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This is my first ROTG fanfic. I've only seen the movie once and I can't get this out of my head. I'll try my best to keep the characters in character.

He was still weak, but he sustained his form and the fearling's that once took him were back under his control after many attempts of regaining back control.

He sent only few fearling's a night to take over more dream sand for few children, restoring his strength and power in fear. He was lucky that it went unnoticed as they lurked in the shadows. Even from MiM.

One particular fearling was shaped as a horse and he spoke to it.

"I know I'm still weak, but I'm getting stronger. I will take my revenge."

The fearling continued to float. Was it that Pitch feared Jack?

He stroked the nightmare dust and darkly chuckled, "I will have my revenge on all the guardians. But first. Jack Frost."

The workshop was very busy this time of year. It was the middle of December and the yeti's were at work. Christmas was coming up and even though they made presents half the year, they were still very busy.

North was in his workshop room working on a plane sculpture. And he hadn't been disturbed in a while. North was finally done and threw the plane letting it fly. But bad luck struck him when it flew near the door and the yeti, Phil flew it open yelling about something.

"What is it now?" North asked trying to catch what the yeti was saying.

Phil slowed down what ever he was saying and North caught on. They stepped outside his room and the yeti pointed up to the ceiling. North looked up to see many elves upside down stuck to the ceiling, frozen by their feet. Most of them were laughing.

North softly chuckled and said, "Very funny, Jack. Where are you?"


North didn't see exactly where Jack was but he came flying down. North looked around and saw a window near the roof open explaining why Jack had access to wind.

"Jack, fun time over. Let the elves go."

The Winter spirit sighed, "Fine."

He pointed his staff at the elves and sliced through the air with it. And suddenly the ice holding up the elves shattered and they began to fall down.

Jack just asked mid air, "Wind could you-" With that a wind current caught them and set them down safely. Jack gave a laugh and North joined in.

North had grown used to all the pranks on his elves and yeti's. Jack was staying with him now. To some level.

"That's the third prank today, Jack." North stated joyfully.

Jack nodded and gave a stretch, "Yeah, I'm getting bored. I'm going to Burgess."

North quickly halted the boy, "Jack we have guardian's meeting later today."

Since Jack joined they had meetings every fortnight, keeping updated with each other and their work.

Jack gave him a smirk and said, "Jamie's on Christmas break and I haven't seen him in a while. Don't worry I'll be back later."

North gave a small nod, Jack visited Jamie often. He shared a special connection with the boy. That much he could tell and with that Jack flew out the open window.

Jack flew up around the town giving it a new layer of ice. Until he found Jamie building a snowman with his younger sister.

"Jamie, watch your sister. I'll be in the shop across the street for a few minutes."

He nodded at his mother and him and Sophie continued to build the snowman.

"Hey Jamie." Jack said out loud. He turned around to see Jack.

"Jack!" He happily greeted. He threw his arms around the guardian. "I missed you."

Jack hugged back and smiled at what Jamie said and said back, "I missed you too, little buddy."

Sophie giggled as she was distracted by snowflakes Jack was causing to distract her for a bit. They spoke for a while, mostly about what they were up to. Which wasn't all to much. The conversation was interrupted by Sophie,

"Jamie, mama's coming back."

The pair turned to the store to see Jamie's mother coming out.

"Visit me again soon, okay?"

Jack smiled and nodded, "Okay." As the conversation finished Jamie's mother called him over and Sophie had already ran over to their mother. Jamie quickly waved goodbye at Jack and Jack returned a wave.

Jack looked at the sun and it was slowly going down. The meeting always happen after sun down in Burgess.

"I still have time." Jack said to himself. He wanted to go to his lake. It was where he felt most at home, even though he was staying with North. It just didn't feel the same.

When he got there, time escaped him and he didn't notice it was past sun down.

"The frostbite is late. Again!" Bunnymund groaned, Jack was always late.

"He'll be here eventually." Tooth reassured, Baby Tooth on the other hand was as annoyed as Bunny though. She really wanted to see Jack.

Sandy used his dust and it shape of a clock ticking.

"I thought he was stayin' with you North. Don't you have rules?"

North gave a short laugh and replied, "Jack and rules? He respects rules, like he respects elves."

Some elves nodded, over hearing this.

North continued, "He's got a room and everything. But I can't control if he wants to go out. Sometimes I won't see him for days, but he always comes back...Eventually."

"You did remind him that we have a meeting today, didn't you?" Tooth asked.

"Yes. I bet anything, he is at lake." North answered with the first thing that popped in his head.

