"The city honored Ros-ateri-chest And Peter Choi who last week pulled a little girl of five years old from a lake in central park, and rrr..resuscitated her." Hudson read a bit from the paper he was holding.

"When asked about their heroic act the teenagers agreed it was the rr, rig.. the rig.."

"The right thing to do." Elisa helped the bluish gargoyle out with the last of the sentence as she entered the clock tower carrying a bunch of book.

"Hi Elisa, how did you know what they said? Where you there?" Broadway asked, taking the books she was carrying.

"No, but choosing to save the child took real courage, and that always feels right. "

"Guess you do that all the time huh."

"I'm no hero, I just do my job, and my job for tonight is over. All I want to do Is go home and hit the sake."

"Why would you want to hit a Sake?" Hudson looked at the detective with a confused looked.

"It means she's tired and wants to sleep." Brooklyn explained.

"Then why didn't she say so?"

""It seems that humans of this time like to use different phrases to express how they feel some times, in stead of just saying them straight foreword. I have seen a lot of people use it." Zaus spook from her sitting position on the floor in-front of the un-moving Coldstone. She and her yellow friend have resiliently been trying for the past two weeks to see if they could get their clan leaders rookery brother back online.

While her yellow friend did all the computer work, She focused on the magic part. Seeing that he was brought to life but magic once before, why not try again? The only thing stopping her though was the three different gargoyle spirits with in his mind.

She knew one of them had to be Coldstone. She could tell that one of the spirits was full of hatred and darkness, so she knew that one was not Coldstone. AS for the other two spirits, they both were filled with love and light, but could not truly figure out which one was the true Coldstone.

Right now she was flipping threw the Grimorum, looking for any kind of spell that might help her find out which spirit was truly Coldstone.

"I brought you some more books on computer viruses Lex, getting anywhere yet?" Elisa yawned As she walked up to the yellow gargoyle and sorceress.

"I think so, the virus that attacked Coldstone whipped his programming Clean. Nothings broken, but Nothings working either. It a blank slate, even the virus is gone." Lexington confirmed.

"But the three gargoyles souls used to create Coldstone where put there by magic, not programming."

"You're right Goliath, I can sense them deep with in his mind. I could probably use magic to bring the real Coldston's soul out, but I can't tell which one is his." Zaus closed the Grimorum, getting to her feet and stretching out her sore legs.

"The problem though is I don't know which Soul it is. One of the Souls is definitely not Coldstone, I can sense the hatred and darkness within that soul, while I can sense the love and light in the other two. I know one of those two souls is Coldstone, but I just don't want to take a guess."

"I'm sure you'll both figure it out, But I have got to get some sleep, you coming back with me Zaus?"

"Not tonight, I'll just take a small nap here and back to what I was doing." Zaus Picked up the Grimorum, holding it close to her chest.

"Alright, See you tonight."

"It is time for use to sleep as well." Goliath looked out the clock Door, seeing the sun rise.

"Night Zaus, see you when we wake." Broadway shouted as he and the rest of the gargoyles headed out to there pedestals.

"Night guys." Zaus headed into the small storage area where they kept the powerful artifacts.

When she placed the Grimorum in its rightful spot, a sudden burning/shocking feeling radiated from her hands, up her arms, and threw out her chest right to her heart. She tried to let go of the book, but it was as if glued to her hands. The Sensation lasted for about a minute before it suddenly stopped and the sorceress was able to let go of the book.

Falling to her knees, the sorceress gripped her head tightly, So many voice had suddenly started speaking in fast hush tone. Some spoke of the spells from the book while others spoke in a language that she could not understand.

Though it had only lasted about two minutes, it felt like hours for the sorceress when that voices finally ceased. Sudden'y feeling very weak, she stood on shaken legs and slowly made her way out of the room, wanting nothing more then to sleep, hoping the pounding in her mind would go away so she could actually think about what had just happened.

