Lab Rats: Boys united

Chase woke up in his tube, but he couldn't breathe. "Help!" He screamed, beating on the plastic panels. Something had gone wrong with the regeneration cycle! Adam was asleep in his tube, apparently fine; Bree's was empty. Okay, stay calm, use your override, Chase thought. Even though he was the youngest of the bionically augmented teenagers, he was by far the most intelligent, and he had been given by their 'father' the ability to control the other two in an emergency. Adam had super strength and laser eyes; he should be able to get Chase out.

Chase touched a secret control on his temple. "Control… Adam" He saw his tall hunky adopted brother wake up, blink and look around. "Adam! Get me out of here! My tube is malfunctioning! I can't breathe!"

Adam, typically, looked around stupidly for a few moments before he figured out where he was. "Huh?"

"You're in your tube, big brother dude, open it," Chase said. Then Adam tried to open his, and it was also locked. "Oh."

"When will you just listen to me and accept that I am the smart one?" Chase wheezed, realizing it was not so smart to lecture his brother just then. He almost passed out.

But Adam made short work of his tube, easily smashing the panel with his super strength, and smashed Chase's, gently hauling the teenager out and laying him on the floor. He saw Bree's tube was empty. He called out to Eddy, the home computer. "Eddy! Something's wrong with our tubes! Where's Davenport!?"

Eddy answered only after a pause and his voice was stuttery. "Dav-enport and Leo and that wo-man and Bree are unreachable, they are on the jet… with Marcus."

"What's wrong with you?" Adam asked Eddy in annoyance, while cradling the shivering Chase.

Oh no, oh no, Chase is hurt! Chase can't be hurt! Chase did seem to be okay but really cold. He felt guilty making glances at Chase's crotch in his mission suit; it was almost obscenely big, especially for a little guy like Chase. Adam was 6'2' and Chase was maybe 5'7" on a good day. Though, Adam admitted, he has a really hot little body. And what is going on down there? He must be huge. He'd secretly wondered how hung Chase was for awhile; he was even a little jealous because his 'little' brother looked like he might be quite a bit bigger down there.

"I have… a virus. I think Marcus gave it to me. I may need to shut down to fight it." Eddy said between static bursts.

Adam's expression hardened. "Then secure the house first."

"Ok. You better get Chase warm; his cryo regeneration did not… not… not… complete." And then Eddy shut down.

Adam held Chase close. "Dude, I am sorry, what happened, are you ok?"

Chase took deep breaths and tried to remain calm, but it was difficult with Adam holding him. They had still been in their skintight mission suits, which left very little to the imagination. Adam is so big and strong, and he has the most perfect pecs… Chase thought, as he lost consciousness.

Meanwhile Adam, poor Adam: I will get him up to bed and out of this suit so he is more comfortable, Adam thought. He carried him upstairs into one of the guest rooms.

Chase moaned, seemed to have trouble breathing, muttered …cold…"

Poor little guy! Adam rationalized that he needed to get Chase out of that suit and into bed, and he'd heard that the best way to warm someone up was body contact. In moments he stripped himself naked, and more gingerly he got Chase out of his suit. Oh my gosh, he's gorgeous. Chase really did have a perfect body. He was into martial arts to supplement his bionic powers, and did some weight training so he was a muscular sixteen year old hunk. And his cock. Adam actually gasped when it flopped out. It was at least six inches soft, thick, uncut with big balls. I will not take advantage of Chase, I will not… He managed to just hug his brother, and pull him under the covers, holding their naked bodies together. He was a little embarrassed that his own seven inch cock was rock hard against Chase's firm stomach.