"The ratbag probably fell asleep. I'll go get him." Bunnymund groaned as he tapped his foot on the ground creating his rabbit hole and he jumped down in it.

North could feel something was wrong. He felt it in his belly.

Jack sat on a tree lost in thought, even though he hid it well he couldn't stop thinking about his life before. It still bothered him that what his memories showed him was the only thing he knew of his past.

The lake that he called 'home' was the place of his end and beginning. Snapping out of it he noticed that the sun was down and for a longtime.

"I'm so late." Jack got down from his tree about to let the wind take him back to North's workshop. Until he heard it.


He turned around and looked, he knew that voice.


He turned back around again. The voice was moving around and something else was too. He held his staff defensively and looked around. He heard a stick snap behind him and he turned around to see a large wave of fearling's coming at him. There had to a hundred at the least.

"Oh no." Jack muttered as he began using his evasive maneuver. He dodged as they tried striking at him together. Jack jumped to his left, did a quick roll and shot out ice from his staff at the fearling's, only freezing a few of them.

They tried striking at him again but Jack quickly dived to his right. Jack was about to stand back up until he heard,

"Stay down!"

Jack ducked and a boomerang was thrown destroying a few fearling's in his blind spot and the boomerang returned to it's owner. Jack got up and he went back to back with him.

"For once I'm actually glad to see you, kangaroo." Bunnymund groaned, Jack was going to start that up during this?

"What have you gotten yourself into frostbite?" Bunnymund muttered as the fearling's began to surround them.

"It's good to see you too." Jack replied back with a smirk. "Okay I'll lead them to the left. You lead them to the right."

Before Bunny had time to protest, Jack ran to his left. More than half of them followed Jack. Bunny ran to his right and threw three egg bombs at them.

Destroying a quarter of his, Bunny threw his boomerang trying to get the remainder but missed most of them.

Jack eventually got hit and went flying backwards and landed on ice. Jack quickly recovered and froze a lot of them, but Jack was only paying attention to what was infront of him. Jack didn't even notice he was on the lake.

Fearling's behind him gave some sort of signal to the ones infront and it was too late when Jack noticed a fearling zooming towards him from his left. It hit his hand holding his staff. The staff was knocked right away from him.

This is when Jack realized he was on the lake. Before Jack could do anything the fearling's behind him broke the ice around him. It quickly gave way and Jack quickly yelled in surprise and fell, sinking in the water.

"Jack!" Bunnymund yelled witnessing what happened and as he was about to attempt to rescue him but the fearling's zoomed at him and pinned him to a tree.

Other fearling's formed together about to strike Bunnymund with a powerful final blow.

Jack sank further and further down in the cold water. The memory replayed in his mind, right up until he fell and as it ended it was just nothing but black.

He suddenly remembered what happened, he needed to help Bunny. Now!

Jack's eyes snapped open.

The fearling's were about to strike Bunny. But suddenly the lake began glowing a bright blue, the glowing became brighter. Bunny was in a perfect position to witness all of this.

From the hole Jack fell in, the bright blue glowing got out from that hole. Bunnymund watched with awe as he realized it was Jack glowing.

His eyes were also glowing a bright pale blue. As Jack rose out of the lake the whole lake refroze mending the hole and cracks.

"Enough!" Jack yelled. He created a large orb of his winter magic and shot it at the fearling's like a ray. Upon contact with the powerful, winter magic the fearling's froze and shattered to nothing. He got the fearling's holding Bunny but he didn't get Bunny.

The fearling's turned to ice and shattered right before him. All of them were gone. The glowing faded and Jack floated back down to the surface. His eyes went from glowing back to his normal crystal blue eyes. Jack collapsed on the now sturdy ice.

Bunnymund shook himself out of the surprise and ran to his fellow guardians side after retrieving his staff. He was careful on the ice as he went over to Jack.

He helped Jack up and passed him his staff. Jack used his staff for support. Both of them could not believe what he just did. Jack was panting catching his breath, after what he just did Bunny wasn't surprised.

Bunnymund finally asked after a short silence, "How on earth did you do that?"

Jack took a few deep breaths and replied, "I don't know."

Unknown to the two, a fearling was spectating this battle and he returned to it's master after what Jack did.

The fearling transformed in the presence of it's master and replayed the battle from it's perspective like a recording.

Pitch watched as Jack unleashed this power without his staff. Pitch grinned evilly,

"The boy is more powerful than even to what he realizes. I have a change of plans for you, Jack Frost."

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