A/N: This is a True Blood crossover, but you don't have to watch the show to understand it. For those interested, there's a brief primer on my Tumblr. Unbeta'd. Enjoy!

First Bite

Santana wasn't usually one for the bar scene. She found the vampires who frequented such establishments to be the worst kind of vampire: young, power-hungry, and itching for a fight. But one night her oldest friend - if you could call her that - dragged her to Fangtasia and she decided she would try to have a good time for Quinn's sake. She didn't have many other options.

She had only been there ten minutes when Quinn ditched her and she heard a commotion in the corner. She looked over and saw a human girl - she couldn't have been more than twenty - caught between two male vampires. A mixture of intrigue and absolute terror was blended in the girl's eyes as she looked back and forth, increasingly uneasy with the way they were grasping her elbows, pulling like a rag doll.

Poor thing. Santana couldn't even see any bite marks on her. Most likely she was here on a dare or some sick kind of sorority pledging ritual where the recruits were sent to vampire bars and told not to come back without fang marks. Kids these days.

Santana tried to ignore the escalating conversation. She wasn't about to let two baby vamps ruin her night. She prided herself on her self-control, and was disgusted by vampires who couldn't restrain themselves just because a particular human looked and smelled nice.

And this girl did look and smell nice. More than nice, actually, but something was off. She had worn what must have been someone else's shirt, because she didn't look quite confident enough to sport the plunging neckline. The necklace the draped over and between her breasts was a nice touch. Her breasts were especially alluring. Round and soft and pale. The girl's corn silk blonde hair flowed just past her nipple line, shining in the dim light of the bar.

When she could no longer enjoy her glass of synthetic blood without hearing every word the male vampires were saying, Santana decided she'd had enough of their idiotic predatory argument. She wasn't going to let two baby vampires ruin this stupid girl's life. Not that she cared for humans much, other than having fun with them in the past and feeding from her regular rotation. When she heard one of the men say, "We can both play with her, huh? We'll take turns. She's looking for thrills," followed by a demonic laugh, she stalked over to the corner and released her teeth, glaring at the men before her.

"You're doing a great job of making sure she talks crap about us to her whole sorority," Santana sneered.

The girl looked up at Santana with a combination of fear and relief. Luckily she didn't know that Santana had no seniority over these idiot vamps. But the men released her elbows.

Santana stayed cool. "Girl, who sent you here?"

The girl swallowed. "No one. I've been here before."

"No one likes a liar."

The girl hung her head. "My friends sent me."

"I bet they gave you that shirt, too," Santana cooed, tilting her head as she admired the girl's cleavage.

The girl kept her gaze downcast and nodded.

"What did they set you up to, sweetheart?" Santana mocked. "You come here to get your first bite?"

The girl's eyes scanned the room, lingering on the door.

"Answer me," Santana commanded.

"Yes," the girl mumbled.

"And now you're having second thoughts," Santana finished.


Santana straightened up. "You heard her, boys. Back off."

The men slunk away, leaving the girl alone in the booth.

"What's your name, girl?"


"Go home, Brittany. Vampires can't bother you there, but if you hang around here, you can be certain they will."

Brittany nodded and scooted halfway out of the booth before looking up at Santana with hesitant but daring eyes. "Would you be my first bite?" she asked, her voice meek.

"Excuse me?" Santana asked, stunned.

"Would you be my first bite," Brittany repeated. "I may have come here on a dare, but I'm curious," she shrugged. "Lots of girls at Tri Delta like it."

Santana sighed. She had been right, this girl was a sorority recruit. "If your so-called sisters set you up to this, you might want to reconsider pledging," Santana said. "Fangbanging is nothing to be proud of. Now leave before those idiots decide they can't handle their shit."

Brittany sighed and slid out of the booth, heading for the door with her shoulders drawn into herself. When she reached the threshold, she paused and looked back at Santana before slinking out into the night.

After finishing her synthetic blood, which was unsatisfying but palatable, Santana went outside for a cigarette. Now that she didn't have to worry about lung cancer or anything, she made it a habit. Her parents had hated it when she was a teen, but after being turned in college, she hadn't thought twice about it.

No sooner had she held the flame to the end of her cigarette, Brittany slid up beside her. "Can I borrow your light?" she asked.

Santana sighed. This girl had to be the stupidest human she'd met in a long time. Without making eye contact, she tossed her lighter in Brittany's direction.

"Thanks," she heard.

Santana barely grunted a welcome as she took her first drag off her cigarette, blowing the smoke out to curl in the cold night air.

"Do you have a favorite kind?" the girl asked.

"This stuff's fine," Santana said, trying to convey how disinterested she was in pursuing anything.

"I mean blood type. I've heard the synthetic stuff isn't as good as the real thing."

Santana looked at the girl and was surprised to find a playful smile on her face. "What's it to you? I'm not interested."

The girl shrugged. "Maybe the fact that I'm AB negative will change your mind."

