Arwen Prince sat in the musty old library in Hogwarts School of Wizardry; she was staring out the window in a trance, watching the leaves dance across the sky. She was in the middle of writing a History of Magic, but her mind had seemed to drift off.

"Ari!" a voice screamed whilst slamming a book on the table, dust flew everywhere making Arwen sneeze as well as shriek, "Sorry" Lily Evans said sheepishly, sitting down next to her dear old friend. Arwen wiped her nose with her sleeve and set her attention towards her parchment, making it seem like she had been working on it this whole time.

"Hello Lily dear" she looked up again to meet Lily's green eyes, which went perfectly with her bright red hair. Lily was definitely pretty, beautiful even, Arwen had always been jealous, her black hair, nearly black eyes and pale skin didn't even compare. Lily had definitely grown into a wonderful young woman since Arwen had known her. When they had first met when they were eight or nine years old, Lily's red hair was much curly as it was frizzy, her nose was too big for her childish face and her cheeks puffed out. But even then she still turned heads by boys her age, like she did with that awful James Potter. Arwen shuddered at the thought of him.

"What is a Ravenclaw doing daydreaming instead of doing homework!? Or are you daydreaming about doing more homework?" Lily teased

"Just because Ravenclaw's are studious, does not me we like doing homework, we are just good at it" Arwen rolled her eyes, being friends with people outside of her house always meant rival house teasing, not that she minded, she did the same, it was surprising, though shouldn't be, how accurate peoples personalities were so alike to their house. Well most of time it was. Sometimes it was the opposite.

"Says the brawny brain" Lily stuck her tongue out as she opened her book,

"Is Sev still coming?" Right as Lily said those words Severus Snape entered the library; Lily waved her arms, beckoning him over, a blushing Severus headed over. It was so obvious that Severus was in love with Lily, well maybe to everyone but Lily, but though she was smart she was also oblivious to boys, she even believed that James Potter truly did not like her, and was just saying so to bug her.

"Hi Lily" Snape said sitting down next to her, Lily smiled and looked back down to her notes


"Oh, hi Ari" Arwen smiled knowingly at Snape, as he blushed a further shade of pink and shrugged deeper into his seat. Snape grabbed his potions book and started taking notes inside, not a very nice thing to do to the book, but it was better than drawing obscene pictures inside it, or worse, folding over the pages.

Now that there was company, Arwen continued to write her paper instead of staring off into the distance.

The sound of laughter filled the room; all three heads snapped up to see James Potter and Sirius Black enters the library, earning a warning look from the Librarian, Professor Wilson, for disrupting the silence. Arwen sighed deeply; she didn't feel like dealing with these dolts, she looked back to Lily and Severus, they mirroring the same dread she felt.

"Well hello my Lily dear" James strolled up while Sirius stayed behind looking around the room, Arwen winced at his choice of words,

"Only Ari can call me that" Apparently she had felt the same, she snapped her head back down to her notes,

"Oh? I didn't think Prince had a crush on you as well, must run in the family" Sirius smirked, eyeing Severus. Severus gripped his chair tightly. Lily rolled her eyes, but continued to ignore them

"What do you want" Arwen spat, wondering where her courage had come from, James smiled at this

"We're just looking for our mates, you know people who hang out with you because they like you, not cause they feel pity for you or are related to you" Lily glared at James. Feeling her courage drain, Arwen bowed her head in defeat and focused her eyes towards the setting sun outside. Part of her felt that James comment was true, not that Lily had pitied her, the three of them had been friends for years, even before Hogwarts, even before Lily knew about magic. But Arwen wasn't the most social person, sure she had a few acquaintances, mostly people in her house, she had plenty of people she could go to for homework help or study buddies. But her only true friends were Severus, who was her cousin, who she had grown up with, and Lily. And none of them were even in the same house.

"Remus isn't here" Severus snarled

"Well we can see that, but maybe it took you a second with all that hair in the way" Severus shrank back, letting more of his long hair to fall in his face

"Have fun with your studying" Sirius sarcastically said, and with that they left. Lily slammed her hand against the table

"Ugh those, those, those Jerks!" Arwen shrugged, and turned back to her work, sadly to say she was used to this, she had always been put down, especially spending much time at her cousins. Her Uncle Toby, Severus's father, was a muggle and didn't take the fact that his family was magical lightly. He was an abusive drunk who never had anything good to say. Arwen's mother, who was Severus's mother's oldest sister, worked a lot, especially after the separation from Arwen's father. Due to this, a lot of her childhood was spent with Severus at his home in Spinners End.

Lily ignored Arwen and continued to rant

"Who do they think they are? What makes them think they can put down whomever they see fit? And to think that they are the future of the wizarding world!" Arwen and Severus shared a look, they knew there was no sense of interrupting. It was better to nod in agreement until she huffed in annoyance and muttered to herself. It was then that they could console her.

