Disclaimer: I own strictly nothing. Neither the characters, nor the setting, not even the pairing idea. The two formers belong to the Great Master Tolkien, while the latter is Deborah's.

Author's note: This is for Deborah's birthday. Happy birthday Deborah! Big, big hug to you.  Thank you so much for all you've done for me! Hope you enjoy it my humble little present!

In this story, Elrond would be the equivalent of a human between sixteen and eighteen years old; so he is not a child (well, sure, he is, but what I mean is that he's not eight years old or something.), which means about forty-five to fifty elven years. Elros would be something like four, and Maglor, well, Maglor, going on several thousands, I guess… Maybe that this story can be labelled AU, since Elrond almost very certainly wasn't that old when the Havens burnt?

The storyline is also loosely (very very loosely) based on 'As Little Might Be Thought' and 'When I am Wise' by Deborah herself, so you might find some occasional similarities.

Many thanks to Ithilwen for beta-reading! I only rewrote the last one somewhat and didn't find time to send it to her once more… so any fault in the last chapter is entirely my fault. ^_^

Well, as for the happy ending… you said yourself that you were quite flexible about it, so I just put it as 'No sad ending', right?

Translation from Latin (since Quenya was supposed to be Elf-Latin…):

- Vae victis: Woe to the vanquished

- Omnes nihilque: All and naught

- Resurgemusne: Shall we rise again

Warning: I also need to put a slash warning on the second chapter (I think the first's okay), because the idea was to write a slash story, right? And I'm still wondering what the word 'slash' really means…

Now, read on, and hope you all enjoy…