Ok. before you see the form I want everyone to understand because i'd like everyone to be able to enter this syoc even if you haven't read the books. I will have 1. What is CHERUB?. 2. T-Shirt Guide 3, Age guide 4, How are CHERUB'S found. Enjoy!

1. What Is CHERUB?:

CHERUB is a branch of British Intelligence. It's campus is located in the British Countryside and it's hidden very well. No one knows the identity of CHERUB kids. CHERUB'S are kids aged between around 4-17. CHERUB'S can join around the ages of 4 (Mr. Pike was 4 so don't say i'm wrong) as CHERUBS are orphans in care homes and can move to the campus at any age. They will then wear a red t-shirt (See t-shirt guide for guide on t-shirt colours). CHERUB is a campus where kids are trained in combat skills and how to be agents. Once they turn 10 they will under-go a 100 day training and it's tough. If a CHERUB is deemed unfit for missions, they will under-go the 100 day training again. Whilst your doing the 100 day basic training you will wear a blue t-shirt. Once you finish the training you get a grey t-shirt and will be able to go on missions.

2. T-Shirt Guide:

CHERUB'S are ranked according to the colour of the T-Shirts they wear on campus.

Orange T-Shirt: For visitors.

Red T-Shirt: Is for kids who live at CHERUB campus, but are too young to qualify as agents.

Blue T-Shirt: Is for kids undergoing CHERUB'S tough 100-day basic training regime

Grey T-Shirt: Means you're qualified for missions.

Navy T-Shirt: Is a reward for an outstanding preformance on a mission.

Black T-Shirt: The ultimate recognition for outstanding achievement

White T-Shirt: Given when you retire as a CHERUB agent (Usually during the 17-18 age range). Also worn by staff.

3. Age Guide:

7-9: Red Shirt. Living on CHERUB campus but too young to qualify as agents. (Don't be afraid to send in 7 year olds. I plan to have series going over 1 year like the actual books, So they'll grow up soon enough! :D I plan to make this into like a 7 story series)

10: Blue Shirt. Undergoing basic training

11-17: Grey, Navy or Black shirt. If they passed basic training they are now availible for missions


4. How CHERUBS Are Found:

CHERUBS are all orphans taken out of care homes if they seem special. The reason they are taken out of care homes is because in CHERUB you can't have any family. Your identity will be erased and no one will know you exist execpt people on campus. Your name will also be changed. You can also send in mission controllers/ teachers/ trainers/ former cherubs visiting ect

Cherub Form:

Real Name:

Changed Name:




History (How they ended up in a care home ect, ect):

Place of birth (preferably country AND city):

Do they have any siblings who are also in CHERUB (Won't be mains but they will have POV's. Theres always going to be bonus and sideline characters):

Shirt Colour (If you haven't read CHERUB before, See my shirt guide at the top of page):

How many missions have they been on:

Romance (Y/N):

School Marks:

Fears (Don't say none. Everyone is scared of something!):

Any Insecurites (I guess this one is optional):

Favourites (Can be anything from colours to drinks to people):

Name of childrens home they were in before CHERUB found them (Preferably not a real home and since CHERUB is located in England, it must be english. All CHERUBS are found in England so if your making your OC from Russia or something you must put in their history ^^ how they got to England):

How many times it took to pass basic training:

Best classes:

Worst classes:

Do they carry anything to remind them of their past life (If yes what is it):

Do they take high-risk missions:


What do they do in their spare time:

Anything I Missed:

Teacher/Trainer/Mission Controller/Former CHERUB form:

Original Name:

Changed Name:




Job on campus:

So here are the CHERUBS I have so far! Each author can have up to 2 CHERUBS each


Terrin Kendra Strider- Submitted by RavensMyName.

Katrina Marquisha Katana- Submitted by K-Loves-Finnick

Annika Porter- Submitted byRuetheday

Thyme Willa- Submitted by Ruetheday

Silena Monroe- Submitted by Cheetaswillruletheworld

Vixen Christa Renton- Submitted by Laaaaur3n

Ivory Nightale- Submitted by Kimberly99

Cody Sheenan- Submitted by DigitialHero No.1

Gaia Moon- Submitted by PuccaBabie

Brittany Fulson- Submitted by LovelyLadyT123


Veon Strider-Submitted by RavensMyName.