The sorceress knew she had to wait for rest when she caught sight of the detective being thrown against the brick wall by non other then Macbeth.

"Elisa!" Zaus eyes Narrowed sharply at Macbeth and his female friend, her pounding head and weakened body forgotten for a moment.

"Ah Zaus, so good to see you again."

"You'll be sorry for even stepping foot in here Macbeth!"

With lightning already surrounding her hand, Zaus threw her hand out and aimed at the two intruders. Both had jumped out of the way of the attack and were now on either side of the sorceress.

Keeping her guard up, the sorceress stood in a slightly crouching position, watching both very carefully as they circled her.

The female police officer was the first to Attack. With what little strength she had left the sorceress grabbed one of the officers wrist as she bent down, pulling the police officer onto her back lightly, she flung the officer right into Macbeth, causing them both to hit the ground.

Panting slightly the sorceress faced the two once again, ready for their next attack. Quickly getting to their feet Macbeth and the female officer glared at the sorceress, looking at one another for only a seconds, before both rushed towards her.

Thinking fast the sorceress used her magic to lift her self into the air but something wrapped tightly around her ankle as she was forcefully pulled to the ground. She gasped, as the wind was knocked out of her, landing hard on her chest.

While trying to get up, a hard object slammed against the back of her head, making everything around her going black insistently.

The painful throbbing in the back of her head was the first thing she noticed when she finally started to come to. The second was the group of voices calling out her name.

"Do you mind keeping it down guys? Sorceress with a huge migraine over here." Zaus sat up, now realizing that someone had moved her from laying on her stomach to her back.

"Zaus!" The trio shouted, helping the sorceress up to her feet.

"Glad to see you awake, you must of put up a fight with Macbeth and his friend, seeing that you were knocked out for quite some time." Elisa walked up.

"Yeah, Macbeth caught me avoiding an attack and slammed me to the ground, one of the hit me in the back of the head while my guard was down." Zaus rubbed the back of her head.

"Wait... somethings not right..." Zaus could sense her usually clans Ora all there, all except for three.

"They took Coldstone, We have to get him back."

"You're right Zaus. We can't leave my brother in their hands." Goliath stated heading for the stairs.

"I want to go with you, but I go on duty in 30 minutes."

"And I have to be at the museum in an hour." Zaus sighed in frustration, wanting to go and get her leaders rookery brother back.

"I think the six of us can handle them, you have an entire city to protect, and you must also protect the artifacts in that Museum." Goliath reassured the detective and Sorceress.

"Don't worry, we'll be alright."

"You always Say that, but most of the time, something always happens." Zaus looked to her red friend with worried eyes.

"We have to do this Zaus, Who knows what they'll do to him."

"I know Lex. I swear if I have to come save your Tails again, I get to pick your Halloween costumes this year." Zaus stated with a giggle, helping to lighten the mood.

"Deal!" The three rookery brothers gave the sorceress a reassuring group hug before heading out of the clock tower.

"Think you can give me a right to work?" Zaus looked to the detective with a silent plead with her eyes, causing the detective to shake her head.

"Sure, let me just clock in, then I'll drop you off on my rounds."

As the two headed down into the police Station.

'Where are you guys?'

The sorceress played with a few strands of her hair while walking back a forth on the balcony of the clock tower. She and the detective have been her for over two hours waiting for them to show up and make sure they where safe.

'I swear, those three are so going to get it when they...' Zaus thought was cut off by the sound of a pair leather like wings flapping slightly.

Her expression when from happy to deadly, instead of seeing her clan, the ex second in command landed on the balcony a few feet away from her and the detective.

"What are you doing here Demona, the sun is about to rise."

"Is it really?" Demona smirked at the sorceress, watching the sunrise.

Her eyes widen in astonishment as the gargoyle before her transformed into a regular looking human. How was that possible? If she had found a way to become human, does that mean there was a way she could become a gargoyle again? Even for just one more night?

