The sequel is out!

It is called 'Shadows of the Past.' Thank you guys that voted.

I said on the last chapter I would add Jack's POV when the guardians saved him on the sequel. But I decided not to so I'm adding the bonus here!

Jack was lying down on the ground in a ball. There was no sound. Complete silence and complete darkness. All alone. He felt like it was consuming him, until something pierced through the silence.

"Jack can you here us?"

He looked up at the sudden voice, the voice had returned. Jack didn't see, but a tiny crack appeared in the sky.

"What?" Jack called out as he stood up.

A new voice started to speak. It was soft and feminine, "You have too keep listening to us Jack!" The voice was like a mother. It was kind and sweet. It was so familiar.

Another voice spoke, "You have to think snowflake. Where you are isn't real."

Out of habit Jack yelled, "Who are you calling snowflake? kanga...roo." He said the last part rather quiet. He just realized what he said. Jack listened and began to think. None of it was real?

Another crack appeared unnoticed by Jack. He felt so confused, but as crazy as it sounded he trusted the voices. Another crack appeared the 'sky'.

The motherly voice spoke again, "You aren't alone."

The voice with the Australian accent spoke, "You have us."

Another crack appeared in the 'sky'.

"Remember us and Jamie."

"Jamie..." Jack repeated the name. He knew it.

"He's like your little brother. He was the first child to believe in you."

A vision filled his head of a boy with brown hair calling his name and hugging him.

Jack looked down and saw his attire had changed. He wore a blue material instead his cloak. The memories were taking time, but they were free. To remember them he needed only one last push.

"Jack you are a guardian. Once you are a guardian you are never alone because we are family."


His memories came rushing back to him. His first thought was, 'they think I'm family?'

He turned and saw them behind him. North, Bunny, Tooth and Sandy, suddenly he wasn't scared anymore, this was his family.

He felt safe.

A large crack over took the whole 'sky'.

Jack had enough time to look up at the crack before a bright light engulfed everything around him. It was warm. The next thing he knew he was laying in snow with Pitch approaching a captured North.

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