Here is part two! This will involve:

*The Thornton Mission

*Vixen's phone call with Terrin

*Basic Training Hike 2

Terrin Strider's POV:

"That bastard!" I gasp as Vixen explains her new single status.

"I know, He's a dead man when i'm back on campus" Vixen replies and I can almost feel the smirk coming down the phone.

"Don't start without me and i'll be there with you wielding my baseball bat" I grin.

"Aha!, this is why your my best friend! I have a meeting with the Irish CHERUB's I have to go, I'll text you later" Vixen says.

"Bye!" I say.

"Bye" She replies and hangs up.

As soon as I hang up my phone rings again.

"My, my aren't you miss popular today!" Cody giggles as I answer the phone.

"Hey Terrin! My dad's away on buisness and there's a party at my house tonight! Bring Veon and your other brother and sister! Be here in an hour!" I hear Adelide, Junior's second eldest child, say really quickly.

"Addie, take a breath! And sure, I'll come!" I smile.

"Great! I have to invite more people now but i'll talk to you later!" She says and hangs up before I can say bye.

"We're going to a party tonight!" I grin at Cody.

"Short notice" She smiles.

"How long do we have?"

"An hour" I giggle.

"Then lets get ready!" Cody says and gets off her bed.

After digging through about forty pairs of jeans, I decided on a nice pair.. of shorts.

They were multi-coloured.

Cody got a pair of denim jeans.

"Ugh! I can't find a nice top!" Cody groans.

"Here take this" I smile and throw my superman top at her.

"I'm only a year older so it should fit you"

"Thanks" She grins.

She's pulls it on and looks at me. "It's a bit short isn't it?" She asks.

"Trust me, you look perfect for a party like this" I say seriously.

"Really?" She asks.

"Mhm. Don't tell anyone, but every Saturday night theres a party on the 6th floor" I giggle.

I pull out my american top that falls a few inches over my belly button.

I look at the clock and we have half an hour left.

I grab my phone and text my brother.

'Party Addies house. Get dressed. U have half an hour. Tell Cole' I text.

Normally I would use full word's but I was in a rush.

Two seconds later he texted me back.

'Short notice eh. We'll be ready in 10'

"Right. Make up" I smirk.

"Come here." I tell Cody.

"This is probably a bad idea but ok" Cody giggles and sits infront of me.

"Eyes. Closed." I demand.

She closes her eyes and I look at my palette trying to choose the right colour.

I decide on a light blue undercoat with charcole grey on top.

"Voila!" I grin after applying it.

"Wow.. that is nice" Cody grins.

"Stop talking unless you like the taste of lip gloss" I giggle

"Mhk" She tries to say ok with her mouth closed.

I put a pale lip gloss on her lips and leave it at that.

"Wow. I look awesome" She grins.

"Experience" I smile back

Next I do my own makeup.

I put on a light brown eyeshadow that doesn't stand out much but I put mascara on which draw's attention to my eyes, hopefully making people look at my clothes less.

I put on a slightly darker shade of lipgloss and i'm done.

I grab my american style heels and Cody puts on a borrowed pair of Supra's off me.

I keep my anchor bracelet and earrings on.

I haven't taken them off since my mum and dad died.

Cody puts on some golden bangles and sets out a hair flower clip for when her hair is done.

I glance at the clock and see I have twenty minutes.

"Right. Lastly, hair." I say and grab my straighter to lightly curl my hair.

Cody grabs a hair bobble (AN: That's what their called in Ireland. I don't know what their called elsewhere. A hair tie maybe?..) and ties her hair up into a messy bun.

I curl my hair and pull back my bangs and tie them together.

"Done." I grin.

"Let's go party" Cody smiles.

"I feel like a tart though" I sigh.

"But if we don't dress like this we won't fit in with anyone else. Lose-Lose situation" I say.

"We'll be fine" Cody smiles. We walk to the hall and my brother is there.

He's wearing a green t-shirt and jeans. His hair is spiked up using gel.

Cole is wearing a white shirt with a grey blazer and some maroon chinos.

"Is your top up high enough?" Cole asked me with raised eyebrows.

"Well if you bothered to go outside and help with the mission you would realise this is how they ALL dress" I retort.

I can take insults but he says it as if i'm the biggest slut in the world,.

The first thing you learn in CHERUB is when your undercover, you mold yourself to fit in with the target.

He looks hurt by my comment about the mission but what can you do?

"Let's just go.." Cody butts in and we walk towards our Volvo. "Later Guys!" I call to James and Kerry.

"Bye!" I hears James call.

"Stay safe!" I hear Kerry shout.

I jump in the drivers seat of the Volvo as i'm the oldest so I get to drive.