"If your human then you're subjected to human laws. You under arrest, you have the right to remain silent." Elisa pulled out her gun and aimed at the now human Demona.

"If I remain silent, you will never see your precious Goliath or Brooklyn again." Demona knew the young sorceress was very close to the red gargoyle.

Hearing his name Brought the sorceress from her thought, her eyes narrowing at the women before her.

"Where are they Demona?" Though her voice was low and calm, Zaus voice held threatening tone.

"Before I destroy Goliath and his pathetic clan, I was to prove to them all what you humans are really like. You had your chance to Join me Zaus, but it is to late. I will bring Goliath, Brooklyn and the others to Belvedere castle in the middle of central park at High noon."

"If two show up, you still won't win and will cost you, your life. But if you don't show up Goliath will see what human loyalty is really like. They will also see that the sorceress they have trusted for years had abandon them when they needed her the most. Either way, I win."

Zaus eyes focused on the green emerald that was wrapped around Demona's slim wrist, it glowed for a quick second before returning to its normal state. Both the sorceress and detective followed her all the way down the building and out the door just in time to see her get into a taxi and drive away.

"Elisa you should get some sleep, I can handle Demona and make sure Goliath and the others are alright." Zaus placed a comforting hand on the detective's shoulder.

"I have to go Zaus, Demona is expecting both of us. Sometimes I wish that everything was normal, no more monsters, good or bad."

"That is a nice thought, but this is what we do. Isn't that why you got into this job, to protect those from the bad."

"You're right Zaus, lets go get them back."

When the two had gotten to Belvedere castle, the sorceress walked up to her stoned beaked gargoyle friend, glaring the the chain that was around his neck and wrist.

"How Lovely it is to see you again my dear. It is a shame to see such a beautiful woman so entranced with the likes of a monster."

"That funny, cause the only true monster I see here is you."

The sorceress could see the rage in Mecbeth's eyes as he rushed towards quickly dodged, getting into a fighting stance as he faced her. With a smirk on his face he rushed at her again, throwing fast and strong punches. With all the training she had done with Fox, Zaus was able to dodge everything that was thrown at her.

Her concentration was broken when the scream of Coldstone sounded threw the regretted it quickly when a strong force hit her right in the stomach, knocking the wind right out of her. She fell to her knees quickly, cradling her stomach with her arms as she tried to regain her breath.

"Glaring at the man before her, she quickly threw her arm out towards him, sending out a small white light of magic right at his chest, pushing him right into the side of the castle.

"Are you alright?" A deep caring voice called out as an aqua colors clawed hand appeared a few inches from her face.

Looking up the sorceress smiled to see it was Coldstone, She could sense it was the true soul that Belonged to the body, but could also tell two others were fighting with in him.

"Yes, thank you." Zaus to his hand, as he lifted her to her feet just in time to see Macbeth and Demon leaving the sight in a air craft.

"Can you help us get the chain off the gargoyles?" Elisa asked after the two criminals had vanished.

Without a word The Gargoyle/robot quickly destroyed the stone gargoyles of the chains with his lager gun.

"I must take my leave my Lady and young sorceress Zaus."

"Wait, Goliath and the others would like to see you." Elisa, garbed onto his arm, stopping him from taking off.

"No, their are forces at war within me, and until that battle is decided, No living gargoyle is safe from ColdStone. Tell my brother I will return someday, if I can." With that said he quickly took to the sky, leaving the detective and sorceress with their friends.

Elisa quickly sat with her back leaning against the side of the clan leader, while the sorceress leaned slightly against her red gargoyle friend.

"Hey where did those statues come from?" A jogger asked when he rounded the corner and saw the two women stand with all the gargoyle statues.

"Don't ask me, I'm just taking a nap." Elisa stated, laying er head against the stone gargoyle and quickly falling to sleep.

The sorceress just shook her head as she began to think of the perfect Halloween costumes for her three friends, seeing as that was the deal if she had to come a save them again.