'So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.'
–F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby.

She rocked herself softly, basking in the memory of him. His warmth, his love and his passion. Her knees were tight against her chest, her arms protecting herself. The slender woman was wearing down, but she still had something to live for.
He'd be back. She'd see him soon, she knew it. And every day, as she pulled herself up to the barred window, she swore it. She heard his name in the wind, the iced merciless east-winds that whistled through the cell and chilled her to the marrow said his name over and over, reminded her of her duty, what she was living for, what she would do to make sure she did not die.
She wouldn't die; she wouldn't leave without seeing him again. And thoughts passed. She had two options, stay alive for her master, or die for her lover. Her life had to end, she knew, but not yet, first she wanted to see her master, she couldn't leave without seeing him again. But she knew, if she fell for him as his last, best warrior, her love to them both would be complete. They merged to one, in her mind. Both men, both lovers, the monster and the hero. The hero and the monster. They were both the same man now, yet somehow they divided in her mind, the memories of Burke were fading, and fast. They sucked every last happy thought of him from her, she'd only been in for 267 days. She was losing him. But his eyes were always there, his smile, his laugh, the way he looked at her like no one else did.
But Tom Riddle, he consumed her every last thought. Her desperation for him grew with every day, her need for him grew with every hour, every moment passed and she would think of him.
She would find a way out, return to them.
The Dementors didn't want her; she had no happy memory to take, not any more.
In the end she knew he'd come back but that wasn't 'happy' for the Dementor's.
Her smile twisted, what did it mean when she smiled? They wondered, they never knew, but she did, she loved him, she loved him, she loved him.
But that didn't matter, he was dead.
Her master, he'd come back, he wasn't gone but she knew in the end all they were and all they would ever be, was Master and Slave.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the final chapter of this story, it is officially over.
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