After a ten minute car ride we arrive at the Moore house.

Dozens of couples wash eachothers mouths with their tongues outside the house and I can't help but stare at them.

It's disgusting.

Just as I thought though, the people here are wearing shorter clothes than I am.

"Terrin!" I hear a familiar squeal behind me.

"Addie!" I fakely grin and hug her.

She's wearing a pink mini skirt and a turqouise beandeau top.

It's basically a bra.

"Hey Veon" She winks flirtaciously at my brother.

"Uh.. hi." He says.

I can see Cody staring at them both.

"Wanna see the upstairs, i'll give you a tour" Addie purrs and before my brother can say anything he's been dragged off.

Cody looks upset and I put my arm around her.

"Go and get him." I urge her.

"No. I think i'll have a drink" She mutters and walks off to find the kitchen.

I give up trying to help their budding romance and slump down into a chair.

"Hi Terrin. How are you?" I turn around and see Jordan standing behind me in an orange mini skirt and a panel top.

"Hey" I smile.

Jordan may dress a bit loud for my tastes but she's alright.

"You do know Addie just dragged your brother into the second living room and locked the door ..right?" She asks awkwardly.

No. My brother will not kiss that girl!

"One second i'll be back" I say and run up the stairs as fast as you can in heels.

I run into the first room but no one is in there.

The second one I get luckier.

I peek through a crack in the door and see Addie with my brother pinned against the wall. He keeps wriggling and she won't get off him.

I decide to wait and see what happens.

"Seriously get off" I hear Veon trying to say while pushing her away.

"Oh come on Veon, loosen up" Addie whines.

"Sorry, but not sorry." He says and walks out the door.

I casually walk down the hallway pretending like I wasn't listening to them.

I can't hide the smile on my face though.

I find Cody in the kitchen with a wine spritzer.

"Drop it." I demand.

"Why" She sulks.

"He turned her down you idiot" I say.

"Really?" She asks smiling.

"Yes! Now go find him! Stop talking to me!" I tell her.

"Thanks Ter-!" She begins.

"NO TALKING TO ME. GO." I giggle and she runs off.

I hop into a chair and grab a glass of apple juice.

"Hey Terrin" I hear Junior's son Keith say.

"Hey" I grin.

"You enjoying yourself?" He asks

"Meh, I've been to better." I smirk.

"Wanna go play Just Dance? Girls vs. Boys" He smiles.

"Sure" I grin.

I play this game all the time, he better be ready to lose.

I teamed up with Jordan and Keith teamed up with his friend Daniel

"What song?" I ask flicking through the list.

"DO A ONE DIRECTION SONG!" I hear a random girl scream.

"No!" I snap, I like them but god they come up too much..

"Let's do Moves Like Jagger" I grin, it's one of my favourites.

We turn it on and the song starts.

Keith and Daniel are suprisingly good, but i'm better.

At CHERUB, We got all the new games before they come out so I have been playing this for about 6 months now.

By the time it's finished myself and Jordan had set a new high score on the song.

"Lewwwwwsers" I grin at the boys.

"Yeah yeah yeah" Keith smiles.

We played many different songs after that and there was only a few people left in the house.

"We better be going" I say to Keith. I look at the clock and I see it's 00:30am.

"Alright, bye, see you later" He grins and I go to find Cody, Cole and Veon

At Basic Training, Malaysia! ...

Trevor Fornton's POV:

After working out briefing, we started on our hike. It was cold, and damp, and depressing and I just wanted to curl up and die. I expected Malaysia to be like 'Whee! We're hot! Sunburn! Whoo!' Not, 'We're gonna freeze off your toes because we're cool that way!'. "How much longer till we get there?.." I ask Kevin. "About two hours?" He replies. "UGH." I shout. "I'm bored." I say. "Well that's just too bad isn't it?" He sticks his tounge out.

After what felt like a million years we see a little rundown cabin on the riverbank. We walk inside to see that there is a whole in the roof. "Well isn't this cosy." Kevin laughs as a drop of water hits me in the face. "Not funny Kevin." I mumble as I fish a sleeping bag out of my pack and settle in for the night.

I AM. SOSOSOSOSOSOSSOSOSOSOSOSOSOS OSOSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY. I have an excuse though. My granddad was in hospital with a heart disease and he's been fighting it over the last couple months and he died last night so I haven't been at home much. This is 7 pages long and just under 2000 words, hope you like it! (special shoutout to MaddyBooBoo1 who literally told me to get my thumb out of my ass and update this story. Another shoutout to little mission innocent liar who reminded me to update this bloody thing xD, I'll have a Morgan POV next chapter!) Might I add that the next chapter WILL be up this week, as will my syot.