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Cobb was struck dumb as he followed Eames out of his own front door. The policeman's face was stiff and cold. He cast a look back. Selina was sitting frozen in a chair, flexing her hands.

Motionlessly, Cobb was led out of the building. She sank back, burying her face in her hands.

"Do you want any more?"

Arthur shook his head. Ariane bit her lip. The bowl was nearly empty, but he was still too thin. His face looked gaunt, and his skin almost grey.

Miles nodded. "I think we're ready."

Ariadne blinked. "But that noise downstairs-"

"I will see what happened," Miles interrupted, his tone gentle. "What I want you to do - is investigate."

Ariadne swallowed. The machine Miles was carefully unwrapping was encased in dark brown leather, with a couple of clear tubes protruding from it. She looked at it, her fingers carefully tracing over its lines. She picked one of the tubes up.

"Here. Slide it in - carefully." She heard Arthur gasp with protest, and the line was attached to his pale arm. "Now, you sit here, and attach another line, to yourself." As she slid it in, she began to lean back, closing her eyes. "Now, wait."

As Ariadne closed her eyes, he pressed the button, and suddenly, she and Arthur began to tumble into darkness.

Cobb sat down, eyeing Eames uneasily. The other man was leaning over his desk, giving him a rather aggressive appearance. Cobb watched as he then sat down.

"Please," Cobb said, quietly. "This is a mistake. I never met Bruce Wayne, and-"

"Really?" Eames' eyes narrowed. "Two young industrialists in the same city, and you never knew each other?"

Cobb shook his head, his impatience building. "This is guess work. That's all it is. I did not know him, I never did."

"But what about Selina Kyle?" Eames' voice was dangerous, probing. "She was engaged to Wayne. And suddenly, she's living in your house, working to raise your children. Are you sure that you didn't bring her over here, bribe her to keep her mouth shut?"

"I did not!" Cobb was on his feet, his face scarlet with anger. "I did not bribe Miss Kyle - I did not even know her! She came over to London, and I met her-"

"Because you already knew her," Eames said, his voice spiked with danger. "You already knew her, and were trying to cover your own trail!"

"That is NOT TRUE!" Cobb was practically shouting at Eames. "That is simply NOT TRUE, and you have NO RIGHT TO-"

Eames shook his head. "You can spend the night here. Give you time to cool off."

Stunned, Cobb felt a cold snap of metal on his wrist, and suddenly, he was being escorted to the cells.

Ariadne blinked, and looked round.

She was sitting in a plush apartment. An apartment that was clearly the property of a very wealthy individual.

Curious, she got up, and began to walk towards the door.

Selina blinked. She had only a second to react.

As she heard footsteps coming down the stairs, she grabbed an object close to hand - a large, glass ashtray. Miles hurried in through the doorway.

"Miss Kyle, what on earth-"

Lifting the ashtray, she struck him on the side of the head. As he staggered and collapsed, she turned, rushing out the door.

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