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Chapter VIII: I'm the Teacher

The whole class was watching their teacher, Mr. Lancer charging towards Ms. Bitters. Their eyes were glued to the event, although they feared what the outcome most likely was going to be. Mr. Lancer raised his hand and threw the book at the ground. Ms. Bitters, having no time to react, slid over it and slipped, still heading towards Lancer, who raised the ruler and swung, knocking Bitters to the ground.

Everyone in the room gasped and cheered Mr. Lancer on. Ms. Bitters got up again and levitated a rule rover to her, raising it to swing at Mr. Lancer. Lancer blocked it, and again and again until the two of them were dueling with rulers like they were swords. Lancer actually managed to suck a blow and deliver and uppercut to Bitters, knocking the ruler rom her hand before delivering another swing.

Ms. Bitters recovered and raise her hands, levitating some more sports balls and sent them hurtling towards Lancer. Everyone gasped in shock as Lancer actually managed to deflect, dodge or catch them. The students and Fentons' could not believe it; Mr. Lancer was going Yoda on Ms. Bitters.

"Impressive my former student, but do you honestly expect that you can defeat me?"

"You call yourself a teacher, but you know nothing about teaching do you?"

"If you want to teach these brats anything, you must do so with harsh discipline, you need to show them who's in control."

"You're wrong and that's not how I teach."

"That is why you fail."

Ms. Bitters charged at Lancer and knocked the ruler out of his hands. She raised her hands to finish him off, however Mr. Lancer grabbed them and was struggling, and the two locked in combat until one gained the upper hand. Mr. Lancer stood himself back up and smiled.

"You don't know when you've lost do you Vernon."

"That's because I haven't lost."

"You will never learn"

"Actually I did learn, I know how to help students succeed, the thing is I succeed where you don't; if you care for your students and help them, they will have a reason to listen to you, you taught me that, you taught me never to be a teacher like you; the thing is now I'm the teacher and you're the one learning!"

Mr. Lancer then used his last ounce of strength to send Ms. Bitters flying over him towards a wall; Ms. Bitter collided with it and turned around. Mr. Lancer, holding a thermos, aimed towards her.

"So Ms. Bitters, answer me this, what happens when an Ectoplasmic entity is caught in Thermos Beam?" Lancer said, smiling.

Ms. Bitters realized her mistake to late; she tried to fly away, but was caught in the blue beam of the thermos. Ms. Bitters emitted a wailing scream as she was forcefully sucked into the cramped cylinder. As she was being pulled in, yellow energy poured out of her, flying to all the drained students, restoring them to their former selves, everybody was set free. Ms. Bitters gave one final yell before being silenced and trapped in the thermos.

"I'm the teacher now" Mr. Lancer said heroically.

"Mr. Lancer that was amazing, you are so cool" said one of the students walking up to him.

Mr. Lancer walked over to the Fentons and handed them the thermos.

"I believe you two know what to do with this."

"Yes we do, thank you Mr. Lancer." said Maddie as she grabbed the Thermos.

"Hey, did you ever think about a career of ghost hunting?" Jack said nudging towards Lancer.

"Thanks, but it's not for me, my job is here, educating today's youth, tell Daniel that I hope he feels better soon."

"We will, speaking of which, we should get back, come on hon."

"Coming Mads!"

"Uh…Mr. Lancer, what do we do now?" asked Star, not knowing what to do.

Mr. Lancer looked around, the whole school needed a good clean up, the janitor would probably quit after this. Mr. Lancer looked at the clock; it was three-o-clock, almost dismissal time. Mr. Lancer looked at the class, they were tired and had been through a lot today, he smiled and picked up his ruler and book. He turned around and gave a line, which made him even more epic in their eyes.

"Class dismissed"

Maddie and Jack reached their house, the thermos still in hand. They opened the door to laughter, followed by some coughs. They walked into the living room to see Sam and Danny, sitting on opposite ends of the couch watching some movie. They had some pieces of paper near them, probably working on something.

"Danny, why are you out of bed?" his mother asked.

"Mom, I've been sleeping all day, plus I'm feeling a little better now, all I still have is this bad "cough", cough, plus Sam think's I'm well enough." Danny said, still having a nasty cough.

"Yeah Ms. Fenton, believe me, if there was even still a chance of Danny being really sick he would still be up in his room, I take it you caught the ghost?"

"Yes, but it wasn't us."

"Ok who was it, Valerie, Tucker, no Dani; Dani caught her "cough" didn't she."


"Then who caught her?"

"Mr. Lancer."

"Lancer?" both Sam and Danny said in unison, shocked.

"Yes, Lancer you can ask him all about it tomorrow, what are you two working on?"

"Oh, we have to do a group book report on The Lord of The Rings, however I "cough", "cough" lent Tucker my copies and he hasn't given them back yet, plus with the whole ghost at school, I doubt anyone really got "cough" any copies, so to get a head start, we're watching the movies."

"Okay, well the others should be here soon; glad you're feeling better sweaty."

"HEY MADS!" Jack yelled from the lab.

"Yes hon, what is it?"

"Get down here, I was releasing the ghost and the annoying blue one came through the portal again!" he said followed by a Beware.

Maddie ran down stairs to help her husband, Sam and Danny watched her leave and looked at each other.

"So how long do you think it will take them this time?" Sam asked.

"Sam were watching The Fellowship of the Rings Extended Edition, we could be halfway through The Two Towers before they catch him; we've got time." Danny said, before the two gave a quick laugh, however Danny again broke into coughing.

Okay maybe not my greatest ending. I might come back and rewrite Sick Day someday and extend it with scens I cut out or didn't feel added anything, but for now I hope you enjoy, and as I always do, here's a sneek peek at my next story, it was going to be Cruise of Doom, but I switched the too around. My next story is...

The Hunger: When a jelous Casper High student builds his own Ghost Portal with blueprints stolen from The Fentons, and having also stolen the video feed of Danny's accident, he tries to re-create Danny's accident, however, he is merged with a shadow like enity known as The Hunger, a spirit that feeds off the emotions of others, especially anger, hatred, rage envy and jelous, and this student is full of it, now he swears to take Danny down, so he can have all ths potlight ot himself...

What I want to do with this sotyr is create an almost anti-Danny, an average student gains the powers but dose so for the popularity and later evil, I'm bascilly creating a character like Venom for Danny, expect this to be released during the second week of Janurary as I need to finsih writing the last few chapters, which I'll go back to working on right now, please review, until next time.

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