~A Dark Hidden Catacomb, Rome, 975 A.D~

Deep within the dark main hall of the catacomb, the Grimorum Arcanorum lay unopened on a pedestal in the middle of the round room. Torches that lined the circular room were suddenly lit a blazed Five cloaked figures now stood around the Grimorum, hoods over their heads as the shadows covered their faces.

"It seems that our betrayer is trying to get his hands on the Grimorum." The tallest figure spoke, even though they already knew.

"What would you expect from a power hungry Archmage." Another cloaked figure spoke.

"He has tortured and killed three of us looking for the location of the book. Soon the book will no longer be safe here." One of the eldest cloaked figures spoke sternly.

For many years this group of cloaked figures were the protectors of the Grimorum. Each hand picked by the true holder and founder of the Grimorum Arcanorum. He had long since passed, using the last of his energy to cast a slow aging spell on them.

"The only way for the book to truly be safe now is for it to be in the hand of its true owner."

"The true owner has been dead for hundreds of years. He left us to protect the book, even with our life." The tallest figure yelled in irritation.

"Though my father is dead, I am still alive, making me the rightful owner." A soft but stern voice called out.

Each cloaked figure turned their head to the entrance of the only corridor that led to this room. Standing there was a woman in her late twenties. Unlike the men in the room, she did not wear a cloak, instead she wore blue royal gown with silver lining and a sliver thin rope around her slightly bulging stomach.

"So the daughter of our great founder finally decided to show up, and she is with child." The deep voice of one of the middle aged cloaked figure spoke with a growl.

"I may be with child, but I can still take you down if you stand in my way of what is rightfully mine." Zia walked to the Grimorum, placing her hands gently on top of it. She sighed in content, feeling the connection still there.

"My dear, since you are with child, most of your powers will be passed on, you're not as strong as you once were. The Grimorum will not be safe in your hands. " The eldest spook.

"I am aware, and though I may not be as strong as I used to be, my husband is a great sorcerer and will protect me and the Grimorum with his life, just as all you have done these past hundred years." Zia picked up the book and headed back to the corridor.

"Once you leave this room with that book, the slow aging spell will be broken. Meaning you and the rest of use will age normally. Are you ready for that? To know you can die at anytime?" Yelled the tallest cloaked figure. Zia stopped right in front of the corridor.

"I am ready. The question is, are you?" Without looking back Zia walked out the entrance, using a spell to transport her and the child within her safely home.

~Present Day~

It had been about two weeks since Derek took the job at Xanatos Corporation. The only thing that had changed was the weather. Beautiful white snow fell from the cloudy sky, covering the city of Manhattan in a blanket of white.

In the far dark corner of the room in the non working clock tower, the sorceress was sleeping peacefully under a small heated blanket and two thick wool blankets over that, keeping her warm from the chill in the clock tower. As a cool breeze blew in, the white haired sorceress was slightly awoken; snuggling into her warm blankets, she sighed in comfort.

Just as the warmth of the blankest cradled her to sleep, a loud bark, followed by a very wet tongue licking her face, fully awoke the sleeping girl.

"Alright Bronx, I'm up." Zaus groaned, pushing the gargoyle beast away.

Turning off the electric heated blanket, Zaus removed the three blankets from her small frame. Instead of a simple night wear, a black/purple hoodie covered her upper half while black leggings under fitted blue jeans and red socks covered her legs and feet.

The sorceress shuddered at the instant chill that greeted her as she stood from her warm bed and slipped in her thick black boots.

"So, you finally decided to awake, lass." The old gargoyle chuckled, watching the sorceress from his spot on the red chair.

"It would seem that I didn't have a choice in the matter." Zaus smiled as she patted the blue beast's head.

"And where are you three going?" Zaus looked to the trio heading up the stone steps.

"We are going to watch a movie. You want to come?" Broadway asked.

"Sure, been a while since I saw one. You should come with Hudson. It's nice to have a change of scenery every once in a while." Zaus looked to the old gargoyle, throwing her hair into a messy bun.

"No thank you, lass. Why go out in the snow to see something when it will soon be on TV. Besides, someone has to stay here and guard our home."

"Hudson, we live above a police station. What could happen?" Brooklyn chuckled.

"You know the old saying; A gargoyle can no more stop protecting the castle…"

"Then breathing the air." Broadway, Lexington, Brooklyn and Zaus finished the saying, as if they had heard it a thousand times, which they pretty much had.

"Wow, it's a lot colder than I thought."

The sorceress wrapped her arms around herself as her red friend opened the door, leading outside, letting in a cold burst of air. Suddenly she was lifted off the ground and held closely to a strong and warm chest.

"Don't worry, I'll keep you warm." Brooklyn chuckled.

"Aw, that's so sweet of you." Zaus giggled, thinking it was a friendly joke, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Little did either of the two know that deep within their hearts, both gargoyle and human were starting to have strong feelings for each other.

