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Kingdom Hearts III

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Chapter 3: 雛菊 - Belief

King Mickey woke up as he felt the ship is shaking heavily, and realized the possible implications. Journey to Mysterious tower took roughly 48 hours; it's no wonder that there will be some bumps and accident, namely, heartless attacks.

And boy he's right, he found Donald is screaming as he maneuvered the ship skillfully, though he has little doubt no one can be as good as Cid. "MAN THE GUN, WAAAK!"

King Mickey complied, and it's seems Goofy just woke up as well, so Goofy took of the gun station and began aiming. Three extended burst from fire cannon took out a flight of Heartless' smaller ship "Man down, ho-ho-ho-hoy!"

King Mickey took over the homing thunder weapon instead, shining ray curving, guiding itself toward several ship and shattered some, damaging the others with the fragments as well.

It was Highwind that finally took the cake, seeing as it's more heavily armed than Kingdom model. Its teeny escorts began to maneuver on its own, acting as mobile battery.

"In the nick of time"

"[Sorry we late, your majesty]" Dale reported, "[It took time for us to choose the best personnel]"

Highwind's slash gummy activated and sliced through much larger heartless ship without effort, shattering it into trillion pieces of gummies. "[Nice job Sora]" Chip exclaimed.

Banking and slashing through more of the enemy's battlefleet, they valiantly fought. While their ship tends to be small end, they make it up with excellent quality compared to that of Heartless' ships.

But even then, number does have its own advantages; it's really hard for Roxas to maneuver since it's REALLY his first time doing this by his own. Chip and Dale wouldn't trust Sora for some unknown reason, and Riku refused. In the end, Roxas is the helmsman, and Chip and Dale man the teeny control system instead. Riku and Sora took the control of the weapon.

"I guess we women should stay on the backseat huh? Lame" Namine sighed.

Aqua sweatdropped "Would YOU like to sat there wondering what to do?"


"Then it's decided, we'll just have to trust the young sailors"

Roxas finally snaps as another explosion occurring right under the ship, throwing everyone not braced properly "I can't stand it anymore! Can't we just, you know, ask Data-Sora to do it?"

"Oh, believe my complaint when I said Gummy control system is very outdated, you HAVE to see the engine maintenance room" Sora chided

Chip warned "But then you had to remember, Gummi ships is basically ethereal jelly bricks slapped together and see what works, each of the modules need its own control, we managed to make a rudimentary autopilot and monitoring system for extended travel but-"

"Can't you just… you know, use SINGLE computer and add extra tidbits such as integrated software for multiple modules?" Namine asked.


Sora slammed the journal to the nearby port, and miraculously, it fit somehow, made its own connection.

"[Software means a program designed for certain purpose. In this case, Namine means a program that can be used to make gummy controls simpler]" Data-Sora popped out "[I can do that if there's a central computer in this junk, unfortunately, all of console are analog, even the autopilot system is barely more advanced than elaborated clockwork mechanism. The only thing with complete electricity is the navigational mapping, communication and sensor]"

"And they managed to create a journal that can connect with anything electronic, brilliant" Sora screamed "I'm so going to ask Cid!"

Roxas kicked the throttle pedal hard, and the ship jerked twice while evading a bullet hell in the process. "Did I do that right?"

"More or less, pull that pulley there to roll!" Dale commanded, and as Roxas did it. Everything turned upside down for a moment as the ship roll twice to evade another assault.

"You've got talent, Kid" Chip shouted.

"Gee, thanks"

Finally, they managed to eradicate the whole armada of heartless ship; Roxas slumped on the floor, leaving the Gummy ship autopilot to take control again as soon as Chip connect the gears and adjusted the coordinates.

"That's really exciting, REALLY" he muttered sarcastically "Say, I can see why Donald always been grumpy"

"You haven't seen me driving, bro" Sora patted his head "Say, anything on the sensor then?"

"Nope" Riku told him.

"[How was the condition there, Sora?]" Donald' face popped on the monitor

Data-Sora projected himself again, this time right in the monitor "[damage hardly breaching 20% mark and no vital component, how about you?]"

"[Mostly untouched too, thanks to the fact that the heartless is more eager attacking your ship, ho-ho]" Goofy explained "[His majesty's prediction wasn't wrong at all]"

The more wielders gathered in one place, the worse indeed.

