My first ever Inazuma Eleven fic. Please review!

Dear Ichinose,

In a few days, it'll be Christmas already. I know that you're looking in your wallet at this moment, counting whatever spare cash you have left, wondering if the gift you'd like to get me would break the bank. I know you're trying to decide whether to buy, make something yourself, or just send a letter like you did last year. I know you'd like to get me something that'd make me happy. While this is all well and good, what I want for Christmas this year is different. It's not a pair of shoes, a bag, a laptop, or anything like that. It's not something you can buy or make. It doesn't cost anything. Yet I'd be the happiest girl in the world if I could have it.

What could it be, you might wonder? What gift can't be bought or made? What gift doesn't cost anything? And what could make me the happiest girl in the world? I know all these questions must be dancing in your head as you read this. It seems like one huge riddle. But the truth is, it's not.

The answer to these questions is just one word: YOU.

Yes, Ichinose. That's all I want for Christmas. YOU. Not material things like shoes and bags. Not expensive things like laptops. Not money or food. Nothing else. Sure, they're all good, but once the food is eaten, the money is spent, the shoes are worn, the bags are used, and the laptops crash, what next? They can't talk to me or give me advice. They can't laugh with me or grow old with me. They can't wipe my tears away. They can't save me from getting hurt. But you can.

Throughout all the years we've been best friends, you've done all this and more. You've done so much for me that I don't know where to start. Even when you left for America, you tried your best to keep in touch with me despite your busy schedule. It was always a treat to get a letter from you. Now, when I'm feeling really sad and low, I just take out one of your letters and read it, and soon I'd feel better.

Still, not even your letters can compete with your presence. Actually talking to a person and reading a letter from that person are two different things. With a letter you can only get as far as the paper and whatever's written on it. And paper is so fragile, it can be eaten by termites, set on fire, or ripped apart. But actually seeing your special someone…the memory stays in your mind for as long as you live, till the day you die. So this Christmas, I would really love to see your face again, talk to you, just be with you. I know you're busy, but, but…I'd appreciate it if you were to be with me again, even for just a little while.

To wrap things up…sure, while I love the gifts you give me, remember: all I want for Christmas is you.

Love you always,