"Oh, hey, Elisa! Bye, Elisa!" Zaus smiled and waved at the detective, as she and the gargoyles headed out the door and to the movies.

"So, what movie are we seeing?" The sorceress looked to her three best friends once they where in the air.

"How about a SciFi?" Lexington asked.

"No way, a detective movie." Broadway chimed in.

"We always see those, lets got with action this time." Brooklyn piped in.

It didn't take long for the three young gargoyles to start fighting about what movie they were going to see. When they finally reached the theater, the sorceress was getting quite irritated. More than a week since she and Goliath had talked about how important family was, and the trio had begun to start bickering with each other again.

"If you three don't stop arguing, you're all going to feel what Hyena felt that night." Zaus growled, her right hand sparking with electricity.

The next night after the whole incident with Jackal and Hyena, the sorceress went to the Grimorum, looking for the spell she had used. It took her less then an hour to find it; she found out that it was a lightning attack. So every night she would practice and little by little she got used to using only a little bit of her energy to summon the attack. She even found a couple of other spells that she could do, but the majority of the book's spells were for more high level sorcerers, and as she had said before, she would only use magic in emergencies.

To be honest, she was happy to have her magic, but she was still puzzled on how she was able to use it without the amulet. She was also having strange dreams about her mother, involving the Grimorum. She promised to one day find the source of her mysterious powers, and how her mother was connected to the book.

"We're sorry, Zaus." Lexington looked down, along with the other two, ashamed for fighting.

"Yeah… so we don't fight, you can pick the movie." Broadway offered.

"That's a great idea Broadway. We are always picking the movie, so it would be a nice change. What do you say?" Brooklyn looked to the sorceress, capping his wings over his shoulder.

"Sure, let's see… Oh, how about the Fifth Element? It's got action, it's a Sci-Fi movie, and it's a crime movie."

"Hmm, that actually sounds pretty good." Broadway and Lexington nodded their heads in agreement with their red rookery brother.

"Then it's settled! Now let's hurry inside, I'm freezing out here!" Zaus visibly shivered, running to the hatch in the roof that they used to get in.

It was about half way through the movie when suddenly the whole theater began to shake. The sorceress looked around in confusion.

"Wow, this has great sound effects!" Broadway exclaimed, the only problem was that there were no fighting or explosions going on in this part of the movie.

"I don't think that was from the movie." Suddenly a huge hole appeared in the wall right next to the sorceress.

Quickly the three gargoyles and sorceress stood and looked to see what had caused the destruction.

"Goliath!" All four yelled, seeing their clan leader on the ground with rubble on top of him.

The sorceress was ready to jump into action, but a clawed hand gripped her arm preventing her from going any further. Turning her head, she saw the red gargoyle looking at her sternly.

"Zaus, stay here!" Before the sorceress could object, he and his two rookery brothers had jumped out of the theater and down to streets to help their clan leader.

'I have to do something; I can't just stand her and watch!'

The sorceress ran to the roof to get a better view as she thought of a plan. As soon as she was on the roof, something hard and cold wrapped tightly around her waist and lifted her high into the air.
The sorceress eyes widened, for it had been one of Xanatos' gargoyle robots that had her in a tight hold. Faster than she could think, the Steel Clan robot had landed on the Manhattan Bridge.

"Ah, Zaus, so good of you to join us." Standing in front of the sorceress was Demona and a red robotic Gargoyle, along with what looked like a half gargoyle and robot creature.

"What do you want, Demona?!" Zaus glared, her voice dripping with hatred.

"What else but to destroy Goliath and his pathetic clan."

"Then what's stopping you from killing me?!" Zaus began to struggle against the hold.

"You have so much potential, Zaus, I would hate to kill you when you have yet to fully reach it. I am offering you to join my clan." Demona took a few steps towards the sorceress, a clawed hand stretched out to her. The female gargoyle had always found it impossible to truly hurt the young sorceress.

"You have no clan. And even if you did, I would Never join you and leave my only true clan! Fulminus Venite!" Freeing one of her hands, which was now surrounded by lightning, Zaus placed it against the robot's arm, sending a million volts through its body, shorting out its circuits.

Once free, the sorceress fired another bolt of lightning right where Demona, the gargoyle creature and Xanatos' other robot stood, causing them all to jump away from the attack.

The sorceress' natural white hair, which had fallen from its bun, whipped around her in the cold breeze. She stood still, using her eyes to scan her surroundings. It wasn't long before shots and explosions were heard.

Just as the sorceress looked up, she dived out of the way of two falling gargoyles who had landed right where she was standing. As Zaus stood her eyes widened when she heard Goliath's roar, seeing his form and the gargoyle creature falling into the almost frozen sea.

