It was Christmas time in Death City. All around the place, people were getting ready to celebrate the Christmas cheer; last-minute present shopping, decorating, and calling friends and family for the holidays. Snow was everywhere, even though the city was out in the middle of the desert. It was crazy, but hey, what wasn't in this kind of place?

Everything was well.

And obviously that was about to change.

The only two people that weren't in the Christmas spirit were none other than Maka and Soul. Not like they didn't love Christmas or anything, they actually loved it. It was just that they had a fight.

What started out as a simple insult to Maka's attire for the upcoming Christmas party earned him a scolding about his intelligence, which he then retorted to with an insult to her entire appearance. Soon, the two were at each other's necks as they yelled about all the flaws and problems they had as partners, only really wanting something to be mad about. What started out as yelling turned to hitting, throwing things, and breaking stuff. The entire apartment was in a wreck when Soul figured he had enough and stormed out the door.

Now, Soul was out in the night while Maka fumed to the girls at a small get together at the apartment, both surging with hatred.

"I just can't take him sometimes, he's such a pain!" argued Maka from her chair while clutching her pillow to her chest, her friends sitting on the couches listening to her every word.

Ok, they were trying. Liz was painting her nails, Patty was laughing hysterically, and Kim and Jackie felt irritated. Tsubaki was probably the only one listening.

"Ok, calm down girl," Liz told Maka behind her nails, trying the control the panting, red-faced meister. "It's just the usual kind of thing to happen to you guys," she continued half-mindedly, more focused on her nails.

"But then, why would she have called us then, Liz?" Kim explained to Liz, who suddenly went wide-eyed.

"Oh Death, you're right." Liz realized; Maka wouldn't usually call them to her place to complain about it.

"That bad, huh?" Patty asked Maka.

"I just…UH!" Maka grumbled, throwing her pillow across the room. It landed surprisingly hard against the already busted coffee table, which then collapsed completely with its remaining strength gone.

"Daw, someone needs a hug!" Patty said joyfully as she crushed Maka in a bear hug.

"G-geez Patty, thanks." Maka said breathlessly, feeling relieved at least from the respect.

Tsubaki patted Maka on the back, and she smiled as her friend let go of all that unwanted stress.

"Soul was just being Soul; you know him," Tsubaki told Maka. Maka, however, began to tear up slowly.

"B-but it was a little more harsh than usual," Maka whimpered sadly.

Tsubaki looked at Liz, and the two quickly exchanged mental notes before consulting their hurt friend.

"Yeah, but it's not like he would actually mean it," Liz told her, and quickly put up a hand as Maka began to shoot an argument at her, "you've seen what he would do for you. He would, and quite possibly already did, went through hell itself just to keep you safe."

Maka let the words dawn on her slowly, and slowly she began to think more on the situation.

"Soul would never hurt me, right? You guys think he really does care for me?" Maka questioned to her friends, and they could only smile at her.

"Don't let this little tremble destroy a beautiful long-term partnership," Patty told her softly, something very off of her character. It was about as frequent was Ox with hair; came and went, on often very rare occasions.

Maka felt herself slowly tear up again.

She'd forgotten; they were right. Soul would never hurt her. Even if it meant giving losing his life. He would do it, even without the duties of a weapon in mind.

But what Maka really wanted to know was…

If he felt she was someone he wanted, needed in his life. And why he'd do all that stuff.

"Guys, I want to find out if Soul really wants me as a partner," Maka told them as she stood up, a new determined look on her face.

Her friends could only giggle softly to themselves, jut soft enough to go unnoticed by Maka. They all knew Maka was in love with her partner. They really wanted to see the two together.

They all agreed to go searching for him, but as they got their snow clothing on and were almost out the door, the mirror in the bathroom started to shake, hitting the wall and drawing the attention of the girls.

They crowded into the bathroom just as Lord Death's face, or mask, popped up on the screen.

"Lord Death, what is it?" Maka asked briefly; she was eager to go out into the city to find Soul. But Lord Death's next words brought on a shocked burden on her.

"Maka, have you signed up for any missions lately? Soul has just flown off to New York."