"I wonder if everyone going to yen Sid's place is a good idea" Riku sighed.

Excalibur landed first and foremost, followed by Highwind. All the passengers, minus Chip and Dale, touch the soil after spending two days and two nights in the lanes, even though the distance so to speak is rather narrow in itself.

Destiny Island is located south of Radiant Garden, and after Twilight town there are secret lanes went to Mysterious tower. Destiny Island to Twilight Town is at most 12 hours if using Cruise mode, and 4 hour at maximum speed; it wasn't called 'Mysterious' for nothing, finding a route to Yen Sid's place is like riding a rollercoaster.

Mickey said yen Sid put his damnedest at moving the (admittedly tiny) world to prevent the same foolish situation with Pete happened again.

Sora wanted to visit the town at first, but King Mickey said it's unwise and Yen Sid takes priority, so he refrains from talking about that again. In truth, he's doing that for the sake of Roxas, and Namine to an extent.

"Last time I'm here, Yen Sid taught Kairi basic of magic from the ground"

Unlike Sora, Kairi prefer to study form the very foundation, and such, her practical performance only increased slowly over the course of three months. Then again, if it wasn't for that, Kairi won't be able to use that apocalyptic attack in the island, or gaining her own style for that matter.

Granted, it didn't go as smooth as Aqua hoped. But still, now everyone knew not to scoff with Princess of Light. When Kairi proceed with her accelerated training, things will go boom for sure.

"Did he say anything about Kairi being a key bearer?" Sora asked curiously, Kairi never talk about it much, and they never actually spar too.

"Merryweather said Kairi always been the magic caster type, like Donald is. All yen Sid said is Kairi's power" Namine told him "I don't know about myself, but honestly, with Master Yen Sid Like that, doubtful that I'll receive meaningful help"

"That would be foolish. I knew that old wizard is too blunt sometimes, but he's not called the great master for nothing" Sora shook his head.

"The darkness got you deeper than we expect" Donald crossed his arms, err, wings. He squeezed his eyes angrily, feeling insulted.

"Oh c'mon, we're not going to put with honor before reason crap again, don't we?" Sora complained "I understand his reason doesn't mean I'm not angry for his action you know"

"WAK! Then stop preaching philosophical stuff, you sounded like Xehanort more and more, gosh. The Sora I knew always be straightforward and true to his heart"

"Then I should support his opinion, riiight~"


"Careful with that conversation, you two" Goofy reminded them again, they went into awkward silence afterward. Walking through all the stairs silently, the large group finally arrived in Yen Sid's room, who is a bit cramped already due to the multitude of books, and now it has no less than eight people barging in.

"We come as you told us" Everyone bowed, and only Sora hesistate at first, but he did anyway.

"Just like the stars had informed me, the readings turn out so unpredictable that I almost gave up. I'm glad I manage in the end" the old wizard waved his hand to order everyone to be at ease "The wheel of destiny accelerated almost beyond my capacity to observe"

Started with Sora turning into heartless and got worse… that much Yen Sid already knew. However, the presence of Namine and Roxas intrigued him through and through, even though he had heard this from Mickey few days ago.

The girl in particular seems to be a little restless when she realized being observed.

"… There's only so much knowledge that people can unravel, mortal or otherwise. Even some of the so called Gods… in the end, we can only guess the secret of the world, and often caught by surprise instead"

"I said the likes of you don't have emotion, but you grew a heart on your own effort. I said the likes of you wasn't accepted by darkness or light, but people's hearts had accepted your presence wholly. For that, I admitted my mistake and apologize"

Complicated talk aside, King Mickey smiled. Yen Sid had apologized, and that seems to make the three abnormal teen satisfied, and Donald smiled proudly like there's no tomorrow.

"As we continue… Sora, do you realize the risk of succumbing into darkness like that?"

Sora gulped a little, he already has an answer in mind, Riku and Aqua should know that already. The most despair-inducing part is not him berserking around trying to corrupt everyone.

"The worst case is Xehanort taking over, using me as his vessel… striking when we aren't expecting him. He already did that with Terra, Riku though temporarily, and maybe more"

The old wizard stared right into his eyes, mostly unmoving because of his blazing determination "Indeed, you seem to realize that"

"I have some very nasty idea to prevent that from happening, includes being 'killed' by my own friends, but for now, I'll just use this form to bolster our manpower"

"Are you aware that you are capable of being the biggest thorn in our sides, and capable of jeopardizing the balance even further?"

