Richard Grayson just walked in from feeding the horses from in the barn. His holey light denim jeans were covered in dirt as well as all over his light flannel. It was a humid seventy degrees in Alabama at seven am. Richard is twenty two year old country man, his whole life revolved around the great outdoors, the farm, and his adoptive father Bruce Wayne's billion dollar company.

"Richard I need to speak with you for a moment." Bruce spoke motioning his song to his office of their large town house.

"What is it Bruce?" The Ebony haired young man asked.

"Well you remember my partner John from Gotham city? Well he has a daughter around your age." Richard gave a skeptical look; he had met John's son and older daughter Kim, but never a daughter of his age.

"Why does this involve me?" Richard asked.

"Dick Mr. Anders and I have arranged his daughter and you to be married." Bruce rushed out making Richard's eyes open wide. "Before you flip out John and I have been thinking about this for a while, and we both have been watching you both quite intently. Sure you guys come from completely different settings, and will have disagreements, but we both believe you guys would be great together. Here John sent over a picture. Her name is Kori." Bruce pulled out a picture from his top desk drawer and handed it to Richard. The picture was of a beautiful girl with bright scarlet waist length hair, big almond shaped emerald eyes, full lips. She had a diamond Monroe piercing on her right side of her face. Her flawless tanned skin looked amazing under the lights of the city. She was a skinny little thing but curvy none the less. In the picture she was showing off her bright straight teeth as she leaned on the balcony of a city building at night.

"Wow she's stunning." Richard spoke eyeing the picture carefully.

"So you're pleased?" Bruce asked smirking.

"Yes I am." The young man responded without hesitation.

"Good, you will be in Gotham by dawn tomorrow. So finish whatever needs done and go pack." Bruce informed.

"Tomorrow?" Richard chocked out.

"Yes but don't worry you'll be getting married in four months. So you can have some time to get acquainted before the big day. Now go on." Bruce spoke as he watched his son leave his office with a look of pure shock on his face though the picture still in his hands.

Kori Anders groaned loudly as she heard a loud pounding on the front door of her beautiful three bedroom roof top apartment.

"Kori Sloan Anders get out of bed right now! It's eleven thirty!" John hollered as he continued to pound. With a loud moan Kori got out of bed and shuffled her feet against her wooden floors to the door.

"What do you want dad?" The redhead growled as she through open the white painted wood entry.

"Can I come in?" John asked. Kori merely moved slightly to the left as she watched her father slip past her.

"What's this about?" Kori asked right to the point not wanting to waste any time.

"You're tying the knot."John said directly as he sipped his coffee.

"One more time?"

"For the second time you're getting married. Bruce my partner has a son your age and to make more money we feel like merging the companies will give us more money, so you guys are to be married. Plus you could use a good boy, not those bad boys you bring home with you. Kori you need to settle down you are getting to old for all this partying." John said.

"You're selling me out? What if I don't even like him?" Kori protested loudly suddenly wide awake making her father roll his dark eyes.

"Trust me sweetheart you will, Bruce sent a picture." John spoke as he took a picture out of his jacket pocket and handed it to his daughter. In the picture there stood Richard looking like a country god, his shirt was off revealing his perfect muscular body. He wore dark jeans as his crystal blue eyes glowed in the sunrise.

"Damn… does this boy have a name?"Kori asked intrigued.

"Richard Grayson." John stated simply. "Happy?"

"Very." The redhead purred.

"Great, because he will be here by nine am tomorrow. So please by up and ready, OK?" John asked.

"Yea yea whatever up and ready. I got it." Kori hissed. "Now if you don't mind I'd like to go back to sleep." Kori said opening for her dad to leave making him huff.

"I'll see you bright and early." He informed her making her scoff as she slammed the door without a word and crawled back into bed.

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