Lab Rats: Boys unite Part 2

Chase woke up again, feeling very strange. For one thing, he didn't come to immediate awareness like he always did. And as his senses began to tell him, he wasn't standing in his regeneration tube, but lying down in a soft warm bed. And he was naked… and there was someone else pressed up against him. What the…!?

His eyes snapped open and his bionic-enhanced brain came fully online. My tube was malfunctioning, I got Adam to break me out, then something about Eddy malfunctioning, and everyone else being away with Marcus… Marcus! Maybe Leo was right and that kid was not as innocent as he seemed.

Then Chase assessed his unusual sleeping situation. Why am I naked, and who… Then he felt a very strong arm around his body, and warm breath on the back of his neck. Not to mention a strong, also apparently naked body spooned against his back. Adam? Oh gosh, what is going on? I can't be in bed with Adam like this. What if he finds out… I can't control my body that well; I'm only 16 after all. It's worse than my Commando App!

"Are you feeling better, little bro?" Adam asked softly, splaying his fingers over Chase's tensed, defined abs. "I could tell you just woke up. It's kind of nice sleeping in a bed. Different." Adam made a strange kind of purring sound then.

Adam was rattling on like he usually did. Chase decided to keep very still and pretend like he still wasn't feeling well, maybe kind of groggy and not realizing what was going on. Adam was usually easy to fool. "Where… am I? What is this place? Why am I naked?" Then, against his will, his body shivered violently. A diagnostic warning came up that his body temp was low, and he was dehydrated.

When he shivered, Adam pulled him closer in a strong but gentle grip. "Dude, you have been shaking like that, but not as much the last hour or so. Before he shut down, Eddy said your cryo regeneration didn't complete, and you were hypothermic…"

Chase marveled to himself that Adam was able to say all those big words; it was kind of cute.

"…so I remembered the best way to warm someone up is body heat. We're in a guest bedroom upstairs. Eddy locked down the house, we are the only ones here."

Chase decided that it wasn't worth faking just to save his pride if things were that bad, though he did feel really weak. "Thanks, Adam, that was quick thinking to have Eddy lock the house, in case there were intruders after Mr. Davenport's secrets. Do you think you could get me a glass of water? My diagnostics say I'm badly dehydrated. I still don't feel really good."

"Sure buddy, and I'll get us another comforter." Adam hopped out of the bed.

Chase couldn't help staring at the view of Adam's back… and his backside… as he went to the bathroom. And when he came back out… Wow, I guess I've never seen Adam naked before. He managed to look away, but felt himself getting an erection and was glad for all the fluffy covers.

Here you go: two big glasses, and I'm gonna get blankets and look around the house. I'll be right back."

Chase had finished the water and was already feeling a little better when Adam returned a couple of minutes later with an armload of blankets. "I don't know what happened. Eddy is still completely out, but before, he said he might have to shut down to fight a virus? Most of the lab is not working, including communications. The house is secure though. I brought us some energy bars too." He unfurled a couple of the biggest blankets on the bed and climbed in.

Chase smiled at his adopted brother's resourcefulness. Adam was not as dumb as he liked to pretend. "Good job dude. Maybe I should have a look at the lab… He started to get up—and suddenly felt dizzy. Adam leapt out of the bed and had to support him, helping him back in.

"Chase you are not ready to go anywhere. You still feel cold, and let the water get in your system. I'll get some more."

"Okay…" Chase felt strangely happy. No one had ever pampered him like this before. His only childhood was with Mr. Davenport, and he was not exactly 'mister nurturing.'

The next thing he knew, Adam was back (still naked—man that guy has the body of a god! I feel like such a little runt compared to him) with a big pitcher of water. He crawled in the bed next to Chase and helped him sit up while he drank another glass of water. "Thanks, Adam. The water should help my body regulate my temperature. You are being so nice to me."

Adam looked surprised and almost stricken. "Dude you are my baby brother, of course I'm going to look after you. You just never needed it before, between the brains, and the force field, and Spike." He grinned, making reference to their nickname for Chase's Commando App, when he would turn into this fearless fighting machine.

"Well, thanks, I just wanted you to know…" Chase shivered again.

"Uh oh, time to warm you up." Adam gently but firmly pulled Chase down under the covers and spooned behind him. If I get him high enough against my chest, if I get a woody again he won't feel it. Adam thought.

But Chase was worried that Adam's hand was going too close to his crotch and he was already getting an embarassing hardon again, so he tried to scrunch down.

"Chase, stop wriggling!" Adam said with a little laugh. "What's wrong?"

The younger Lab Rat took a deep breath. "I, um, have a little problem, down there, and it's kind of embarrassing, okay?"

Adam giggled.

"Why are you laughing?" Chase demanded, feeling his cheeks get hot.

"Well, if anything, I don't think—" He had to pause to giggle again "—that it's a little problem! But if it makes you feel any better, I, uh, have a problem too." And as he said it, he used his superior strength to pull Chase down so they were completely spooned together.

Chase could feel Adam's erection pressed against his lower back. It made him even harder. He started breathing faster, and he could even feel Adam's heart rate increasing. And if that wasn't bad enough, Adam's hand began to very slowly slide over his smooth chest and stomach, up and down, but ever closer to his cock, and then it would pause, and Adam would gently pull Chase tight against him again. A few times a finger would brush one of his tender nipples, and it would be like little electrical charges through his body. I've never had any kind of sex with another person, but if it is better than this, I think it would kill me!

"Are you okay?" Adam asked softly in his ear. "You're really quiet, and you are kind of trembly, but you aren't shivering. I'm sorry, am I doing stuff I shouldn't? I'm just kind of… scared right now, and it's just you and me. It's just… really nice holding you like this, Chase." Oh gosh it's way better than nice. I can't believe I'm feeling up Chase's hot chest! I'd love to really feel him up, but I don't want to freak him out. He's still not feeling good.

I forget how much he is a little boy in so many ways, even though he's three years older than me, but what he's doing feels so awesome. I'm just scared to tell him I have these feelings… Chase copped out; he just didn't feel brave enough right then to tell Adam that he thought he was probably gay (a concept he had only recently come to understand since they had been allowed to enter high school), and he had a crush on his adopted brother. I'm sure his hand on my stomach is just to reassure me. "Adam…" Chase whispered, "It feels nice. Your body feels great against me, keeping me warm. Please don't stop holding me."

Adam sighed. Well I guess I'll take that for now. I am spooning with the hunky little guy of my dreams. When he feels better and I'm feeling braver maybe we can talk about some of that crazy stuff two guys can do together that Leo showed me on the internet. While he was thinking about it, his cock got harder and pulsed against Chase's lower back. He worked his lower arm under Chase so he could wrap both arms around him and pull the smaller guy close. Then he very lightly kissed Chase on the back of the neck, as they both drifted off to sleep.

Hmm, now what? Romance and Danger to follow…