"Master, that-" King Mickey interfered as he felt his old master taking it too far, but surprisingly it was Riku, Donald and Goofy who stopped him.

"I prefer to believe myself, and trust my friend"

For the rare occasion since forever, Yen Sid smiled and nodded. When it comes to Sora, his prediction can only go so far, and the villains might be the same too. Sora had proven that he's able to save the world twice, why not the third time?

And even if he failed, he will not go down in regret, for his friend will carry his effort further. That lack of common sense is also one of Sora's greatest strength.

"My vision this time will hold true then, I'll grant you the strength to resist the darkness and withstand the power of light… but it'll come with a cost"

"What IS the cost?" Sora eagerly asked; if yen Sid had trusted him, then it'll be smoother.

Yen Sid said "To reject everything means you will have nothing, rejecting light and darkness made you a void entity. You can't cast offensive spell, but at the same time is resistant to their main effect. If you try to cast one, it'll empower you directly instead"

"That means whatever magic attack I experience will be dampened and turned into physical damage" Sora muttered, seems like a fair tradeoff "What can you say, pal?"

"It's your choice, Sora" Riku nodded "Remember Sora, heartless heal fast, true, but they also inherently fragile because they are physical manifestation of darkness, not a solid flesh and bone. There's a valid reason why many of Xehanort's artificial heartless wore heavy armor"

"He looked at everyone and decided "I'll pay for this aren't I?"

Roxas made a fist signal "Go for it" indeed. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy shrugged. It was then Namine who pulled him back "Sora, what about Kairi? She deserves to know"

Sora's face went blank for a while, true, there might be problem with that. But it's not like most heartless are immune to magic to begin with, now, Light and Darkness is the priority.

"Tell Kairi I'm sorry" he said, before delivering a smile. Not a cocky or sarcastic grin even, it's true, honest to god appreciation.

"Walk into that door, you cannot return"

"Sure, sure"

Sora's presence disappeared beyond the door, leaving Namine still worried, Riku comes to ease her by saying "Don't worry, Yen Sid won't allow us in total disadvantage right?"

"The diverse kind of skill is what we need; each and every Keybearer is unique as they grew. With different power gathered, you'll be able to fight in many kind of situation, supporting each other" Yen Sid confirmed, he then switch his attention to Aqua "It's my honor to meet you directly, Great Master Yen Sid" she bowed politely

"Ah, if it's Eraqus' prized pupil… long time no see"

"Not quite as long for me, being stranded deep in the darkness" she shook her head, Yen Sid must be being polite anyway.

"And yet, you came out untouched, such distilled purity in a heart can only be found in one in a million" Yen Sid waved his hand "Only those with unshakable determination can do that"

"I lost my two friends in the tragedy that happened twelve years ago, and my goal is to save them" Aqua nodded.

"Such a selfish, yet noble goal. Power of friendship, like love, is the strongest drive in the realm of light. Hearts are connected, made each of them stronger. Never forget that"


Sora left the chamber, dressed in virtually same clothes. For some unknown reason, he has even bigger emblem on his back now, though it was compensated by the fact that he regained his signature crown-shaped necklace.

Of course, for his friends, the most noticeable part is that he lost his yellow eye, the black hair still there though.

"Sora, your eyes-" Goofy bit his hand, it wasn't as beautiful as Namine/Kairi, Roxas, or even Riku's blue eyes, but it's now blue, regardless.

"Magic lens, yellow is cool, but it remind me too much of Xehanort" Sora grinned "They have no means of changing the hair though, so I left them like this rather than bother them with extra job"

"So you can resist darkness now?"

"Yeah, the fairies told me they have some research with Orgy XIII's black cloak"

"Orgy?" Namine tilted her head confusingly, when she looked at Roxas, Roxas almost popped his eyes and pointing at Sora accusingly "Damn it Sora… that was the second time..."

"Rest assured, they now can make our clothes dark-resistant, and it doesn't have to be full-body, even the hood is optional!"

"But Sora, you spend a lot of time in Castle Oblivion as heartless too, so why the hair and eyes?" Donald quite honestly asked. The changes of appearance still odd for him, even though he not changing at all is even weirder, it actually happened as Donald described.

