Sorry for long wait I lost my flavour for this story but here a short and sweet chap I'll finish it shortly enjoy

Chapter 14

Finally it's the day of the Tango and as Hermione is waiting for McGonagall to finish her speech. Severus is out there among the crowd waiting for the perfect moment that the can start the dance. Just like that McGonagall has finished her speech it's time for the dance to start. As I come out through the teachers door I spot Severus coming out of the crowd in his tight white dress shirt and black pants and dress shoes. I'm in no better position, I'm wearing a tight dress above the knee and high heels that make my ankle's hurt. My hair is bulled back into a tight bun with a flower pin holding it altogether.

We step onto the dance floor, the students giving us our space that we need. As we dance on the floor the music is a tango-techno and we dance to the beat of the music never taking our eye's off each other. Severus spins me out towards the crowd and I stand there looking at the males and I draw them into me before Severus grabs both of my elbows and spins me into him, as I watch I see that I have drawn a couple of the men forward a few steps and I smirk slightly. As we come the end Severus spins me and catches me before I fall and just like that the dance is over. Severus is breathing harder than me and I know that the age is a factor, but he smiles gentle and we are engulfed with cheers and whistles. We take our bow and leave the great hall hoping for some privacy. As we get back to Severus's room, I'm immediately pushed against the door into a lip crushing kiss.