Everyone was really enjoying the shenanigans that the mistletoe was causing. Everywhere you looked, nervous couples were now the greatest of lovers. Crushes were now a reality. And those lovey-dovey couple everyone was grossed out by were able to do their thing with no complaints.

But then, there was also those really intense moments. Those people...that DIDN'T want to get caught under the mistletoe.

That's right, time to make this more interesting.


OK well, it isn't really an update, but there is something I want to point out again.

There is an option to make your OC get caught under the mistletoe...with someone else's OC!

I know this may be risky, but hear me out.

This is simple a suggestion option for your stories. If you feel that it's not for you, then don't do it. I'm not forcing you.

This is simply for fun.

If you want this option, please review telling me you do.

Write down your character's name, weapon/meister/witch/etc., and personality. Then write down your preferences for a partner under the mistletoe, with the same info required. I'll try to pair people up according to this and will ask you both for permission. You can accept or reject, it is you choice if you feel comfortable doing it.

And if you want, you can talk with other authors and friends, and make a collab to have your two OCs under the mistletoe!

Thank you!