"Mind you, I WASN'T affected by darkness back then, at least, not as much as I am now, because I have Kairi's heart for a while before turned into Heartless. Besides, maybe I have this form because of Vanitas' leaked memories and felt his suffering" the heartless teen shrugged. Memories are just that unpredictable… "Oh, and I and Roxas wasn't separated as heartless as nobodies and heartless exclusively back there in castle oblivion, we literally split in half, only Roxas has no heart while I DO"

"That's an acceptable explanation, ah-yuk" goofy nodded "At least you can use Dyes as excuse"

"Sure thing"

Roxas and Namine walked out of the Fairy's room, Roxas wore the same outfit he had in fake Twilight Town. Meanwhile, Namine wore the same kind of clothes as Kairi is, only color inverted to white outer skirt and pink halter top. She also gained hip-length black spandex for extra modesty.

Riku's clothes, besides the new, less baggy jeans, didn't get that much of an alteration either, only minor placement of the yellow trimming.

Then Mickey, Donald, and Goofy walked out of the room. Sora almost FREAK OUT.

"The hell is that?"

Mickey dressed in the same outfit, only with Final Form's color scheme. Donald's HAT becomes much larger than before, and pointy, like most wizard hat is his… clothes also noticeably thicker and baggier. Then there's goofy, whose left side is almost completely armored (at least, the upper body is), and rather than funny round hat, is using a knight's helmet.

"I miss these clothes" Mickey smiled.

"Ah, that…" Aqua muttered "That's the outfit you wore years ago"


"Who knew Goofy can look this hardcore back then" Sora chided and grab the dog-man and shake him "But of course, he's a knight captain, right~"

Goofy looked down at Donald, who just made a neck-slicing gesture. Goofy slammed his helmet to Sora's face, sending him two steps away.

"What's that for"

"Just a test, but really, the way you spoke is disrespectful. Wak-wak-wak" Donald held his stomach as he saw the boy's surprised expression.

"Okay, I'm sorry, just that the new… I mean old designs are cool" Sora checked IF his nose got sliced or fractured, nothing bad happened, thankfully. It's not Goofy if he did that out of malice.

"Anyway, if you don't realize" Goofy told them, he pushed the button of his pauldron and instantly, all those reinforcement tidbits disappear "This clothes works like keyblade armor, only less physical, ahyuk"

Roxas did a double take on that "You all CAN revert?"

Donald chuckled "It's not like we'll walk in broad daylight wearing battle gear right? They enhance our battle capabilities sure, but too outlandish for everyday journey"

Goofy and Donald had changed into their more casual clothes, while Mickey… not like the model is any different though, but it returned to its original coloring.

"To be fair, none of our clothes can evolve, except mine, it's ALREADY evolved as you can see… he's already on the peak of my abilities and has little room to develop" King Mickey smiled "It's time for you, new generations, to shine"

"Oh c'mon, don't talk like an old man" Sora complained.

"Hush, that's rude" Roxas elbowed him.

"All of you will eventually had access to stronger form, and that, is the purpose of executing your mission. Especially you, Namine" Aqua said.


"I can see it from your eyes, you wished for power as well, right?"

"To be honest, yes" Namine looked at her own appearance, inch by inch, it's only a variation of Kairi's, which means she had yet to access her own true potential "Not that I didn't believe the potential of Keyblade, it's just that…"

She summoned Destiny embrace, but rather than Aqua's sword or Kairi's new spear, it's actually shorter than most keyblade. Every single keybearer there felt something lack as well.

"This is not the projection of my heart. My link with this keyblade is weak as you might realize"

"You had to trust your heart then, but for now, you must manage with that power entrusted by Kairi, either until her awakening, or until you gain the kind of strength you wished" the taller woman put her hand on Namine's head gently "Don't worry, I promise you'll manage"



Beneath the mysterious tower, apparently an arena has been constructed. Not as massive as the coliseum (both of them) in Herc's world of course, but it's more than enough for multisession sparring of everyone.

Roxas and Sora charged toward King Mickey full speed, and then it's clear that Sora is faster than anyone in that place when it comes to raw sprint. Keyblade clashed; Sora clenched his fist and deliver a powerful punch, the keyblade master playfully evade it by bend his body aside then kick Sora's arm away, being much smaller did help.

Then come Roxas, unleashing both Kingdom key and Oblivion toward him, instead, Aqua zipped and intercepted him by stabbing Master Keeper to the ground, effectively.

