as they looked upon the sick prince, who lay in his bed, growing weaker every second. The young princess, a maid, the leader of the gargoyles, and the captain of the guards were also in the royal room.

"Well, what is wrong with me?" The prince asked, looking to the young Magus.

"It is poison, made by a magical spell. If not ministered soon, you will die by sunrise." The young Magus said.

"Is there a way you can cure me?"

"It is possible, but he would need the Grimorum Arcanorum, the antidote is with those pages." Zaus said. She could see the anger in the young princess' eyes.

"This is all your fault, you caused this!" The young princess yelled at the gargoyle leader.
The white haired girl could see the sadness and disappointment in his eyes at the young princess' words.

"Take her back to her bed." The prince ordered the maid, which she did.

"We know it is not your fault. She does not understand."

"No, she is right. I failed to protect you, but I will make it right. Come here, lass."

Zaus walked over to the leader, wondering what he would want with her. She could feel the worry that came from her bother, but that did not stop her from approaching her friend.

"I need you to go find Goliath and his mate. They should be on top of one of the towers, tell them to meet me on the tower that overlooks the entire land."

With a nod Zaus ran out of the royal room to find the two gargoyles. After looking around two towers and finding nothing, Zaus was about to give up. As she ran across the outside upper level of the castle wall, she ran into someone, causing her to fall onto her back.

"Are you alright?" A deep voice asked.

As she sat up, her eyes landed on three young gargoyles. One was the smallest of the three, he was a yellowish color with very big eyes, and his wings seemed to have been attached to his arms. The blueish colored gargoyle stood next to the small one, he seemed to have been on the heavy side, his wings were on his back and were a darker blue. The last gargoyle, who she must have ran into, was a slightly dark red color, a beak like facial structure, long white hair, just like her's, and dark red wings on his back as well.

"I'm alright. Have you three seen the second in command and his mate?" Zaus asked, getting up from the ground.

Before they said anything, a growling noise sounded behind her. Turning slowly, the girl was face to face with a blue gargoyle beast. The beast bared its sharp teeth, eyes glowing white. Zaus put her hands in front of her; she was not scared of the beast, but she was scared about it attacking her.

Backing up slowly her back came into contact with something hard. Looking up, the fear in her eyes vanished, for behind her was the second in command, his mate right next to him.

"What are you doing out so late, Zaus?" The red headed female asked. She had walked to the gargoyle beast and was able to calm it down.

"I came to get the second in command and you for the leader. He wants you to meet him on top of the tower that overlooks that entire land. He needs your help."

"Thank you for the message, my young friend." The second in command patted the girl on her head, then he and his mate headed to meet their leader.

~End of Flashback~

Zaus was brought from her memories when the sound of approaching feet reached her ears.

"Feeling any better?" Zaus looked to her red friend as he sat on the floor next to her.

"A little. I just wish I could give Demona a piece of my mind." Brooklyn clawed hand turned into a tight fist at the name of the red headed gargoyle.

"I know, and you'll get your chance. As for now, though, you need to relax. Remember the first time we met? How you guys acted when you first saw me?" Zaus was hoping that the change of subject would get his mind out of the situation. Thankfully it did.

"Yeah, that's a night I will not forget. One of the very few humans to have the courage to come up to us and befriend us." A smile broke on his face as memories of them came to his mind.


When the second in command and his mate were out of sight, the three young gargoyles looked to the white haired girl that stood before them. She was about as tall as the yellowish gargoyle, had very pale skin, wore a long sleeve white wool tunic that went to her mid thigh, black leggings, and brown shoes. What got their attention the most was her snow white hair that went just past her shoulder blades.

"Are you related to the Magus?" The small gargoyle asked.

"Unfortunately. I'm Zaus, by the way." Zaus smiled as she turned to the three gargoyles.

"You're not afraid of us?" The heavy gargoyle asked, confusion shown on his face, along with his rookery brothers.

"Why would I be? Just because you are a different kind of being, does not give me the right to be afraid of you. Unless you where to hurt me or something along that line."

"Oh, we would never do that. We are just used to everyone running away from us." The smallest gargoyle said.

"Well I'm not like them, ever since I came here and found out about your kind I was very interested to know more about you." Zaus leaned against the stone tower she and the three gargoyles were next to.

"Really?" The small gargoyle asked.

"Yeah, your kind is fascinating to me, stone by day, then warriors at night. It is amazing."

"You seem like a very interesting human as well, unlike the rest of them." The red gargoyle

"We are on our way to grab something to eat, would you like to come? That is, if you don't mind being seen with gargoyles?" The heavy set one asked, concerned she would have a
problem with other humans seeing her hanging around with their kind.

"I would like that. As long as you guys do not mind being seen with the Magus' sister, who is also a human?" The three young gargoyles smiled brightly, the girl also returned the smile. For she had finally made some friends, and this friendship was going to last forever.

~End of flashback~

"I can't believe it has been over a thousand years since we met." Zaus sat on the stone railing, in front of the tower, her eyes scanning over the beautiful city.

"Yeah, it feels kinda weird, in a good way." Brooklyn said from besides the sorceress. One of his legs was bent, so he could rest his arm on it, while the other hung over the edge.

"To tell you the truth, I was happy to be turned to stone with you guys." Zaus could feel her friend's eyes on her now.

"If I wasn't, I would have been alone. My life would have been boring and lonely. Sure I miss my brother, but you guys are my family now. You probably think that is kind of stupid to say, huh?"

"It's not stupid. Me and the guys are happy you where turned to stone with us. If you weren't, things would have not been the same." Brooklyn placed a clawed and on his friends small pale one.

"Thanks, Brooklyn. Don't tell the guys, but out of all three of you, you're my favorite." Zaus smiled. Turning around she got off the ledge, landing on the tower balcony, and looked to the rising sun.

"I'll see you tonight, Brooklyn, sleep well."

"You too, Zaus." Brooklyn's eyes stayed on the sorceress' frame until she vanished into the tower, and the gargoyle beast emerged.

As the beast jumped onto the pedestal, the sun had fully risen, turning both of them to stone for the day.

Inside the clock tower, the sorceress had crawled into bed, hidden in a dark corner, and fell into a peaceful sleep.

When night came, the sorceress, detective and four gargoyles waited patiently for the clan leader and old gargoyle to return. Just when they thought the worst, two gargoyle figures came through the open archway, causing everyone to smile brightly.

"Goliath, Hudson, you're both alright!" Zaus yelled as she and the detective ran to the clan leader.

"I am, lass. Demona had not a chance against us." Hudson said as he sat in his recliner with a happy sigh.

"So what happened?" Brooklyn asked, looking to the lavender gargoyle.

"Let's just say Demona will not be bothering us for quite some time."

Did you know that, when Brooklyn moved Zaus hair from her face that is was almost like a kiss! Cause waffleirony told me that Gargoyles usually don't kiss like humans. What "kissing" is for humans is playing with hair streaks and/or stroking the brow ridges for Gargoyles just kiss because they "copied" this behavior from humans, but it's not a natural behavior, not to mention many Gargoyles don't like it or are not anatomically capable of it very well Like gargoyles with Beaks.

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