'Goliath…' Zaus fell to her knees as she stared onto the snow covered ground. It felt like her heart had stopped. She could not lose Goliath, she could not lose another family member. Just as tears threatened to fall from her eyes, something shot from the icy water, landing only a few feet in front of her.

"Is he…" Broadway and his two rookery brothers landed next to sorceress, all afraid that their leader was dead.

"No, he lives." The gargoyle creature spook with a deep calming voice, setting Goliath right next to her.
The sorceress' eyes widened in joy. For the gargoyle creature had saved their leader, had saved her family.

"He's ok!"

"Thanks goodness you're alright." Zaus exclaimed happily.

"But you're not."

The sorceress glared at the female gargoyle that had a gun pointed at them. Her fists tightened as she stood ready to fight.

"Thank you so much for saving Goliath for me, Coldstone."

"Wait, you said that destroying my brother was the only way to survive. Is that all there is for us? Mere survival?" The creature spoke.

"Isn't that enough?"

"No, gargoyles protect. It is our nature, our purpose, to lose that is to be corrupt. Empty. Lifeless. "


When Demona shot at Goliath the gargoyle creature had jumped in the way, taking the hit full on and sending him right over the Bridge and into the frozen ocean. The sorceress' eyes widen in shock at the sacrifice the gargoyle/robot had done to protect Goliath.

As her clan leader dived into the water, the sorceress turned her full attention to the female gargoyle with a look a fierce predator when read to lash out at it's pray. Lightning surrounded her hand, illuminating it in a light blue color, and crackling ready to be released at the true monster before her.

"I can at least finish you three off." Demona aimed the gun at the three young gargoyles, but the gun was shot from her clawed hands.

"I told you, I want them alive." Xanatos, who was in actually in the red gargoyle like robot, put his laser away, only to be tackled to the ground by the gargoyle beast.

"Don't Move! It's over Xanatos!" Elise pointed her gun at the mostly armored man, who only smirked.

"I don't think so." Using his jet pack, Xanatos got from under the gargoyle beast, grabbed Demona and flew off into the night.

The sorceress gritted her teeth. She was getting sick of the red headed female gargoyle always getting away. Taking in a few slow deep breaths, the sorceress was able to calm down and focus of the detective as she talked to the trio.

"Is everyone ok? What Happened to the monster?" Elisa asked, a sad look gracing the sorceress and the three young gargoyles face.

"He was no monster, he was family… and now he is gone…" All attention was now on Goliath, his eye filled with hurt.

"I'm sorry."

"Oh Goliath, I wish there was something I could do to bring him back…" Zaus looked to her leader with sorrow.

"Do not worry Zaus, he will be remembered. Let us go home."

A Smile graced all their faces, happy to hear the word home come from him.

Soon the two humans and six gargoyles stood onto of the beam of the bridge, overlooking the beautiful city.

"Goliath, when you told Coldstone that Gargoyles protect…" Lexington started as Hudson cut him off.

"Like we breathe boy, you know that."

"But what do we protect?" Brooklyn asked

"The clock tower." Hudson answered but the leader shook his head.

"No, that is merely where we sleep…"

"Manhattan is what we protect now. This is our castle, our home." Zaus moved a piece of her hair behind her ear, not taking her eyes off the city before her.

"Zaus is right. From now on, we protect all those who live here, Human and gargoyle a like."

"Are you alright? Is there anything you need?" Elisa asked, breaking the small silence.

"Yes, I need a detective."

~In front of Old Man's Store~

Leaning against an abandon building was a man in all black and wearing dark sunglasses. He was in the middle of counting the money that he had stolen when suddenly he felt himself being lifted in the air. When he saw no one holding him up and was about 15 feet in the air, he began to panic. He was now 50 feet in the air, his eye widen when he saw a girl with white hair staring at him with eyes that could kill, and a black haired cop.

"What the hell is going on?! Put me the Fuck down!" The man screamed as he struggled, but stopped when he saw Six monsters come out of the shadows from behind the two females, their eyes glowing. Afraid for his life the man began to beg.

"Hey I don't want any trouble! I'll do what ever you want! Just please don't hurt me!"

"You are to return the money you stole from that man's store and turn yourself in to the police. Do I make myself Clear." The lavender monster threaten with a growl, scaring the man so much, he almost peed him self.

Nodding his head fast in understanding, the white hair girl began to lower her hand, cause the thief to be lowered as well.

As the sun rose the gargoyles to a frightening stance while the sorceress and detective watched the thief take the money back and hand himself to the first cop he saw.

"You know Zaus, this city feel safer already." Elisa smiled, placing a hand on the sorceress shoulder.

"It does, but I'm going to have to find a something to hide my identity if I'm going to help protect this city. Don't want people thinking that I'm the one who's doing all the protecting around here." Zaus Patted the stone head of her red gargoyle friend.

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