Santana froze. That did complicate things. AB negative was her favorite type, and as luck would have it, the rarest blood type in the world. In her less refined days, she had glamoured dozens of humans into letting her drink from them. But she shook the memory off. Ever since vampires had come out of the coffin, she'd been keeping a low profile. She hated that the decision had been made for her, but had grown accustomed to her adjusted lifestyle, frequenting a few accommodating humans a week, paying them for their blood, and never getting into anything freaky or complicated.

But biting a vamp virgin would bring on complications she wasn't sure she wanted.

"You like AB negative, don't you?" Brittany asked, her smile growing smug.

"Maybe," Santana said, trying to stay cool. "But I don't like fangbangers and I don't do first bites."

"How can I be a fangbanger if I've never been bitten?" Brittany challenged.

Santana pursed her lips, turning her torso towards Brittany. If Brittany was going to challenge and tempt her like this, she needed to know what she was getting into and why. "Why do you want to get bitten? Some sorority thing? Because that is the stupidest reason I've ever heard. If they asked you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?"

The girl's smile dulled. She took a breath. "I don't need a sorority to get me to do something I've always been curious about."

"Why are you curious?"

"Everyone I've talked to says it feels really good."

"Find some coed to roleplay with and don't mess with vamps."

"You think I haven't done that already?" Brittany said, her expression growing challenging. "Human teeth can only do so much."

That surprised Santana.

"What do you have against humans anyway?" Brittany asked. "If I were a vampire, would you be so standoffish?"

Santana paused, trying not to flare at this stupid and persistent girl. She had to admit Brittany was gorgeous, and if she were a vampire, she'd have been the first person Santana talked to in the bar. But it didn't matter. "You're not a vampire."

Brittany shrugged. "I thought the fact that I'm AB negative would make up for my pulse."

Santana paused. She didn't want to admit that it did. She turned towards Brittany "You really want to do this?" she asked, licking her lips as her mouth watered at the thought of tasting rare blood after so long.

"Would I have waited outside for so long if I didn't?"

Santana looked the girl up and down, her gaze lingering on the soft, pink pulse on the side if her neck. It looked divine. As she thought about undressing and having her way with Brittany, she felt her fangs prick out as she fought to keep from growling.

"You have five seconds to get in your car and leave before I take you up on your offer."

Brittany swallowed and Santana saw her pulse quicken in the spot on her neck. Brittany locked eyes with Santana and held her gaze.



Santana's arousal mounted with each flicker of Brittany's pulse.


Santana swallowed the saliva pooling in her mouth.


Brittany bit her lip.


If Brittany was baiting her, Santana would give her what she wanted and then some.

"Time's up," Santana growled, grabbing Brittany by the elbow and yanking her from where they stood outside the bar.

Keeping her fangs tucked in, Santana paid for a hotel room in cash and tugged Brittany up the stairs. She slid the card in the door and pulled Brittany in. She tried to think of things to say to warn Brittany, but settled for "Anything I should know?"

Brittany shook her head.

Santana tore Brittany's shirt off her and threw her on the bed so hard, she bounced. Brittany's eyes flew open wide, but to Santana's surprise, she giggled. Santana didn't know if she was angered or turned on by that giggle, but whatever she felt, it made her fangs poke back out. She leapt on top of Brittany, bending low and running her nose up the side of Brittany's neck, smelling and letting her mouth water. Brittany smelled good.

"You ready for your first bite, sweetheart?" she cooed, her smirk ringing through her words.

"Yeah," Brittany gasped, her hands tensing on Santana's back. "Do it."

Santana licked a stripe up Brittany's neck before plunging her fangs into Brittany's warm, soft skin, piercing the flesh as Brittany spasmed beneath her.

"Oh!" Brittany cried out.

Santana let the hot, metallic liquid seep into her mouth for a second before she began to suck, feeling Brittany wriggle beneath her, overwhelmed. The taste was exquisite. It was everything good she could remember about food and wine and sex from her human days, and then some.

Santana sucked harder as she jammed her hand into Brittany's skirt, finding her panties soaked on contact. She had forgotten how satisfying it was to hardly have to work to turn someone on. The past few years of having sex with only vampires had dulled that memory. This was refreshing.

As Brittany's blood seeped down her throat, hot and satisfying, Brittany groaned and pressed her hands into Santana's back harder. "Oh GOD!" she moaned. Brittany kept writhing until Santana decided to back off. She didn't want to feed too quickly and weaken the girl before she could have more fun with her. She slurped up the blood that dripped from the fang marks and licked the wound, watching as a few drops slid down Brittany's neck onto the pillow.

"There you go," Santana hummed. "Your first bite."

"So good!" Brittany panted, rocking into Santana's hand. "Oh, wow, so good!" She was smiling as her head rolled to the side on the pillow. "Was it good for you?"

Santana had never been asked that before. The humans she had slept with always assumed it was good for her because she was feeding. "Uh huh," she grunted.

"Are you done?" Brittany asked.

Santana let out a low chuckle. "Not even close, sweetheart."