"Careful there"

She was caught off guard… only apparently, because she evaded subsequent ambush by Riku by doing one hand-stand with one arm (on top of the keyblade, at that), backhanding Roxas away with the other one. The teen winced and found that Aqua don't even put effort in that, only the mental shock.

Riku then found himself wrestled by a talking mouse barely one fifth his own mass, one can express their disbelief, but King Mickey wasn't a master keybearer for nothing. What Mickey lack in body strength, he compensated by extreme nimbleness and sharpened technique.

King Mickey use his blade to dampen Sora's kick, but Roxas added even more weight and easily thrown the two feet tall mouse away.

"Strange, I found fighting Xehanort wasn't this hard" Sora wiped his lip.

"We didn't fight two master who work together as good as them" Riku made a beautiful swing on his leg, landed perfectly aside them.

It was strange, Aqua and Mickey only said they fought together once, and yet their subsequent footwork (extremely tight placed) is so harmonic it's unfair. All three young keybearer unable to pierce their defense at all, and when they do, it's a purposefully made trap.

"Well, what if we tried Session… with three people" Roxas said "Don't worry, I have seen it enough to remember the pattern"

"Let's try with four" finally (though unexpected), the sole girl amongst the youngsters stepped in, Sora and Roxas widened, one is happy and the others aren't.

"Kairi, you have returned!"

"Sure thing, I can't sleep forever you know!" Kairi winked, unleashing her keyblade "Bear in mind, I can't go toe to toe in close combat against them, not even close"

"Well, let's see if you can catch up by other means" Riku smirked, and they began to…. Dance.

"Hey, it's the island's ritual dance!" Roxas jawdropped "What are you thinking? This is no time for folk dance!"

"Think smart, I am THE heartless" Sora said mockingly.

"Hey" Roxas elbowed him in response, and then he froze and continued with sarcastic tone "Slang privilege, right… anyway, I know, you know, I know. Nobody is smarter period"

Roxas and Sora joined it, clapping hands and step around with extremely rigid interval, made Aqua and Mickey confused.

Then the masters also realized.

Sora and roxas stepped out fist of the column and attacking so low their keyblade almost graze the floor. Riku and kairi flew and attack with light and dark bullets from above. Attacked from both direction, the masters reacted with Aqua crouch and letting Mickey stood on top of her back and deflecting the bullet, where she hold Roxas and Sora in a match of strength.

Alas, as strong as she is, matching two boys into their early adulthood is not really that wise, and she knew, she just bought extra time for Mickey.

Nevertheless, Mickey is surprised when the two boys emulated Aqua's feat and kicked him squarely on the face. Kairi rolled aside and aimed her keyblade, this time in spear form.

Sora and Roxas pushed themselves away from their keyblades, letting a blast of light taking them out, hopefully along with aqua in the process.

Aqua frantically dodged, but not before she realized Riku is waiting with fist aimed right on her gut.

Aqua coughed, but not letting the (mostly ignorable) pain stop her and she retaliated. And thankfully, Mickey is back… with a headbutt right on Riku's jaw.


King Mickey display that being a lightweight has its merits and display extreme speed easily comparable to that of heartless Sora in straight path. Mickey wasn't even running by technicality, he done a series of powerful rapid jump.

In no time, he took two unprepared teen just as quick due to Aqua distracted them, as the three boys began their recovery; they found Kairi is in the mercy of Master Keeper.

"That's enough" Mickey smiled "That's quite interesting combo you have there… you use the dance to create a rhythm"

"Yeah but far from perfect, it's not like we can pull moves out of pocket and made it always work" Sora grinned.

"Well, that happened when you have lots of experience" Aqua nodded "Besides, I notice that only Kairi got her basic proper"

While Aqua took no time subduing Kairi, she already noticed form the few parry Kairi done to her attack.

"Well, I trained under Master Yen Sid and doing all from the foundation"

"I found it's hard to follow the basic when I'm this accustomed to random hack and slash… I mean technique I develop"

Self-taught, Sora and Riku went into their journey without being taught proper swordmanship, the real battle experience they had is with other island youth, barely more threatening than children game. Afterward, it's exactly what Sora said.

Roxas possessed similar base technique with Sora, but at larger scale, it's still different due to Roxas' experience with Organization XIII, and the fact that he's dual wielding.

Two years fighting relentlessly using that method, teaching the basic is waste of effort.

