A few days had passed since Endou's birthday, by afew days I mean 16 days. Kogure hadn't gotten the soccerfreak captain anything for his birthday and finally decided to get him a gift. He went to the shopping mall with Haruna to find something the bruenette would like.

Kogure headed for the sports shop, trying to find some cool soccer gloves the bruenette might prefer but was told off by Haruna who said that "Endou got a dozen new gloves and 5 soccer balls, its best we get him something he hasn't received yet"

Kogure sighed as Haruna dragged him to a perfume shop and headed for the men's section. "Do you think Endou kun would like this?" Haruna asked as she sprayed a little perfume on her wrist, smelled it and moved her wrist to Kogure to smell the scent.

"What was I thinking when I brought her here?" he sighed as he smelled the perfume and "GAHHHH WHAT THE HELL! it smells so..."

"Kogure!" Haruna twisted his ear.

"Ow! ow! ow! let go! let go! let go!"

So when they finally found the right perfume, they headed for Kogure's house. "Now we need to wrap his gift" Haruna said "Do you have any wrapping paper?"

"Yeah, I think so" Kogure went into his room, rummaged in the drawer until he found some crumpled gift paper and brought it to Haruna.

"I don't think it'll look nice" Haruna said tilting her head, "maybe we should have bought some gift paper, don't you have anymore?"

"I have coloured sheets for art class" he replied and they headed for Kogure's room.

"Hmm, I think this red paper would look nice, what do you think?" Haruna asked as she held a red paper in her hand.

"I think..." Kogure trailed off as a devious plan popped in his head "I think it'll look great. Ushishishi"

"Hmph" she eyed him suspiciously as she wrapped the cylindrical bottle in red paper, to be honest it looked like dynamite.

"Now, I think we should make a card for Endou kun too" she suggested, as she took out some paper and she Kogure made a 3 fold card, it looked great.

"Thanks Haruna chan! I think I can take it from here" He said as Haruna smiled at him

"See you later, Kogure kun, take care, Ja ne" she waved at him as she walked to her house.


The next day, Kogure went up to Misaka Kimiko, a prefect, and sked her if she could give the gift and card to Endou but not tell him who gave it.

Endou wasn't in class so she just placed it on his desk and left.

Kogure sat in his class imagining how the orange head band captain would react.

Afew minutes later, Endou came into his class and smiled at Kogure "You didn't have to hide your name or put a hint on who you are, you know, I mean you didn't sign the card but I recognise your hand writing, thanks"


Endou continues to read the small note that was inside the card which stated TOP SECRET! DANGER ALERT!


Kogure and Kazemaru were laughing at the captain like crazy and some of their classmates were looking at them especially at Endou as though he was loco.

Endou calmed a bit when he looked at the dynamite (gift) in his hand, he was about to freak out but swallowed and thought it was just a prank and said "What is it?"


"Ahhhhhhhh! Call 911! Help!"

Angel: This is based on real life experience.

Kogure: me

Haruna: my mom

Kazemaru: my friend, K

Endou: Natsi chan, a friend of mine

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