This is the sequel to Am I too Late to Save You, but it could possibly be read as a stand-alone fic. This one will follow Tōshirō and Jūshirō's road to recovery, as well as include pairings this time. There will be HitsuMatsu, ByaUki and ShunNanao. If there is anything anyone wants to see in this fic, let me know and I will try to add it in.

"Stop copying off my work!" Tōshirō Hitsugaya snapped in annoyance as he moved to cover his sheet with his chest. He sent a glare at his red-headed friend as he hastily closed his textbook, not willing to let his older friend cheat.

"Aww, come on, Tōshirō-kun…!" Renji Abarai pouted as he poked the white-haired child with his pen. "You know I don't understand this shit!"

"Not my problem." Tōshirō moved his work to the corner of his desk.

A year had passed since Tōshirō and his brother had been abducted by Aizen. He had come a long way in terms of healing from the scars that had been etched into his mind; he had come back to school and was completing his last year along with his group. The fact that he had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder wasn't as pronounced as it once was, seeing as he was able to ignore his pain and continue on with his life most of the time.

"You're smarter than me at this!" Renji continued to whine. "Teach me!"

Tōshirō was only fifteen, but he was still smarter than a lot of his peers, considering he had missed a lot of schooling. He sighed as he put his pen down and resigned himself to the frustrating task of trying to teach an uninterested Renji Psychology.

"Are you coming down the street with us after school today?" Renji asked, completely disregarding everything Tōshirō had just told him about conformity.

Tōshirō took a deep breath before he replied. "…No. I promised Rangiku I would come over today."

"You're no fun." Renji grabbed his phone out of his pocket, despite the fact that his friend was still trying to teach him something.

Tōshirō gave up. He knew that it was pointless. He should just focus on his own work and let Renji get into trouble for not working.


The day had passed slowly for the Hitsugaya. He took his time leaving the school after the home bell rang, knowing that Rangiku wouldn't be home until a bit later after she finished work. There was no point in going home until then or else he would have to bother someone for a lift.

The boy grabbed his iPod from his pocket and put his earphones in. He listened to music as he walked to the middle of town, deciding to at least do a bit of shopping before he headed to Rangiku's. His brother had given him his pocket money for the week, and because he didn't often spend much on anything other than what he needed, he usually had a generous amount of money stashed away.

When Tōshirō found himself at Rangiku's just an hour and a half later, he was rather pleased with the small stockpile of candy he had bought for his brother, because it meant that there was enough to let Rangiku raid it without fear of there being none left.

"You're so thoughtful, Tōshirō," Rangiku spoke as she sucked on a lollipop.

Tōshirō just shrugged. "Might as well share…"

Rangiku smiled at her friend as she helped herself to the sweets laid out before her on the coffee table. She knew that Tōshirō was focused mainly on the TV, which meant that she could pull him onto her lap without a fight.

"R-rangiku!" Tōshirō growled as he tried to get off the girl's lap, but it was pointless; she had her arms wrapped tightly around him.

"You know, I heard a secret about you just the other day." Rangiku's smile grew larger and a bit playful as Tōshirō tilted his head in confusion.

"A secret…?" Tōshirō frowned. "From whom?"

"Your brother." Rangiku had a glint in her eye that Hitsugaya only ever saw when she was up to no good.

Tōshirō groaned. "Do I want to know what he said…?"

Rangiku didn't reply with words; instead, she placed her lips softly on the young boy's, loosening her grip on him as he stopped struggling.

Matsumoto didn't take advantage of Tōshirō's shocked state and instead pulled away, giving him time to register what had happened.

Tōshirō's glazed eyes slowly returned to focus as he realised what Rangiku had just done. He raised a hand to his lips, almost as if he couldn't believe what she had just done. Then it dawned on him; she had just stolen a kiss from the younger.

"…R-rangiku…" Tōshirō mumbled. His cheeks were painted a dark red as a blush came over him. He ducked his head, looking down at his lap. "…"

"Your brother told me that you like me." Rangiku's tone was gentle as she lifted the younger's head to face her. "It's good, because I've always loved you, Tōshirō."

Tōshirō frowned for a few seconds before a large smile crossed his face. "R-really…?"

"Yes." Rangiku leant down and kissed him again. "What do you say, Tōshirō? Do you want to take our relationship further?"

Tōshirō was overcome with joy as he nodded exuberantly. He buried his face in Rangiku's chest as his tiny hands fisted her black shirt.

"Let's go get some lunch to celebrate." Rangiku stood with the boy still in her arms. She laughed as the younger one let out a small squeak and clung to her tightly. "Just not in public, okay? I could get into a lot of trouble because you're young."

Tōshirō nodded. "I-I know. Rangiku, can we go to the diner on Main Street? They have the best watermelon."

Rangiku nodded and kissed Tōshirō's forehead. "You and your watermelon. Of course we'll go there."

Tōshirō's smile couldn't have been brighter than it was as Rangiku carried him out to the car. This was probably the best day of his life.