It was a gloomy day. Fog rolled over the land. Huge mountains towered over anything that stood below them. The trees were still, no wind to create a sound or movement. A long stream ran downward toward the plains far below. In the misty hills stood a figure. It was a woman. She rode up from on a horse. As the fog began to clear away, the horse came into full view. It was a golden colored horse with a white diamond shape from its forehead down to its muzzle. Its tail and mane where long and white flowing in the wing as the horse gracefully ran. Argo was its name. The woman on the horse was beautiful. She was a tall, dark woman with long, raven hair that flowed down to her mid-back. She had beautiful crystal blue eyes that could make any man fall for her. But she wasn't just a woman, she was a warrior. She wore her usual armor, a black leather tunic that hugged her every shape and form. It had a skirt with frayed strips that went down to her mid-thigh. Over her tunic, she wore a golden metal breastplate and backplate with the same type of metal for her shoulder-pads. Her sword at her back and a round weapon, her signature weapon, the Chakram, at her side. She had knee-high leather boots, suitable for any type of movement or terrain. Her name was Xena, she was known throughout the world as the 'Warrior Princess' or 'Slayer of Gods'. Some formally know her as 'Destroyer of Nations', while warlords and some warriors know her as 'Ares' Chosen' or 'Ares' Favorite'. She rode with no emotion, seeming expressionless since departed from her best friend, Gabrielle and daughter, Eve. Xena didn't stop riding, fore she knew she was being watched, stalked, and followed. She rode far and fast, covering miles of land in minutes. She was heading to again, defeat the Persian army. Only she has defeated them, which she did alone because Gabrielle's life had been slipping away. She was dying then, like she was dying now.