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"Severus don't you think its time that you started treating me with a little respect." Hermione looked at Severus with a pointed glare, waiting for him to reply but Severus looked at Hermione with a pointed look. "Granger do you honestly think that asking me to respect you is going to get you any respect from me, I hardly doubt that getting the respect from the other professor's in the school is going to change my mind about you." Severus finished with a glare, but before Hermione could start he cut her off. "Honestly all you are to me is that annoying know it all I used to teach no less, no more. Oh while I'm at it please do not call be my first name you insufferable chit." He finished giving a pointed glare at Hermione that said 'discussion over', then without wasting time Severus turned around with his cloak bellowing behind him heading towards the dungeons.

'That greasy bat all I ask that he treat me with respect as I treat him is that to hard', Hermione thought as she walked towards the great hall, 'Fine if that greasy old bat with the hot body' Hermione's thought abruptly stopped,'OH MY GOD, I cannot believe that I bloody said that'. Hermione screamed in her head. Although distracted with the thought of Snape she failed to see professor McGonagall walking up behind her.

"Dearie what are you standing there looking as if you said professor Snape's body was hot." McGonagall said, but how right was she when she said it. Hermione looked more pale as she turned around to face McGonagall. "Headmistress you scared me, I didn't hear you coming." "Is everything alright dearie?" McGonagall asked with concerned clear on her face. "Yes I am Headmistress just a little stressed out is all." Hermione lied easily, the pair then walked towards the staff table ready to start the feast of the evening.

After the feast was over and the children and professor's had left for the evening, Hermione thought it was best to take a walk around the grounds to clear her head and to see if there were any trouble making children among the castle. Leaving the classroom after finishing marking the second years homework for the evening, Hermione started to walk towards the great hall when she bumped into a wall made of flesh and bone. After falling on her rump in a very unlady like manner she quickly sat up to see who the wall who decided to be right where she walked, but it was the last person that she wanted to see, Professor Snape.

"Oh great its professor jackass."Hermione muttered under her breath, "Granger I think that's highly inappropriate language to be speaking among the grounds as well at a co-worker." "Oh now I am a co-worker that's rich coming from you." Hermione finished as she stood up while dusting her robes. "Co-worker my ass, just this morning I was nothing but an annoying know-it-all and when I swear at you then I become a co-worker well you know what you greasy dungeon bat, shove it up your arse." Hermione yelled in his face.

But before she could continue her rant she was grabbed by the arm roughly and dragged into an empty classroom. With a flick of his wand Severus put up a silencing charm, "Now listen here you little chit I will not be disrespected by you no matter what grudge you hold against me." Severus said while invading Hermione's personal space and backing her up into a desk. "Or what 'Severus' you'll do what exactly?" Hermione taunted but said his name with an edge to it just to piss him off and that's exactly just what she did piss him off.

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