"They're prats, they always have been and always will be, no sense fretting over it" Severus said, "Now come on, let's go get some dinner, I'm starved" Lily nodded and they began to put their things away, Lily looked up at Arwen, noticing she wasn't moving a muscle.

"Aren't you coming?" Arwen shook her head,

"In a bit, I just want to finish this and then I'll grab something to eat" Lily shot her a knowing look, "Honestly I'm fine, I was just on a roll with this and just want to get it done! Now go, I promise I'll meet up with you lot later." Severus took Lily's shoulder, guiding her out.

"Okay, only if you're sure"

"Go!" They scurried off with a wave before they could get in trouble for talking; Arwen shook her head smiling a little. Determined, she threw her thoughts of what Potter and Black had said and she finished her homework.

It was late now; dinner was definitely over, to Arwen's dismay. She hadn't realized how long she had been in the library. And now that she wasn't distracted, she kept thinking about what those prats had said about her. She didn't like being anti-social, she couldn't help it. She was socially awkward, and she had seemed stuck up since her nose was almost always in a book. She rubbed her eye with her free hand, bringing it back to her books and held them gently against her chest. Suddenly, with a thud, she bumped into something, making her drop her books and supplies. After a yelp of surprise she realized it was someone that she bumped into. Not even looking she muttered an apology and knelt down to pick up her stuff.

"Holy crap, I'm sorry! I'm supposed to be preventing trouble in the halls not causing them!" She looked up to see it was Remus Lupin she had bumped into. Her cheeks started to heat up, she shook her head in response not being able to utter a word. Remus was a prefect, a perfect prefect thought Arwen. Ever since their first year Arwen had a slight crush on Remus. Nothing serious, they had been potion partners their first year, but had rarely spoken to each other since. After that, he had met his current friends who ended up as his partners in varying classes. He was smart, of course his friends wanted to be partners with him, James and Sirius could slack off a bit while Peter Pettigrew, the fourth member of their group, relied on Remus to help him.

Remus picked up some of her books, eyeing the book on top, 'Dracula: The Unofficial Official Biography' by Bartle Berry .

"We're not up to Dracula in history" he stated, she shook her head. He gave her a look, asking her silently why she was reading this unassigned non-fiction book.

"Berry is one of my favorite authors, "The Field Guide to Crop Circles' was brilliant" Arwen shrugged, Remus looked amused,

"That's one of my favorites!" Arwen blushed even more

"My favorite is 'Howling Moon'" Remus winced but continued to smile at her

"Great minds think alike" At this point Arwen's face must have looked like a tomato. He handed her books and she gratefully took them, but the distancing voices of two boys wiped away her smile.

"I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys Bartle Berry's antics" but Arwen had not heard him, she instead muttered a thank you and dashed off before James and Sirius caught up. Remus watched her rush away.

"Did I say something wrong?"

"Are you talking to yourself again Lupin?" Remus looked up to his friends, not even realizing he spoke aloud.

"No, I, oh never mind, what are you two up to? It's almost curfew, I don't feel like keeping an eye out for you tonight" Remus droned, he loved his trouble-making friends but tonight he didn't want to deal with their tricks, the full moon was less than a week away and that usually meant he would be getting antsy.

"Actually we were looking for you; Minnie wanted us to let you know that we have detention!" Sirius exclaimed cheerily. Remus sighed it was almost like Professor McGonagall knew it was torture for him to escort them to and from detention. Though it wasn't like he had a choice, anyone who had detention was highly advised to be with a Prefect or Head Boy or Girl after curfew, and the other Gryffindor prefect, who was actually Lily, had made Remus promise he would deal with his friends as much as they could, or he would only have Peter.

"I'd ask why, but I really just rather not know, where is it tonight?"

"Fifth floor toilets, we are to clean them without magic!" James made a face, Remus sighed again

"Well come on, I need to make my rounds" And they made their way to the fifth floor.

Arwen slammed her faced into her pillow and groaned. Why him? Why did it have to be him? She knew she didn't have a chance with him, she didn't even think she would want to actually be with him due to who he keeps as company, but she still had feelings nonetheless. She rolled out of bed picking up a roll that she had saved from lunch and took a bite. She wasn't entirely hungry anymore but she knew she had to eat. She changed into her night robes and settled down into her bed. She looked down to her book that had Remus strike up a conversation with her, and sighed, she blew out her candle and fell asleep thinking about how much of a coward she really was.

A/N: Hello all, I just want to say thank you taking an interest in my story! I'm so excited about the feedback I've gotten already. In this story Arwen is bullied heavily, it's a real problem and I just wanted to let my readers know that I'm here if you need to talk. If you're being bullied, if you feel ignored, if just don't feel like yourself or if you need to talk please know that you can PM me! You're never alone! =] ~Coley~