Marshall Han- Submitted by Storm0Wolf

- Ryder Salvatore- Submitted by GLeasedLightning

- Thomas 'Tommy' Gunn- Submitted by Munamana

- Brandon Patterson- Submitted by Storm0Wolf

- Zach Leonard- Submitted by Mathomalogical

- Sander Blueman- Submitted by me (Needed more guys and I wanna start :P)

- Cole Sanders- Submitted by me (Same reason ^^)

- Norman Large Jr.- Submitted by me (Once again same reason^^)

- Jamie Winters- Submitted by me (Same reason^)

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NO SPOTS LEFT SORRY! Though if you wanna take over one of my 5 OC's message me and i'll send you their form and we can pretend he's yours! :D This story is getting alot more attention then I though it would so i'm really greatful you guys are taking the time to submit to this :D Follow and a new chapter should be up TODAY. YAAAAAY Hope you enjoy the future story to come! :) Ok now so this story is not COMPLETELY illegal in FF rules. I have a paragraph of actual writing! I'm making Lauren chairwoman just because Lauren is awesome and Dana sucks. Team Kerry. Really.. really... reallllllyyy. Hate Dana :P James was an idiot at the end of the fall, enough said. He grows smarter once again though so never fear! Aha :D James is Vice-Chairman and head mission controller so all you James fans do not worry. All the original cast in the books will feature as staff and trainers so more than likely your favourite character, (Yes even the horrible icky evil Dana) Will be in this story so never fear! ;D

Lauren Adam's POV:

I sit in my office waiting on the arrival of my idiot brother. I still remember the message I sent him for his birthday when I was 10.

'Dearest Brother, you are an idiot. Sometimes you make me puke. I'll be in training when you read this and I wish you were doing it instead of me. PS. Happy thirteenth birthday, I love U xx'

James suddenly runs into my office. "Your late James. I should punish you" I smirk at him. "It's Bruces fault!" He says trying to pin the blame on the karate instructor and his fellow mission controller. "What did Bruce do this time?" I ask him, unconvinced. Bruce never really does anything bad. "He uh.. tied me to a chair!" James lies. "Mhm.. ok." I say unconvinced. "Anyway, we have 3 big is sort of like your mission with KMG." I say to James. "Oh and, it involves KMG too. You can see April again for the third time!" I smirk at him. "Oh god. Not her again I barely survived the first two times!" He groans. "Did you see what she did to my watch that time?" He asks. "Yes. I saw it. April Moore is my hero because of it" I giggle. He glares at me. "So what do I have to do?" He sighs. "Wait.. Wheres Kerry, Kyle and Bruce?" I ask, too busy joking with my brother to realise the other critical people aren't here.

As if by magic Kerry and Bruce appear in the doorway. "Sorry, Our karate class took longer than expected" Kerry explains. "If Bruce was in karate class, how could he have tied you to a chair?" I smirk at my brother. "Right. Ok. I surrender. I fell asleep.." He says. "Idiot." Kerry smiles at him. "So before we start I need Kyle here." A few minutes later Kyles brunette head pops in the door.

"Sorry! Traffic." He says. "I was out on the grocery run and those idiotic drivers wouldn't move quick enough" He explains. "So basically everyone here has a good excuse execpt James" I muse. "Anyway as mission controllers as well as teachers at the campus you have missions."

"James and Kerry, your heading back to Thornton. Your old buddy Junior is following in his father's footsteps and as before, You will take four kids with you two as your real kids and two as foster kids to befriend Juniors kids. James, you will have to try get back in Juniors goodbooks and Kerry, you'll try get in his wifes circle of friends." I tell them. "Who are the four kids?" Kerry asks me. "You get to choose. Though I highly suggest taking Veon Strider. The personality he has will go well with Juniors eldest son Keith Moore III, more commonly known as Moore because Junior and Keith have been taken by the last two generations" I tell them. "Right Veon Strider, He's in my karate class. Good kid, rebellious though, He also has trouble following orders. Just like you James!" Kerry smirks at her boyfriend.

I hand them their mission briefings and they leave. "Bruce, Your off to Greece. Theres an arms dealership in Argos and we need you and two CHERUBS to infiltrate the biggest deal they have had in years. Russia has placed one of the biggest orders in weapons history." I tell him. "If it's Russia involved I should probably bring Katrina" Bruce points out. I know of Katrina. Grey shirt, great in languages, gun handling and computer hacking. "She seems a good choice." I grin at my friend. I hand him his mission briefing and he leaves, leaving me with Kyle.

"So whats my mission?" Kyle asks me. "I'm sending you and 3 CHERUBS to Ireland. You and 3 CHERUBS will have to infiltrate one of the largest crime gangs known to date. The Shadow Brothers." I tell him. "They recruit kids from the age of 10. You and 3 CHERUBS must get into the gang and get M15 enough evidence to arrest their leader, Corbin McHadly." I explain. "Cool." He says. I hand him his mission breifing and he also leaves.

Submit and if you haven't read the books you mightn't get KMG or April Moore. KMG is Keith Moore's Gang. Their bad people. More will be revealed in future chapters :)