In contrast, people like her, Ven, Terra, Mickey, and as of now, Kairi, learned the basic first and hone it as they develop their own style through real time battle.

Yen Sid nodded in satisfaction as Kairi managed to hold herself against three (simulated) shadows with her keyblade alone, as he specifically noted her not to rely on her light power this time. Kairi got the basic stance to the nth degree; she only needs to build up her own technique form there.

Kairi express a little discontent, however remembering Aqua disabled her in five second flat (without even trying), she find her weakness is more obvious than it should be.

Heck, Donald as of now proved that HE, A WIZARD can hold his own with magic staff better than she is, fighting a Neoshadow calmly and whack it so hard it disappear (and when it miss when he went for the second one, a small crack is formed on the floor).

A Wizard is inherently fragile, but that doesn't mean they couldn't hit hard. That's what muscle-enhancing spell is for.

"What's wrong Kairi, you're the one with sword" the duck asked her teasingly, she wasn't angry in the slightest and just laugh and they continue to mop the simulated enemies.

"Donald" Yen Sid threw a rapier, that went straight and stab the floor aside the duck. Understanding the implication, Donald threw aside his staff and plucked out the thin sword and began to fight using it instead, and Kairi is simply speechless, amazed at his skill.

Donald wouldn't be as good as the King, not even close, but Donald will have a field day fighting her other friends, Tidus for example.

Meanwhile, Goofy is training with Riku, deflecting his attack while occasionally countering with shield trick.

"I don't know Donald can use rapier" Riku smashed Goofy away, but the dog man doesn't even flinch. Goofy pluck another rapier and began to fight Riku in close quarter, this time offensively, as he can alternate between using shield and the rapier freely "What? You too?"

"Ho-ho, long before King Mickey train with Yen Sid and even before he married Her Highness Queen Minnie, we all knew as 'the Magnificent Three Musketeers'"

Riku managed to swipe away Goofy's rapier, but Goofy did the same using his shield. Granted, Riku can call his keyblade on a whim, but goofy interfered by using his shield boomerang style. By the time Riku call it, Goofy already pick his rapier and catch the returning boomerang.

"As you could see, our skill is rusty as we learn our specialization. We felt using two weapon like this is redundant and left the path of swordmanship like, three or four years ago… I think"

"Counting with our journey with Sora, six years" Donald interjected as he kick a simulated heartless to his direction, effectively stopping Riku for a moment as the heartless vaporized midair.

Mickey, Sora, and Roxas prefer to be idle as they watched the four training

"Part of the 'sacrifice' isn't it?" Sora asked.

"Maybe yes, but not as absurd as that" Mickey replied, knowing Sora "They simply out of shape, and we're too old to have much room to develop"

"Here we go again" Sora said annoyed.

"When you're close to half a century old you'll understand" the king laughed.

When Kairi had to fight larger heartless, she simply switched into her spear form and charging it like a cavalry. Each of her step done carefully, delivering attack to vital place using her entire body weight for extra push.

While she was nowhere as fast as Aqua, Sora, or even Roxas, her speed was quite good. She also made some… interesting moves, using her spear as leverage so she could bash the heartless right on it's head later.

Donald tried his best to be a good distraction, and considering how motor-billed he is and the speed of his stabbing barrage, he succeeded. In fact, while not as fast in running, he could very much matching King Mickey in ability to evade attacks.

Seeing the Heartless slowing down as it's been weakened greatly, Kairi threw her keyblade spear like a harpoon, after embedding some magic in it, stabbing through its armor like butter. The heartless vaporize into fake darkness; Kairi recalled her weapon again and skillfully spun it, satisfied.

"Twenty second wak!"

They made a high five.

"That's enough for now you two" Yen Sid clapped "You made quite a progress, Kairi"

"Thanks to him" Kairi hugged Donald like a plushy, which, of course offend him greatly, and he quickly struggled to get away "And you, master"

"And the way you held that spear is even more intriguing" Yen Sid told her, quite straightly, but between the boys and middle-aged Disney castle resident, one of them ought to catch the innuendo.

Surprisingly, Sora breaks into laughter; Riku and Roxas both dope slapped him hard enough to send his face to the floor, and he's still giggling at that.

Aqua quite confused as why the three boys are restless for some reason, while King Mickey put a palm on his mouth, holding his chuckles.

