Only an hour ago, it'd thrown her hard on the ground. Only Ares was locked in a chair, forced to watch the upcoming events. "Xena?" Ares asked, unsure if she was still alive or not. Xena was laying on the ground, trickles of blood coming from her mouth. She stirred, slightly twitching her head. Ares sighed with relief that she was alive.

Xena brought her hand up to her head, and groaned. She slowly opened her eyes and quickly sat up. She winced at the pain that shot up her back and stomach. "You okay?" Ares asked. All he got in return was a cold stare. "Just a question," he said defensively. She slowly got up, despite the pain throughout her body. "Where are we?" Xena asked looking at the red surroundings. "Don't know. All I know is that your centered around everything here. It's a bad place, worse then hell, that's for sure and trust me I would know," Ares responded.

Xena looked at how Ares was locked up. "Come on. Let's get you out of here," Xena said walking over to him. She touched the black chains that held Ares to the chair, but once she did, she pulled away in shock and pain, seeing a bad burn on her fingers. "Xena, Xena, Xena," an all to familiar voice repeated. She and Ares looked up to where they thought they heard the voice. In the dark stood a hooded figure, pointing at how Ares was placed in the chains. "I can't let you do that, Xena," the figure said putting his hand down, "We have plans." "Well your just gonna have to deal," she responded, taking out her sword. "I don't think so, Xena. You see, your mine."

A blue fire ball appeared in his hand. He threw it at her sword. The sword flew out of Xena's with a force so strong, the sword shattered in 7 pieces. Xena looked black at her sword in time to see the 7 parts of the sword come to a top on the floor. She turned around to face the Dark One. She didn't know what he looked like, but she knew he was smiling under black. She growled at him, and took out her chakram. Another fire ball formed in his hand, again, he threw it at her, but she blocked the blue fire of energy, with the silver blade of the metal, making it bounce back at him. Once it hit his chest, he flew backward, but landed right back on his feet. "Can can do better than that, can't you?" he asked standing up. "Funny," she said taking a step towards him, "I was just about to ask you the same thing." He threw 9 more fire balls at her, only finding her to redirect each fire ball to the opposite end of the wall, having small rocks starting to tumble down. "Your good. Ares was right to pick you as his chosen," he said, "Let's see how good you are with a weapon in hand-to-hand combat. He took out his sword as she split her chakram in two. They fought for hours, both evenly matched, never getting to lay a mark on each other. As they were fighting the poison started to kick in. Xena dropped her weapons and put both hands on her head. She backed away bending down in pain, slightly moaning at the pain.

That was his chance.

"Xena! Watch it!" Ares yelled trying to get her back in the game. Ares knew what was happening, but he couldn't risk loosing her again. The figure ran over to the already pained Xena. Xena looked up just before he jumped on her knocking her to the floor on her back. She staggered at the force. This pain plus the poison, it was too much. It hurt almost as much as when she'd broken her spine. He sat on top of her, holding her arms and legs down with a godly force. It pinned her to the ground, she didn't do anything. She couldn't do anything even if she'd wanted to. From on top of her, the Dark One took out a dagger. He slowly and seductively dragged the dagger from her knee, to over her thigh, from her stomach, to her chest, from her throat, to under her chin. "Once I kill you, you'll be mine, both body and soul." She tightly closed her eyes at the pain she was in. "Look at me," he said. She kept her eyes closed. "Look at me," he started to get angry, "Look at me!" When she kept her eyes closed, he took the dagger and thrusted it into her upper thigh blood trickled down her thigh hitting the ground. She arched her back up in pain and screamed. "No! Xena!" Ares screamed back seeing the already big puddle of blood on the ground under her, "Get away from her!" The Dark One looked from the screaming Xena to Ares. "Shut up!" He took his hand off the dagger and made a force hit the war god so hard it knocked him out, even the chair flew back.

The screaming stopped. "I'll never be yours." The Dark One looked back at Xena. She somehow manage to escape the power keeping her to the ground. She rolled them over so that she was on top. Without any hesitation, Xena slid the hood off the Dark One.

She gasped and slowly moved back. She crawled off him, staring at his face. She crawled as far as she could until her back hit a wall. He got up and followed her. A sword materialized in his hand. She couldn't react. He lifted the sword above her. "Surprised?" he said. "You look just like..." she looked over to Ares. "Your lover? Yes, I look exactly like Ares. Now this is going to look like you died by his hand." He plunged the sword in her chest. She choked, her eyes widened, blood poring down her body. She turned her head to Ares. "I...Love..You...Ares." She inhaled her last breath, starring at her unconscious lover. "Goodbye..." Her eyes closed and her chest fell, releasing her last breath. "My queen," the Dark One said, picking up her body from the puddle of blood on the ground. He turned and materialized, taking Xena's body with him. "My queen."