Black neverending walls. Thats all Death the kid could see. He wasnt even sure where he was. But suddenly he could It was a very disturbing melody. It was in the form of a lullabie and yet it sounded strangly evil. Then he could here the sound of a child wailing and a women screaming, "SHUT UP, SHUT UP!"

Then he could here the infent give out heart wrenching screams as the sound of slapps echoed through the room. Kid was terrified. What was going on? "H-hello?" he called nervously. Then he could see someone come into view. It was a women. She was comeing right twords him. Then he could here her again. "SHUT UP!"

The melody of the lullybye continued as she approched him. Kid gasped. Her hair was black with three sanzu lines. Her eyes were goldon. "M-mother?" Kid squeked. The women screamed as though his words were venom. She wrung her hands around his neck and squeezed makeing it impossible to breath.

"Why wont you just shut up and die you fucking brat!" she screamed as Kids eyes started to roll into the back of his head and the lullabye played louder then ever.

Kid jolted up in bed sweating and shakeing. He gripped his jet black hair as he realized it was only a dream. But it seemed so real. The women was no doubt his mother. The melody was so familer. If only he could remember the name. It sounded like lilly mabye but he wasnt sure. Kid sighed heavily. He hadnt had a nightmare like this in a very long time. what could it mean?

Anyone who can guess the name of the lullabie gets a stuffed Soul eater doll! Whatever charecter you want. Bye!