"Yes, we girls are taught pole technique at school, unfortunately, I'm so focused on being a Keybearer that I forgot"

"Diversity in skill can be good or bad" Yen Sid waved his hand "Just believe your heart"

Kairi bowed formally and letting her weapon disappear.

Meanwhile, Sora had recovered from his own misery and sat on the railing, replied Kairi's waving hand while smiling innocently.

"Dude, a dirty joke from you of all people?" Roxas sheeshed.

"Following my instinct" the heartless pointed his chest.

"Careful there, Darkness is addictive" Riku warned, he couldn't really blame Sora for his mind but it was his acts and mood shifts that had been ridiculous "On that topic, your excuse does makes sense"

"How exactly? That's outside logic" Roxas gawked.

Sora chuckled "Remember the topic about me eating, heartless follow their instinct, but because we don't have body, we don't exactly have NEEDS, we simply wanted it and if our willpower is strong enough we can just supress that… you know the rest-"

Roxas screamed in realization "EW! I don't want to think!"

"Think hard, you will never find it anyway if you solely depend on your logic" Sora mockingly noted, Roxas angrily shouted "Hey, that's racist. My heart haven't yet to develop in case you know"

"Nobody please? That's the point, being touchy feely with Namine, you don't feel you want to, it's your body demand it, and feeling pleasant as the result" Sora said "Because until now, I am 90% of your Id and half of your Ego"

Roxas blushed, it was new to him. Sure thing, he knew he needed Namine, he knew he couldn't be separated from her, but like what Sora said it's more about that his body told him. The feeling of love, not only he unable to comprehend it, but he just feel it as hollow, he feel like it's a spoonful cream trying to fill a small bowl.

And he felt disturbed by that fact.

"Man, being incomplete sure is hard… when you said like that its sound like I'm more perverted and shallow than you"

"Human nature, don't diss it" Riku told him "As long as you're not giving up you'll be eventually"

"Ah yeah" Roxas vividly remember some of Sora's leaked memories, including that of Riku. Riku always compete for Kairi's attention, but now the winner is clear, besides, Riku had given up that like, two years ago.

So Riku at least has experienced teenage love of some sort, with all the hormone and hijink, possibly. Roxas felt determined that if he couldn't bear this, he don't deserve fighting Xehanort.

Anyway. the winner is so obnoxiously oblivious it annoyed Roxas himself. Sora jumped down innocuously and having a chitchat with Kairi, and now Aqua understood. Sora and Kairi alternates between friendzoning and flirting with each other, how they managed to do that, Aqua honestly don't know.

"So you're satisfied with that, let' see..." Roxas rubbed his hand cunningly, with evil intention drawn on his face, Riku took few step aside not wanting to be involved in Roxas' possibly insane schemes "Oh C'mon"

"Status quo, pal" Riku shook his head "No breaking the dynamic, nothing, let that sink if it have to"

"Not fun, I want to observe that kind of love too!"

"You're just too anxious, if Sora had to be believed, you could just ask Megara, Hercules' girlfriend"

"Wait, Hercules? Dating?" Aqua smiled.

Riku raised his eyebrow in response. "Pardon?"

"Hey, I'm an old maid, I'm curious too"

Riku flabbergasted with how lively she is suddenly, for a reason he don't know, but her private life shouldn't concern him so he wouldn't try to dig. Roxas also seems to be curious too, though he remembered quite a lot.

"He's also a full fledged hero now" Sora landed... with Kairi glomping on his back angrily... okay not quite angrily, more like halfway between annoyed and trying to annoy Sora as retaliation due to her usage of light power. Sora collapsed and his hands slammed the floor multiple times while screaming "I won't repeat it I swear, gimme a break! Time out!"

Kairi stood up, satisfied. Kairi might be pure at heart, but she's also a sadist by nature...

Aqua nodded "About time I see"

She wondered what happened with Zack, oh well it's not like they share something truly special (at least she thought so), but even then doesn't mean they're no longer acquaintances... right?

Oh Aqua, poor girl couldn't catch a break. =_=;

Zack... well, I honestly don't know, he might be alive, dead, or inbetween as far as canon concerned. I might have some original ideas about that. Needless to say if he EVER appear, there will be even more shipping branches, thus more headache.

My motto is to respect each ship and refrain from bashing them, but doesn't mean I'll use that pairing or even implying it ^_^