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Chapter I: The Teacher from Hell

A young teenager looked out the window of the classroom, peering into the world of 1967 Amity Park, wishing to be on the other side of it. All he wanted was to hang out with his friends, maybe get a soda, but no, he was stuck in school. He broke out of his trance as he turned his attention back to his assignment in front of him, a Math Test. He hated Math problems, history and English were easy, but Math he always hated; never understanding why it could be so difficult. He scratched his black hair as he looked at the clock in the room, hitting the end of the school day, signaling the bell. He watched as his friends gave him a quick look of concern before darting out of the room with the rest of the class. He looked back at his test, and seeing a haunting shadow loom over it.


The young teen turned to see his teacher standing in front of him, looking like something only found in a nightmare. She was slightly slouched over, but still towered over him; her skin was pale, old and pruned with wrinkles. Her nose stood out like a razor sharp beak, with a pair of circled glasses resting on them. Her silver grey hair was in the style one thinks of when you describe a mean teacher. Her fingers were long, old and crackled when they moved, her eyes blazed of hatred and anger; the young boy felt they were staring into his soul, and he could not take his dark emerald eyes off of them.

"Yes…Ms. Bitters?" the boy asked shaking with fear.

"You'd you care to explain to me, why you have not finished your test" she said in a delightfully friendly voice, terrifying the teen even more.

"I…uh was having…s-some trouble with some of the p-p-problems." he said, stuttering in fear.

"Well to bad, you know the rules, you can't leave until you're finished; and you should have spent more time listening to my lessons then staring out the window, now get back to work!" The old hag snapped.

"But it's the end of the day; I have the right to leave." the teen said starting to stand up.

"Oh, right, well very well then, you may leave. Oh but if you do, you test will be marked as incomplete."


"Do you ever learn, Vernon, I'm being nice and giving you the opportunity to finish your test, if you leave, it will be incomplete and you will get a 0%, If I were you, I'd take it, I can guarantee you will not get a second chance."

"B-but…but that's not fair, what about an extension, can't I write it tomorrow at lunch?"

"And give you an opportunity to go home and study, I gave you a day's notice of this test, you had twenty four hours to study, it's not my fault you wasted it playing with the other vile creatures you call friends."

"They're not vile and for you information I didn't; I spent the whole time studying." The teen snapped back.

"Don't you dare speak to your teacher in that tone of voice you little ingrate, now leave or finish you test!"

The teen looked back at his paper; there was no way he was going to pass it. He just could not understand this chapter, but he couldn't afford to take a zero on this whole chapter, at least this way he will get some marks. The teen sighed and sat back down in his desk, picking up his pencil.

"Vernon, remember that you have Detention tomorrow." His teacher spoke up.

"Since when?" the teen said, completely shocked.

"Since you decided to disrespect your superior, plus it will give you more time to study for the next chapter, oh and Vernon, also add Text Book pages 345-378 all questions all parts due for tomorrow."

"You can't do that!"

"I'm your teacher; I can, and remember to show your work." The teacher crackled as she left the room, her gown trapping the floor making it looked like she was floating off the ground.

The teen sat there, filled with shock and anger; he knew Ms. Bitters was cruel and unforgiving, but this was downright evil. He looked back at test, still needing to complete half of it; he looked outside, the rest of the school heading off to their homes. He picked up his pencil and started to finish his test, hoping that he would at least get a passing grade. However with Ms. Bitters as the teacher, he doubted that very much.

Later that day, or rather that very evening, Ms. Bitters was making her way through the halls of Casper High, making her way to the library. One of the little things she enjoyed in this world, a place of knowledge, free from the infestation of the vile monsters. A stack of Math tests in her hands, and a red pen, ready to seal the final mark. She placed them down on a table and picked up the first one. Ms. Bitters smiled evilly; she meant to pick this one up. She already knew who it belonged to, she opened it and went through it, she came across one question, the student showed the work and did it right, but came up with the wrong answer, she grinned as she marked the whole thing wrong. Minutes later she had went through the whole thing; she flipped it over to reveal the name.

"And that's one F for Vernon L-"

She was cut off with a crashing sound, which spooked her. She dropped the test and turned in the direction of the noise, angered and wanting answers to the cause. Ms. Bitters got up from her seat and walked over, passing through the many shelves holding hundreds of book from all genres. She came upon a pile of books, having been knocked over and left on the filthy floor. Ms. Bitters let out a grunt of disgust that such powerful objects of knowledge and teaching were being uncared for. She picked them up, and noticed something strange; they were all dictionaries with one letter. She placed them on top of each other and started to walk away, but looked back to notice something that scared her. The letters on the side of the dictionaries read B-I-T-E-R-S.

"Bitters" a voice hissed, like a whisper in the wind.

Ms. Bitters turned around to see a figure, shadowed by the moonlight coming from the window behind. Ms. Bitters screamed and threw the books at the figure, which jumped out of the way the heavy books shattered the old, glass window. Ms. Bitters turned to run away, only to see the figure appear in front. M. Bitter screamed as she turned around and took down another isle of the library. She looked back to see if she was being followed, only to turn back around to come face to face with the figure.

"Boo" it shouted.

Ms. Bitters screamed as the figure appeared out of nowhere. She darted back trying to make her way to the library entrance, hoping to escape the room. She turned the corner, only to be stopped by the figure in front of her again. Ms. Bitters, was so filled with terror, she failed to realize her surroundings were changing as she backed away from the figure moving towards here, but stopping once it noticed where Ms. Bitters was backing up into. Ms. Bitters stepped on one of the dictionary's, slipping as she tumbled back and fell towards the window, the next second her scream filed the air; and she was gone.

The figure walked towards the broken window, peering over the edge to see Ms. Bitter's body, staining the pavement beneath with crimson blood. The figure was joined by two that looked exactly like it; they two both peered over, before looking at each other before running off into the night; Leaving behind the old crow's body, to be found by staff at dawn.

Ms. Bitters opened her eyes, awaking from a nightmare, she felt herself lying on cold ground. She lifted herself off of the ground, eyes widening. She raised her hand to remove her glasses, only to find they wern't there, she was seeing clearly, or was she. Ms. Bitters looked in horror and awe as she found herself standing on a small slab of ground; floating in a vast void. The void was glowing in all shades of green, from dark emerald green to glowing neon; Purple doors floating everywhere, and green globs flying in all directions. Ms. Bitters raised a hand, wanting to touch the dark world, but noticed something, her hand was glowing. Ms. Bitters looked down at herself, she wasn't standing, and she was hovering, her black gown now covering her whole body. She was all black, emitting a reddish glow, like a living shadow. One of the globs noticed her and made its way towards her, Ms. Bitters screamed in terror as it spoke.

"Welcome to The Ghost Zone."

Okay not my strongest prolouge, but you can't make them all perfect, also if you want an idea of waht Ms. Bitters looks like as a ghost, just take Grandfather from Codename: Kids Next Door and make him a old lady, that's basicly what she looks like, skinny, shadow like, emmiting a red glow, her eyes and mouth glowing yellow and her endtrails of her dress moving like they were alive, basicly a living shadow. Like Hacker if other people want to use her, let me know, the reason I decided to do this was because I wanted to create a villian like the old Danny Phantom episodes, an example The Lunch Lady, why not have a ghost school teacher, well hope you enjoyed, it's just the start, tune in Christmas day for the rest, until then, I wish you all have a Merry Christmas.

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